Written by beach couple

2 Apr 2013

some years ago, the US navy used to visit our home town, and often the sailors would go to the nudist beach's, it was on one such day, my wife and I were sunbathing on the nude beach, when she gasped and said oh my god its true, I ask what, she said about the afro American's cocks being so long, with little persuasion she asked me if I felt like going for a walk, we followed the 2 guys up the beach for awhile meeting up with them, some 100 mt up the beach, as we did my wife started talking to them, asking about general stuff, Carl and Lee, were happy to chat as Linda’s 38 e boobs swung before their eyes, any way out of the blue she said, would you like to join us further along in the dunes, their eyes lit up, YES they both said, we found a small recess in the dunes and lay the blanket down, Lin laying down pulling Carls cock to her mouth, wow as he got hard it grew and grew,Lee was still big at around 7 inch’s but Carl left us both for dead growing to around 11 inch’s, Lee went down licking her clit, she groans as she had her first fast orgasm, Carl's cock now chocking her, as Lee moved up and pushed his cock in her waiting pussy, I sat back watching her take on these two guys, Carl trying not to blow to quick as Lees pace picked up, by now we had a few other guys standing around watching, Lee couldn’t hold off his balls full of 6 months at sea cum, he groaned as he shot deep in her, pulling her hips hard as he tried to ram his cock in further, Carl moved around, his cock now rock hard, and aimed at her cum soaked pussy, inch by inch she took it,, stopping with a few inch’s still to go, as his pace picked up, then her pussy opened more, his cock disappearing right inside his balls slapping her arse, my cock in her mouth just about got bitten of as she took it all, he pounded her hard, but all to soon his long wait took over and he to flooded her womb with his hot cum, as he moved out I slid my cock in cum squeezing out as I did, then began to fuck her hard, my cock feeling a bit loose after her last fuck, Lee was now fucking her mouth, again he didn’t last long spewing cum over her face and mouth as he shot once more, Carl also had regained his stiffness, and took her mouth once more, I lube my cock and eased it in her butt, she took it all and humped back for more, my cum hitting home inside all to quick, so I said to Carl want to try, he quickly took my place again easing his cock in until she took it all, then pulling her by the hips rammed her hard, I told Lee to slide under and fuck her pussy, he did while my cum soaked cock went in her mouth to be sucked back to life, we all fucked her for some time, Carl then filled her arse with hot man juice, I told Lee to try her arse he did, moving her around to pound her hard, as my cock got sucked hard, oh boy she loved it Carl wanking his cock hard again, the joys of youth, never soft cocks Lee had been fucking her arse for some 20 mins now as she went from orgasm to orgasm, then he too growled and flooded her butt with his load, this guy had now cum in all her 3 holes and still his cock was going strong, Carl took his cock to Lin’s mouth, she sucked him hard again, as a stranger but a US sailor came up and took her pussy filling her in one push, he must have been wanking while he waited as he shot his cum in record time, pulling out whipping his cock over her arse, then slipping his cock in her arse to carry on fucking her hard, guys now came from all places filling her any way she wanted, Carl fucked her mouth pulling out to see her swallow his cum as it to splash over her face, their faces telling us they both enjoyed their shore leave, as Linda was still going strong with guys from the beach, some US sailors other locals, she was totally fucked cum running from ever hole as guys still lined up for more, my cock slipping in every now and then to feel the wetness in her, her arse so used now it was glowing red, her pussy lips swollen, but she wanted more, Carl went back for one more anal fuck, fingering her first then slipping in his fist, before fucking her, this time he lasted longer, and then blew another load in her, some 4 hours later we left the beach, guys asking if they could fuck her having missed out, but Linda said sorry next time maybe, as I watched the cum running down her legs as she walked, turned out to be a good day for sun bathing,