8 May 2020

I was staying in the CBD one evening with absolutely nothing to do, I had an early dinner and as usual, nothing on TV. Like everyone else, something about a hotel room just gets you in the mood. I was only a 2 minute walk from the Club X on George St in Sydney. Weighed up my options and it seemed to be the only logical choice. So put some pants on and headed downstairs.

With no clear objective in mind to how I was going to finish my visit there, I was just browsing the store tossing up whether to venture to the booths in the back or the cinema, It seemed pretty quiet and after a few minutes, a couple walked out of the cinema back into the store. Probably in their 40s. The wife had a huge set of tits trying to bust through her tight top. I thought damn, just missed them, just my luck. However, they strolled past me and made their way into the back where the booths are. Perving at her ass as she walked away, she turned around and caught me, then like something out of a porno, she signals me over and points to the door next to the one they were entering. For those regulars at Club X, there are 3 gloryhole booths.

Excitedly I made my way into the booth and before I managed to even get my pants dow, she had shoved one of her tits through the hole, she was pressed up perfectly with her erect nipple just begging to be sucked on. Didn't think I'd be the one on my knees but there I was playing with her huge tits as she would swap them after every couple of seconds, she then pulled away and suddenly we were face to face through the gloryhole (kind of defeats the purpose but I wasn't caring for tradition at that time) and she whispered, "i'm going to suck you off while my man fucks me, get your cock out now". So before I knew it i was pressed against the hole with my cock down the back of her throat as I listened to her be entered from behind.

Probably around 5 minutes of some great action and with all the surrounding stimulation, her sucking, the moaning, the DVD's blaring in the background, it was time for me to unload. A quick know on the wall and a huge rush was followed by multiple shots which felt like they should have made their way across their booth. I then felt myself disappear again down her throat as I could tell she was making sure I left completely drained. While I was putting my pants back on and regaining my composure, I could still hear them going at it and the cry from her asking her man to fill her up and cum inside her pussy. Extremely hot.

I went back out into the store and usually would have left but for some reason was just having another browse. About 5 minutes later the couple left the booth and walked through the main area, as I saw them leaving we shared a smile and the wife made her way over to me, the first thing I saw was she had two massive ropes of cum glued to her hair. She leant in close and thanked me for her addition to her hair, we both had a giggle. She reached into my pocket, I thought to get one last little feel to leave me with but she was leaving a piece of paper in my pocket and whispered "Text me when you get your strength back, I can do with some more cum".

Safe to say, I was in shock, not only was I lucky that there was a couple there on the night but that we clicked and had potentially set up something in the future, Sometimes the stars just align. I did text her a few days later and my god was she telling the truth about what she liked. Will follow up with another story.