Written by Late night fun

7 Sep 2016

So I'm a bartender and we use to have poker on in the bar and there use to be this girl who would come every week with the biggest ass I have ever seen and I thought to my self fuck she would be fun for my partner and I to toy with. I remember one night she added me on Facebook and asked if me and my partner wanted to go to town and we where like sure why not so she came over to ours and picked us up and we went back to her place to start the drinking. When we got there we didn't relies she had a boyfriend and we only play with girls so this was a bummer for us but we were like hey why not just go out and party so that is exactly what we did. We all ended up at the local Strip club and we got three other guys to join us and we all went into a private room and that is when it all started all of us got naked well all but one of the guys and we had battens to whip each other at the stripper was lighting us on fire. then after that we decided that we were going to have a few more drinks before we go home so we were doing that when all of a sudden my partner and her start making out oh and that turned me on so much all I could do was try hiding my hard cock in the club so she called her boy friend and she was coming to ours for a three way. as soon as we got back to ours it was on ripping off each others clothes and kissing each others body till eventually we throw her on the bed and tied her up and i started sucking on her nipples while my partner was licking and playing with her tight we pussy she was ready for a big night of hard cock and wet pussy all over her pieced face. oh it was amazing she couldn't stop coming neither could my partner and neither could I i was coming all over them both we fucked that hard that my cock started to bleed