Written by viperrix

28 Nov 2011

I met up again today with Mr & Mrs Photo Study, for some flashing fun.

I had been texting with Mr PS for a few weeks, discussing various sexy scenario's, that we could act out. One scenario that Mr PS was keen on was joining them both on their freeway flashing.

I met them this morning at a pre arranged spot close to an overpass on a very busy freeway, this is the one on their profile. I greeted Mr & Mrs PS.

Mr PS asked if i would video the flashing fun whilst he took the pictures.

Both myself and Mr PS took our positions on the bridge, it was 10.30 am on a busy Monday morning, there was plenty of traffic heading in and out of the city.

Mrs PS got out of the car dressed in bright pink high heels and wicked weasel bikini, she has a white micro mini and white top on, she had a bright pink jacket covering herself as she walked down the middle of the road towards us.

Mrs PS looked as hot as ever, such a stunning, sexy woman.

Mrs PS walked over to the high railing and began stripping for the trucks, she was posing for her husbands camera and showing off for me with my video camera.

The place where we were the trucks are traveling up hill and are in a low gear so they get plenty of time to check out Mrs PS and her sexy body as they drive towards us.

It wasn't long until we could hear the trucks horns sounding in delight as Mrs PS had stripped off & was down to only her heels, she climbed onto the railing with arms spread out showing herself off to the hundreds of on coming cars and trucks.

Mrs PS was amazing, after flashing for ten minutes or so, we decided to move on to our next scenario at the picnic reserve.

As we drove off towards the picnic park a car drove past, if they had been there two minutes earlier they would have seen Mrs PS, totally naked, this was one very hot morning.