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Blown away...

An erotic meeting of two very like minded people...


8 minute read

Previous story in series The Morning After

When I first met Tim from my previous story I was absolutely blown away by him, I was quickly, totally obsessed. Tim would do the smallest thing and it would blow me away, I don’t know quite know what fuelled my obsession with him but he didn’t mind my attention and I still feel exactly the same way – a lot. I first met Tim at a coffee shop in Marrickville, I was doing some work on my laptop and he strolled in ordering a Macciato. I thought he was amazing, and going totally against anything I had ever done before, I walked over and approached him, I flat out invited him to sit with me for a coffee, if he fancied, the next day. He agreed, he looked slightly awkward. Anyhow, he agreed and that was enough for me. I didn’t know what had come over me but I was so excited to meet with him the next day, I wore my tightest jeans (they make my bum look great), a red V necked top and soft shoes. I also wore my favorite lace and satin underwear (just in case, haha) Parking was painful so I was a bit late and I had to hurry to the coffee shop, I didn’t want Tim to think I had stood him up. When I arrived he was there sitting with a Cappucino, a big smile, and an almond latte that he had obviously seen me drinking the day before, I smiled at him and apologised for being late, he just stood up as kissed my cheek. He smelt really amazing. We had chatted non-stop for nearly two hours in the same coffee shop and he asked me if I wanted to come back to his flat to continue chatting and I eagerly agreed. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he spoke, he was gorgeous, gentle and certainly my type. My toes tingled in my boots as we walked and talked. Tim's apartment wasn’t far from the coffee shop, he said it would only take a few minutes to walk and he wasn’t exagerating. His apartment was nestled in the centre of Marrickville, a small but warm apartment decorated with modern furniture, chic lamps and general boys toys. It was so nice inside. Despite our talk of chit chat, there was absolutely none, we grabbed at one another as soon as the door was shut and I had his pants off and my hand around his cock in seconds. He kissed me so gently but his hands said other things as he pulled at my body and gripped me by the back of my neck. We made our way to his bedroom, we dropped onto his King-sized bed and we madly made out under his white comforter. He ran his hands up and down my legs until he finally began to unbutton my jeans and he pushed his hand down the front, deep inside my panties. By fuck I needed his touch and I encouraged his fingering exploration. I was so relieved I had worn pretty knickers. I was so wet, he looked me in the eyes in amazement of my liquid excitement, and he thankfully fingered me for quite a few minutes before moving his moist hand higher and massaging my clit, his kissing became more intense and our bodies urgently entwined. He then pulled his hand from my panties and lifted up my T shirt over my head, leaving my lace bra exposed. He looked at my breasts and smiled at me, he told me that he was a breast man and that mine were absolutely perfect. I then helped him pull his shirt off and over his head, letting his hair flop down over his forehead as he rearranged his body so that his erection angled more towards me. The whole setting was so horny and our bodies were aching in need. I wanted to make him as happy as I was so I took myself under the white duvet and sucked vigorously on his cock. He had some of the best girth I had ever seen but he was very average in length, he was already incredibly hard so I just got straight to it and pushed my lips over the tasty head and began sucking him. I used my hand to help me continue to stimulate the shaft but I also used my tongue and continually ran it around the head of his cock, sucking and licking as if I was his personal pornstar. I tried to deepthroat his cock but he grabbed my head to stop me going any further. He told me in his raspy sexy voice to stop or he would cum in my mouth and spoil everything. I stuck to stimulating the tip of his cock, popping it in and out of my mouth and using my tongue to pick his little eyelet giving that little him extra stimulation. He was loving my aggressive attention, grabbing at my hair and making little moans. I was desperate to fuck him. I ripped down my jeans and straddled him, he pulled at my black lace bra and exposed one of my breasts, I am a D-cup with pink nipples. He grabbed at my boobs as I lowered myself down, pressing his fat cock up into my body, I felt like a pornstar and I am sure once he was balls deep, I rode him like one... I started off slowly, grinding on his cock, then quite pornograhically, erotically sliding myself up and down so that the tip of his penis never quite came out of me, and both of us watching his cock stretch me out wide as I lowered myself and he would re-enter. But soon I just couldn’t take it any more waiting or teasing. I began bouncing up and down on him hard and so fast. He grabbed onto my waist and he tried to physically slow me and also tried to tell me to slow down but he just couldn’t get the words out I was fucking him that hard. He then just went with my bucking and fucking, moving his hands to my breasts, pulling at my nipples and grabbing my breasts. I was so randy and horny, my hunger for his cock was so intense, a burning need drove me to ride him hard, no matter what he wanted. I loved having him inside of me, my pussy felt amazing stretched out as it was. I could see that he was in heaven, but struggling to hold, I didn't give a fuck and rode on. He laughingly told me to be a little quieter, that his neighbours would hear our fucking and that’s when I realised that I was being quite loud, grunting and groaning at the sensations within my body. My pussy was soaking wet, the excitement of my juices was dripping down past his balls. He could take no more, he then took control and bounced me up and down on his cock, I am sure to within an inch of my existance, he grabbed at my hair hard and pulled my head back, he used his other hand to grab at my breasts again, even being rough with them. That’s when he said those words: ‘I am going to cummm…..’ he grunted as he fucked me... But I wasn’t finished yet and pulled his hands down to his sides and I thrust down hard onto him and fucked him as fast as I could, a desperate look kind of crossed his face and he told me again: ‘Shona…I am going to…to…fucking cummmm’ I didn't give a fuck about him or his orgasm at this point, I fucked on, I bounced up and down on him, I was gonna cum myself and nothing was gonna stop me. (For just a second or two, it reminded me of one wild time I fucked my husband, just saying) My breasts were bouncing up and down, swaying uncontrolled and my pussy tensed up on his fat rigid cock. He told me again: ‘I am going to cum inside of your cunt…get off, get off!" I just grinned at him and he gave up saying anything, he just let go and thrust his head back into the pillow, groaning so loud that I don’t think he cared about his neighbours anymore. He "Got off" he blew his hot steamy load of spunk up into me and I gratefully rode out every creamy pulse of spunk from his cock, riding out a most intense orgasm myself. His thick cum filled me up and I delighted in the warm liquid shooting up inside of me as I too "Got off" and I mindblowingly orgasmed. When I knew he was done, I gently pulled myself up, lifting off of his softening cock. I held myself above his impressive cock and we both watched his cum drip from my pussy and leak down my inner thighs. I snuggled in next to him and we slept for a while before waking up and getting re-dressed. I did think as we lay there that I may have ruined things between us, I thought I had been so forthright, so damn randy, so kinky. He hadn’t spoken to me after our fuckfest until finally, he said as we fell asleep that he had never cum "so fucking hard" in his entire life and although it was so crazy and brash "could we be a ‘thing’ because he wanted to fuck me like that every day for the rest of his life". I laughed, (I had so much to tell him about my life…) But that my friends is how Tim and I started, and we are still going now...not every day, but we are certainly on every week...

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