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Early last Sunday morning my phone rang, it was Brent. Brent was a regular guy we had met many times over the past 3 years. "Hey what do you guys say we get together tonight for some fun"! I showed Shona and then smiling, I texted back “sure sounds like fun” I then told Shona that Brent had texted me and wanted to meet for some fun tonight, Smiling she replied “absolutely, I would love that” Smiling back at her I said to her cheekily “yes, I bet you will” and slapped her on the bum, before getting on with our day. It was around 8pm when a knock came on our door. Shona and I both knew who it was, so Shona got up and opened the door to him. She led Brent straight to our bedroom. I waited a little then followed in. As I entered Brent had his arm around Shona and was pulling her into him, kissing her on the lips. Which immediately excited me a bit. Because Shona does not like many of the guys we meet kissing her, at least not like Brent just did. A full on lips and tongue, wet and sloppy kiss. A bit of chit chat took place, which involved Brent taking roaming liberties with Shona’s sexy form. Touching up her breasts and arse as well as continually kissing her neck. There was still some talking going on, Brent had been obviously thinking about us during his day and asked “if we would like to try a DVP tonight?” (double vaginal penetration). This did catch us both a bit off guard a second, but we were both game for anything. Shona and I both looked at each other, a big smile appeared on her face. Shona laughed, shrugged her shoulders and nodded a very strong yes. I realised that she was actually very keen with the suggestion. I had no reluctance and absolutely agreed. I am not bi, nor am I even overly curious. But this sure seemed to me to be a lot closer to another man's cock than I would normally be, haha! Brent smiled a very big smile and started more attentive kissing and more feeling up of Shona’s form. She was lustily rubbing his cock through his jeans. Which made me forget all about the DVP, well mostly anyway. Before long Brent had himself and my wife stripped naked, her quickly laying spread open on the bed. He knelt beside her and pressed cock into her mouth as he opened and fingered her already excited pussy. This of course made my cock stiffen and I released it from my pants. I watched Brent drive two fingers in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her. It was very clear to me that Shona was super wet from her hip grinding actions and the sloppy vaginal sounds her body made as Brent fucked her vigorously with his two fingers. I had my pants and shirt off and my cock in hand as I watched Brent pull his cock from her mouth, and he moved around between her open legs and mounted her. He penetrated Shona and proceeded to fuck her as they kissed. They kissed, grunted, groaned and wetly moaned. The sounds and smell of their excited sex filled the room. The two of them were clearly enjoying each other, and I, for just a little bit, stroked my cock and watched, enjoying the erotic show. Brent looked over at me and said let's both take her. He had my wife get on her knees, I walked over to the bed and joined them. My cock was standing straight out erect. I slid underneath them both, laying on my back. Shona straddled my cock and lowered herself down on me. Her fucked and reddened pussy slid effortlessly down over my throbbing cock. Her fabulous 34D tits were hanging down in my face. Which I was more than happy to take full advantage of, sucking one nipple in my mouth and cupping the other with my hand. I whispered into Shona’s ear “Mmmm, your fucked pussy on my cock and your breast in my mouth” I could not have been happier. Brent then pushed my wife completely forward and opened her arse cheeks. That action mashed her breasts onto my chest. Then I felt Brent line up his cock at the entrance to Shona's pussy and rub alongside mine. He slowly started to slide inside of her and drive over my cock. Shona groaned a huge loud groan, into my neck, as her vagina was stretched out by him to its absolute limit and I could feel every veiny bump along his bulging erection. It was incredible to feel the way Shona’s pussy gave way and allowed the two of us to be inside her simultaneously. Once he was all the way in he began to really fuck her. I have to admit his entry, it felt great, but I basically could only lay quite still and go along for his ride. Gotta say his fucking was brutally powerful. It was such a different and a erotic experience to feel another mans cock sliding along mine, both of us buried deep in my sexy wife, as well as feeling my wife give complete horny access, opening her poor little vagina the way she has just done, to pleasure our two cocks. Shona gasped as our two erect cocks really stretched her open. I never imagined that Shona’s vagina could give way and stretch open the way she managed. Her eyes were about as wide open as possible as Brent fucked her. Both our cocks buried in her, stretching her to her limits. Her moans of adulterous pleasure excited me way more than usual fuck. She was super, super wet, her pussy was making such slutty sucking sounds as it got wetter and wetter from the onslaught.. The sucking and sloshing noises of her pussy juices mixed with her moans and groans was only a prelude to her very intense and wet orgasm which quickly followed. Her body stiffened, she heaved and gasped for air, her eyes were bugging out with the intensity . Then she cried out Fuck, FUCK, FUUUKKK! Driving her head over my shoulder and into the pillow, grunting in ecstasy. The more she groaned the more Brent fucked her, he was merciless with her body. Brent drove on, loving his dominating role, but even he could not hold with such an exquisite tight cunt grip on our cocks. He suddenly exploded and he smashed into Shona way deep. I could feel, and she must have also felt his cock swelling against mine, feeling her poor little cunt hole having to stretch out even further. He thrust his cock deep into her pussy and hard up against her cervix as he prepared to blow her full of his thick, sticky semen. Brent grunted, spasmed, grunted again and finally let rip with that steaming hot explosion of semen. I felt the first streams of Brent's cum shoot into my wife, blasting hotly, smearing spunk all over my cock. Wow, that was different and even arousing. I am not sure how many streams of cum he shot into her but it was a fuck load of very thick spunk. There was not anyway in hell I was gonna be able to hold myself back when Shona’s pussy was blasted so full of another man’s cum. Somewhere in between Brent's first steamy shots and his last, I blew my entire load. I usually shoot out maybe two or three streams but not this time. My cock exploded and I let out my own huge groan. I vigorously pumped Shona’s cunt hard with my whole body. Grinning ear to ear, I lay underneath her as my cock pumped up into her, one huge stream of cum after another. (The stories are so right, I really do think another man makes us husbands more sexually competitive) Heaving and puffing, the three of us just chilled, orgasms all spent, still joined together, we lay over one another, still in position, just taking it all in, enjoying the horny, lustful sex. When Brent eventually pulled himself out, a huge run of spunk drooled from Shona’s ruined vagina and impressively puddled on our bed sheets. He laid back on the bed, then Shona rolled off of me and laid her soft body between the two of us and we held each other, still panting, still recovering. After a short period of just basking in the aftermath of our sexual and orgasmic pleasure Brent and I both spread Shona’s legs open and inspected our handiwork, we enjoyed the impressive flood of frothy cum leaking from Shona's gaping, recovering pussy. Definitely one of the best sexual experiences any of us has experienced and we are certainly gonna experience it all again...

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