Written by NTFREAK

8 Jun 2016

You said you had a small place by the beach in a quiet place and that no one would be around and when I pull up I can see that you were right. It is dead quiet as I make my way toward the back door, open just as you said it would be, it’s a nice place light and breezy, I can see the ocean through the flowing curtains on the front windows. Off to the side the television gets my attention, the volume is low and I can hear a distinctive buzzing sound coming from beyond the lounge. As I move closer I can see over the back of the lounge to the screen where 2 chicks are riding a man while you are watching on the floor atop a thick shag pile carpet and a stack of pillows. You are naked with legs spread wide and a pink rabbit vibe between your legs, I can see your juices surrounding its shaft. I don’t know if you have noticed me yet so I step back and strip off, while I am stripping I am watching the porno, a brunette riding the mans face while the blonde is riding his cock.

I get down on all fours and crawl closer around the end of the lounge to where your legs are, still not sure if you have noticed I position myself between your ankles and reach forward gently caressing your thigh. You jump a little at my touch but do not look to see who it is, I guess you’ve figured it out, I continue to caress your thigh then kiss your calf working up your leg. You remove the vibe slowly giving me full access, your pussy lips glisten with the lube and your juices still slightly parted from your sex toy. I move closer parting your lips with my tongue trying to insert it into your love tunnel as far as possible to taste of your love. A gentle moan escapes your lips as I lap you out making sure my tongue flicks your clit with each stroke. Making a move I concentrate on your clit while I insert 2 fingers into you to access your g spot , your head leans back as you moan louder. With a circling motion my fingers probe that special area I suck on your clit while my tongue flicks it around. You reach down with one hand and hold my face tighter onto your clit not wanting me to stop grinding your pussy against my face, then just as fast as we started you cry out, arch your back high and clamp your thighs onto my head.

You roll onto your side before climbing onto the lounge on all fours presenting yourself to me, who am i to say no to such an offer and position myself between your ankles again and press my knob against your pussy lips. I don't need to do much as you push back against me impaling yourself on my manhood, immediately you begin to rock back and forth so I match your movements making my balls slap against your clit just as your breasts are slapping on your chest. Reaching forward around each side of you I take your soft breasts into my hands gently squeezing your nipples, rolling them between my fingers. I love the feel of the soft flesh but playing with them is bringing me close. Wanting to get you off more before I climax I put one leg up on the lounge next to you and really start to smash into you hard. I can see your hands gripping the lounge hard and you biting into a throw pillow to muffle your cries, your pussy grips me tight not wanting me to pull out for anything but I have other ideas.

I pull out of you and fall onto the lounge next to you, as you crawl backwards off the lounge you move over and take my glistening cock into your mouth cleaning off your pussy juice deep throating me twice before straddling me full depth in one motion. Your pussy is pulsating gripping me tight as you start to buck back and forth grinding hard against my hips, I again reach for your glorious breasts in front of my face sucking on your nipple as you ride me. I feel your finger nails digging into my shoulders as your pussy again tightens and i start to moan myself this time. You stand just in time as my first jet of cum spurts onto your pussy lips before falling back against my body, as more jets of cum follow you lower yourself so your pussy smooshes my cum the length of my cock up to my tummy trying to milk me for all i'm worth.

Feeling freaky you slide off me kneeling between my legs taking my cock in hand admiring the gooey mess you spread all over me, you lower your mouth to my knob and slowly once again suck in my length. I tremble with the excess of sensation as the last of my cum is milked from me into your mouth