7 Mar 2017

I arrived home this afternoon, just arriving before my wife, as she also arrived home, she had been earlier invited out and sexily spent a couple of hours with her favourite Swingers friend. He is a strong stayer with plenty of stamina (one of the reasons my sexy, hot, wife lusts him). He could fuck and fuck her for ages and shoot cum load after cum load.

This afternoon was no different and my smiling wife assured me she was filled to brim when she finally had left him. Giggling coyly, to me, she said "somehow she had managed to hold most of his cum inside herself on her way home"

She sidled up to me and whispered very hotly, "Her friend had just pumped 2 week's worth" she said, of very potent, very thick ribbons of cum into her pussy.

Now it’s my turn, she continued and dragged me into our bedroom.

May be he will be ready for round 2 when I’m finished. I thought, smiling to myself

She threw herself back onto our bed and opened her legs. I did not hold back, I mounted her and I sunk my entire cock into her sloppy, screwed, pussy, I literally squeezed his thick cum out of her cunt and along my shaft, the spunk loads coated my entire cock length, cum rolled thick and hot down my balls, whilst even more flowed out onto our bed, staining our sheets.

I lasted barely five or six minutes before I added my own load to her pussy.