Written by Bifunster

12 Jun 2013

Had been staying in Darwin and liked to spend a bit of time at the nude beach, there was a few people around, mostly the blokes looking for a cock to fix up, I like to lay flat on a towel with my balls and cock hanging down between my legs and me head up just a bit to see who was having an extra look.

Had a few come past and have a good look and give their tackle a squeeze to send a message, one which you respond with a feel of your own if you are interested, I didn't bother sending any messages as I find them a bit keen and only want a quick fix.

So I walked down to the beach shower and passed a bloke with a very heavy uncut cock on display, I went and had a shower and came back and asked if I could share his shade tree, we were about 10 feet apart and it took a while but I was watching him feel his cock which had grown to a very nice length but not hard.

I started to shift around so he could see mine a bit easier and he seemed to appreciate this and faced me more directly, wow, that was nice, we spent the next 20 minutes putting on a display for each other while we struck up a conversation, I think I was quite clear what I was after when I started fingering my hole with some lube from my bag, he told me he had a motel room but had a late flight out that night, I asked him if he would like to maybe go to the room, we had to go all the way back the city but that was alright as I squeezed my nipples all the way and was hot for it when we got there.

The beauty of meeting on a nude beach means the preliminaries are already done, we agreed we would have a shower and clean off the sand, we washed each other really well he loved my heavy balls and man boobs, I love my boobs / nipples massaged.

We dried off and moved back into main room where I sat on the bed and pulled him over by his cock and proceeded to blow him and massage his sack, he was standing and reached down and tweaked my nipples, did I mention I love that,

His cock had extended to a very nice 8-9 inches? and it took me a while to get it down my throat, but he was soon moaning when his knob was entering my throat, he said to get on the bed and he swung around so we could 69, unfortuanatly I don't get hard with blokes but he still enjoyed my semi hard cock, we did this for a while and I got up so I could suck him properly for 3 or 4 minutes.

I stood up out of breath from deep throating this monster and squeezed some lube onto his fingers and bent over the bed where he fingered me for a while until I thought I was ready, thank god I prepare my arse for these chance meetings and had cleaned it out well.

He slipped a condom on and I bent over and spread my legs for him to fuck my hole, took a little bit to get it in but once he had it half way in he started to jab away, my favourite thing is for the bloke to take his cock all the way out and slowly bury it in again, I moved forward and got on all fours in the middle of the bed, he was really starting to bury his cock in me, hurt a couple of times but he was good and backed off when he got my body language, he was slowly fucking my arse doggy for a while and I then laid face down and he really drove that lovely meat in my rear.

He was laying flat on my back and his balls were slapping my sack, he said he was getting close and grabbed my shoulder while still laying on me and fucked me really hard, anyone that has had a larger cock in your behind will know what I was feeling, I have no idea how long he was pumping my arse until he blew into the condom and stayed buried to the hilt, I love this bit, while he was buried in me I just started pushing back with my hips and flexing my hole to massage his cock, he stayed there for a couple of minutes and slowly pulled out.

We had a smoke and chatted for a while and I left and wrote this straight away, my nipples are still hard and my hole is ready for another one.