Written by Deephardslow

11 Dec 2012

The text alerted me, it was time. My cock already hard with anticipation twitched and somehow got harder.

I got in the car and drove as quickly as the speed limit would allow.

I parked, got out and walked up the path heart pounding.

The door opened, she was waiting - dressed in knee high boots, stockings and a corset, her tits exposed and nipples hard.

She ordered me to undress and get to my knees and lick her. She was sopping in lust and moaned at each lick and caress of my tongue. Before it went too far she stopped me, blindfolded me and placed a ball gag in my mouth - I was to be hers no argument.

Standing I suddenly felt her expert lips on my hardness as she sucked me deep, slow and hard.

I was then led to the bedroom and laid back on the bed where I was tied spread eagled - completely at her mercy.

Again the heat of her mouth teased me and my muffled moans escaped around the gag.

I was tied so tight that I couldn't even shift so when she knelt over me and pushed her sopping pussy around my cock all I could do was slide in to her heat an moan

She rode me carefully not wanting my cum yet, teasing as she twisted my nipples making me gasp.

She got off and then I felt the wetness of lubricant on and in my arse, she was going to ultimately take her fun.

Starting with one then two and three fingers she fucked my arse while alternating between sucking and massaging my cock.

Then she removed her fingers and I felt the pressure of the dildo opening me slowly and pushing deep. Each push accompanied by her mouth on my cock.

Once I could take that she then went to the massive black double ender she had and really stretched me and fucked me deep. She told me when she was also engulfing that monster.

The arse fucking became very deep, very hard and very fast as she built my pain and ecstasy. Her mouth on my cock sent me in raptures and I blew the hardest longest load I have ever experienced deep in her throat, I know she swallowed it all.

I slumped on the bed after being released, totally drained.

Next time it will be my turn. Her arse will be mine - literally.