Written by sexslaves

17 Mar 2012

It was around 8pm and I had just finished bathing the kids and putting them to bed. I was just about to start the dishes when the phone rang, I’m sure I swore under my breath, I couldn’t be bothered answering the damn thing I was shattered and all I could think about was bed. I answered it quickly as I didn’t want the kids to get up again. It was my friend Karen, she was so bubbly all the time and always up to something, I envied her now, I remember the time I used to have all the energy. She had heard about a night out at a bar in town, it was a date night and she really wanted me to go with her tomorrow night. Yes sure I told her and at the same time I was thinking that It would be so much hassle getting a sitter and getting ready to go out when all I could think about was sleep, and I didn’t have anything to wear, all the usual things I think about these days. Anyway I said I would try and would let her know when I spoke to her in the morning.

I carried on with my chores but as I washed up and tidied all the toys away for the umpteenth time that day I began thinking how good it would feel to get all dressed up and feel sexy and feminine again, the thought of a night out began to play on my mind and the more I thought about it the more appealing it became. It was a date night and the thought of having a good night out and a good fuck at the end of it certainly did get my mind going. Within 30 minutes of Karen’s call I was on the phone to my sister begging her to baby-sit for me. She was really delighted and I began to think to think why I hadn’t done this earlier. I didn’t wait till morning, I called Karen back and said I had a sitter and all I had to arrange now was something to wear. She was really pleased, I can’t wait she kept saying over and over. To be honest I couldn’t wait either now.

I got through the rest of the chores without thinking about them, I was to busy thinking about what I would wear to look sexy enough to score a date, what I would do with my hair?, what shoes would I wear?. It was the first time in a long time I went to bed smiling and looking forward to going out with Karen. I felt quite horny at the thought of being with a guy. I hadn’t been with a man in so long it felt like being a teenager again. I wondered if I would like anyone there and if I did what would he look like and what size of cock he would have hidden in his trousers. I was becoming hot and wet thinking about it, I hadn’t masturbated in ages because I was always so tired at night, but that night I couldn’t help it, my hands were between my legs and gently stroking my lips feeling the slight spill of juices already leaking from my cunt. God I was horny, the thought of a hard warm cock between my legs got my heart beating faster and my juices flowing from my hot swollen aching pussy, god I really needed to be fucked so much. I reached into my bedside table and fumbled about for my old vibe, it was better than nothing and I was so worked up and going by now that I had to have something inside me. I couldn’t believe my luck when the batteries were still working, switching it to full speed I put it between my legs and slowly rubbed the sticky hot juices all over my lips, the feeling almost made me cum, I switched it off and ran it up and down over the lips till they were soaking in cunt juices, my lips were parted and desperate to feel the vibe enter them. Knowing how horny I was I didn’t want to cum to quickly so I took off my t-shirt revealing my hard erect nipples, they felt all tingly and very sensitive. I began rubbing them gently between my fingertips and the tingles ran all the way through my body to my soaking wet pussy, god it felt so good. I switched on the vibe and touched my nipples lightly sending tiny little electric shocks through my body, my back arched and I wished I had a huge hard cock underneath me right now, so that I could ride it deep and hard and all night long. With one hand I was teasing my nipples with the vibe, enjoying the little tingles it sent through me, and at the same time my other hand was between my legs and rubbing my clit and lips. My fingers entering my hot wet pussy, pumping deep and hard. I was so wet the juices were flowing down the inside of my thighs. I lay on my back with my knees bent up and my legs parted as wide as they could go. I couldn’t wait any longer as I reached down with the vibe switched on full and touched it to my hot wet lips, circling my open pussy trying hard to delay the moment when it would be deep inside me vibrating and pumping deep up my desperate pussy. My butt rocked on the bed and my back arched in time to the little rushes running all through me, I slowly put the vibe just a little in my pussy, it felt wonderful, I could feel every nerve tingle inside my pussy as the vibe buzzed and vibrated inside me. I was so wet and hot and swollen, the juices running down my lips and trailing a path of hot sticky juices to my ass. I thrust the vibe in as deep as it could go my back arching and riding it hard as I pushed it deep and fast fucking myself as hard as I could. I had to stifle a scream as I felt my whole body orgasm and shake as I came. It was so good, my heart was racing and my legs were like jelly, I fell asleep with my hand between my legs and my fingers gently rubbing my wet pussy lips, and dreamt of what my night out would be like.

I woke easily in the morning, I'm not usually a morning person but this morning I was happy to get up and start my day. I was going out tonight and had so much to do. I rushed through the morning chores with ease then dropped the kids off at my sisters after school. She was delighted to see them and they seemed more than happy to let me leave, so I was happy and relaxed as I left. I went to the local designer shop and decided that I would spend all my spare cash for this month on a dress, something eye catching and feminine but very sexy. I had to go for black or red as it was the only colour shoes I had in my wardrobe. I looked round the shop forever it seemed and didn’t find anything that caught my eye or looked even remotely like I had imagined, but just as I was becoming a bit harassed and decided to leave the shop I saw a red dress on the sale rail. It was so beautiful I didn’t dare look at the price. It was a deep rich red colour, it had a cross over low cut front and was fitted from under the chest down, it wasn’t too short but not to long either, and had slim beautifully fitted sleeves which was by far the selling point for me, I wasn’t so happy with the way my arms looked and this would be just perfect. I checked the price and was surprised to find that I could afford it as well as a couple of drinks at the club. I shot off to the changing rooms and I knew as I was putting it on that it would fit perfectly. I looked sexy and it showed off all the good points in my slim figure, I was surprised how good I looked. The excitement started building inside me now and I started again thinking about the club and the men and how good I was going to look in my new dress, surely I can pull tonight. I hurried on and finished getting my little bits and pieces from the shops, almost ran home and was running a bath and pouring a nice glass of white wine as I stripped and jumped around the place all at the one time. I stuck my fav C.D on and slid into the warm bubble bath I had just ran, it felt so good, relaxing and refreshing me as I lay there. My boobs and nipples showed through the bubbles, it looked quite erotic the deep pink large nipples poking through the white bubble layer. I felt so sexy and certainly up for some real fun tonight. I began rubbing my nipples and teasing them, rolling them between my fingers till I could feel those familiar tingles of excitement and rushes run through my body, making me wet and wanting to play, I could have waited to see what the evening would bring but the opportunity was there and I really wanted to so why not. My bedroom was upstairs and it was such a thought to get dried and go all that way to get my vibe and come back, but I wanted to feel it inside me, the excitement was becoming almost unbearable and I so needed to play. I looked around the bathroom to see if I could find anything of that familiar shape. My hairbrush was there but it wasn’t very big and I needed to feel it fill me, my pussy was becoming swollen and hot and I felt more horny than I had for ages, even more so than last night and that was so good. I spotted the wine bottle with the long neck, it began to look very tempting and before I knew it I had filled up my glass and poured the rest down the sink. Oh god I can’t do that I thought, I’m not that desperate, but I was and I could almost feel it run over my pussy lips teasing my clit and making me very very wet. I jumped out the bath and rubbed baby oil over my wet skin, it felt very sensual and I lingered some enjoying the touch of my hands run over my silky oiled body, teasing my breasts and nipples then slowly down my stomach to my hot wet desperate pussy lips, I teased them rubbing the oil over them sliding my finger lightly over my clit as it became bigger and very touch. The tingles making me moan and arch my back as my hips swayed making my fingers rub faster and firmer over my lips and clit, then entering my wet pussy slightly reminding me how desperately I need to be fucked. I placed a towel on the floor and lay down on my back, my legs parted and knees bent up, I reached out and grabbed the wine bottle, it felt quite chilled still, it wasn’t long out the fridge and I gasped as it touched my side a little as it passed. My heart began racing faster and the juices were flowing from my pussy lips, wide open and parted awaiting the cold hard bottleneck. I felt slutty and slightly dirty but it only seemed to add to the excitement. Very slowly I place the bottle gently on my pussy lips, the top of it touching softly and lightly, I gasped as the cold hard bottle neck rubbed up and down my lips and clit till I had to feel it enter me. The cold seemed to enhance the pulses running through my body now, as I pushed just the very tip inside my wet lips, god it was almost electric, it felt cold hard and pretty thick in my pussy, I pushed it a little deeper holding my breath with excitement as I felt it fill me up deep and slowly till the neck was no longer visible. The cold making all my senses ten times more aware and responsive, I began to slowly ride the bottle, I got up hunched on my knees as I held the bottle upright on the floor, straddled over it and started riding it faster and deeper till I was sure at least half the bottle had entered my pussy, it was so thick and hard and cold it was like nothing I had ever experienced before, it was wonderful my body rocking faster and in time to the rushes of a near orgasm about to erupt inside me, I turned over and on my hands and knees doggy style I pumped it deep and hard up my wide open soaking wet pussy. Then I felt it rush over me wildly taking over all my senses, I couldn’t stop now pushing hard over and over as my body orgasmed like never before, I almost fell to the floor when it was over the rush making me dizzy and feeling so overwhelmed at the intensity of my orgasm. I lay there for a few minutes till my heart stopped racing and my legs stopped shaking, I felt alive and so full of energy, the blood racing through my veins awakening all my senses and invigorating me. My mind was racing at what I had done and what I had intended to do that night given half the chance to. I realised time was passing and Karen would be here very soon to pick me up. I finished shaving and moisturising, my pussy soft shaved and moisturised, I felt sexy and very feminine and couldn’t wait to get into my new dress and heeled shoes. I tidied the bathroom and ran upstairs to the bedroom, put on some loud cheery music and danced away as I dressed. I didn’t have any red undies so I opted for black, I had soft silk black undies I kept for very special nights out and this definitely had to be one of them. The soft silk panties felt so nice as they touched my soft shaved pussy, I certainly was all worked up and felt I could fuck the whole night long, oh god if only! What a nice thought. I touched my pussy lips through my panties and it felt good, gently running a finger up and down that beautiful grove of my lips feeling them part slightly. Oh god I didn’t want to go out all sticky and damp, I had to stop and get ready. I pulled my dress on over my head and it felt soft and sexy as it hugged my body, revealing my normally hidden slim figure, I did look real good I thought as I looked in the mirror. Slipping on my dark red stiletto shoes I felt like a model or a film star like I knew what I wanted and was going to get it. Just then the doorbell rang and I ran downstairs and let Karen in, we hugged and kissed and giggled, excited and desperate to get out on the town and let our hair down.

We called a cab and chatted and flirted with the cab driver all the way to the club, I could see he was enjoying the chat and the giggles and the way we were dressed. Karen was blond and was wearing a tight fitted black skirt and jacket, white silk low cut top, and I could see she was wearing stockings as she crossed her legs in the cab, she looked stunning tonight, her long legs slim and perfect shining slightly in the light from the street lamps, I wanted to reach out and run my hard up and down her leg, feeling the curves and the touch of her soft skin at the top of her stockings, but I didn’t dare in the case that she might get embarrassed or offended. No wonder the cab driver was flirting with us. Was I becoming bi sexual because of my lack of fun and sex, or was it a normal curiosity that all women have at one point in their lives, I’m not sure. We arrived at the club and the taxi driver wished us a very good night and said to call him later when we wanted to go home and he would come straight over and get us right away, he was sweet, and chancing his luck I think but he was fun. The bouncers on the doors were charming and very polite; the music was loud but good. As we entered we got badges with our names on them, everyone seemed relaxed and happy, couples were dancing and it looked like it was going to be a good night. The point of the date club was to wander round and check people out, if you really like someone you can leave a message at the bar, then when they go for a drink they are handed their messages with their drinks, then you can go around checking out the people who left messages for you, sounds fun to me I thought. After a drink or two I began to really feel chilled and relaxed and wandered around with Karen checking out all the guys. There were so many people of all shapes and descriptions it was easy to find someone you liked the look of. We were standing sipping our wine and giggling, discussing all the different people when I noticed a man across the room. He was very smartly dressed, he stared unashamedly I thought for what seemed ages, I almost felt uncomfortable till he smiled and he had the warmest smile I have ever seen. What was really strange was that he was with a girl, a very beautiful girl, long blond hair, long shapely legs, and dressed with style and most obviously very expensive clothes and jewellery. She wore high-heeled stilettos and sat close to him their legs touching and her hand resting on his thigh. She seemed to notice but not bothered at all by his staring over in my direction. I thought no more of it until Karen and I went to the bar again, we both got some messages from people, one of my messages was from woman and a man. Two names were signed on the message. I showed it to Karen and she laughed lucky devil, I asked her what she meant and she just said that I was lucky tonight. We wandered around and I realised the message had been from the couple that had been watching me earlier, the gentleman with the beautiful girl. I could see him approach me as she sat where she was, I wasn’t sure what to do but I was so intrigued by it all part of me couldn’t wait to find out. He walked up close and spoke in my ear just slightly above a whisper and told me I was by far the most beautiful sexy woman in the club tonight, I blushed not knowing what to say, then he added my girlfriend thinks so also, pointing over to where she sat, as I glanced over she was looking at me smiling and waving to come over, he invited us to join him but Karen was deep in conversation with some guy and I was feeling a bit left out so I accepted his offer. As I sat and chatted politely I couldn’t take my eyes off his girlfriend, she looked perfect and beautiful in every way. She caught me a few times and just smiled sweetly, I felt strangely attracted to her, I was certainly up for fun but tonight was definitely different from what I had imagined. A few drinks later I accepted their offer to join them at their hotel, I don’t normally take risks but as I said tonight was different. I felt alive and happy and not in any way threatened by the couple, they couldn’t have been more charming hosts.

The girl lay on top of the king size bed and began to slowly undress, I couldn’t help but watch as she slipped her dress over her head, her breasts swelling under her lacy white bra, her skin shone silky and tanned, I wanted to touch her, feel her breasts, what was happening to me I didn’t understand it but it wasn’t a bad feeling. I stared as she slipped the dress over her hips her tiny white panties, showed off her perfect ass and made her look so sexy. The man standing beside me asked if I would like to join his girlfriend on the bed, I really wasn’t sure whether to leave at this point, it was either leave or join in the fun, I guess the adventurous side of me took over and I stayed. I sat on the bed beside her as she continued to undress till she was wearing only her stockings and undies. Go on touch her he said. I couldn’t resist any longer as my hand reached up and cupped her breast in my hand. It felt soft and sexy and not at all like mine did in my hand, this was so much nicer. She leaned over and started to take my dress off, slipping it down revealing my sexy black undies, I was becoming very turned on and the juices were beginning to flow from my pussy making my panties damp and revealing my excitement. But it didn’t matter I was way to far gone to care. I continued to caress her breasts and her neck, her back and tummy, all the way down to her panties, I hesitated not knowing whether to move my hand any further, but she grabbed my hand pushing it down the front of her panties, I could feel her soft shaven pussy, god it felt amazing, she was becoming very wet, I could feel her juices flow from her lips, it turned me on even more. She began caressing my body as I touched her wet lips gently running my fingers up and down over them feeling them become wetter and wetter, I felt her juices build and flow. Her fingers teased my nipples and I groaned as I felt the rushes over my body, the alcohol had relaxed me and I was very very horny, I could feel her fingers trace my pussy lips through my panties, I could feel my lips part slightly. I felt her finger slip under the edge of my panties and I automatically lay back on the bed my legs parted desperate to let her explore and tease my body, it felt so different but so so good. I felt her finger tip enter me and I groaned and arched my back willing her to fuck me hard and deep with her fingers, my hand on top of hers pushing her fingers deep inside me rubbing my clit at the same time. I could feel the orgasm rising inside me, I couldn’t hold back it was way to intense, I’m sorry I screamed as I came rushes running all through me my heart racing and my body arching and bucking hard holding her hand deep inside my wet warm pussy as I orgasmed like never before. She kissed me deeply on the mouth her tongue finding mine her hand still deep inside me, I kissed her back passionately and continued to rub her clit and lips, she was moaning and wriggling her butt on the bed. I kissed her tummy and all the way down to her pussy, I kissed her lips through her panties slipping my tongue occasionally under the edge making her moan loudly and wriggle around bucking and arching her back wanting me to fuck her deeply with my tongue. I slid the edge of her panties to the side and slid my tongue deep inside her very wet swollen pussy, sucking hard on her clit as I slid my tongue quickly and deeply in and out of her pussy, making her squirm around the bed she began begging me to finger fuck her, so I did. My fingers slipping inside her feeling the warm sticky walls of her pussy constrict rapidly leaning on my hand trying to take my fingers deeper, I entered 3 fingers and she screamed for more, I almost came with her when she orgasmed, her body arching as she screamed, my hand almost all the way inside her tight pussy feeling her stretch to the maximum. My hand raced to my clit and I rubbed it hard and fast, I orgasmed just after her, the sweat running from both our bodies, as we lay entangled together on top of the bed, I almost forgot the guy was still in the room.

My heart was still racing and my mind drifting, when I saw the man come over to the side of the bed. I watched as he stripped off folding his clothes neatly on the chair beside the bed, they were a strange couple and I didn’t know who intrigued me more, the girl was so gorgeous, her smile warming and sweet, the guy was very athletic, his skin well tanned and well groomed, he was very handsome as much as she was beautiful. He wasn’t over powering and he didn’t speak very much but for some reason he an aura of power about him, you just knew he was in control. He lay on the bed beside me, his legs and body curled into my back, I could feel his hard cock against my butt, god it felt huge and so warm and sexy, I could feel my juices trickle from my pussy lips, turning me on wanting him to touch me to explore every inch of my body. The girl turned the same way, my legs and back curled into her soft smooth butt, I immediately began running my hands over her tight buttocks feeling their soft firm roundness so sensual and perfect, my hand wandering lightly between her legs just touching and gently teasing her wet lips, brushing my fingers over her clit, she turned more on her front allowing me to touch her more freely between her legs, her pussy lips opening slightly revealing how wet and turned on she was. She really turned me on also, I loved the feel of her soft smooth skin, her firm pert breasts, her erect dark pink nipples and her perfectly shaped ass, my hands couldn’t stop caressing her, touching her, making her wet. As I was caressing her body his hands began to explore mine, the feeling was sensational, I was so horny, I don’t know who was turning me on more but I was delirious, it was wonderful, like I could never have imagined. His hands wandered over my body stopping on my breasts, teasing and rubbing my nipples between his fingers, the tingles rushing through me making my body arch and the juices flow from my lips. It felt like I was in heaven as his hands continuing to touch me as I was touching her. She rolled on to her back her breasts so close to my face, my tongue naturally wanting and sucking her deep pink nipple, I never imagined this is what it would be like, it felt so natural, so sexy. His fingers were parting my lips exploring slowly inside them, I felt them swollen and very wet, my butt pushing back against his hand forcing his fingers to enter me deeper I moved my hand down her body to her shaven pussy, I began to finger her the same way, knowing she was getting as worked up and as wet and horny as I was, she lifted her knees and parted her legs, she looked so good, her pussy lips were swollen and parted, needing to be fucked. Her juices flowing over my hand as I fingered her only allowing the tips of my fingers to enter her, he was doing the same, his finger tips darting quickly in and out of my pussy, my butt pushing against his hand begging for more, he removed his fingers as I felt I was just about to cum, I’m sure he sensed it. My fingers were now deep inside her feeling her warm pussy walls tighten around them riding my hand, she was groaning loudly her butt bouncing up and down off the bed in rhythm to me fucking her, I didn’t want her to orgasm yet not without me. He was caressing my breasts and nipples as I rolled over my face between her legs, I had to taste her again, to smell her, to lick her sweet juices. On my knees with my ass in the air I bent down and began kissing the inside of her thighs, tonguing her lightly. I sucked hard on her clit as my 3 fingers entered her deeply, she arched and groaned as I sucked and fucked her hard and fast. He watched for a little while then came behind me, his fingers parting my pussy lips, my ass up in the air allowing him total access. He pushed the tip of his cock inside me, I felt it stretch and fill me. I removed my fingers and began licking her and tasting her my tongue darting deep and fast in and out now and again, her body wanting more, her legs parting wider she began fingering and playing with her clit as I tongued her deep and fast, I could feel his cock enter me deep, slowly he pulled it out then fingered me for a bit before entering me again, feeling him stretch me more and enter me deeper each time making me moan loudly. Her juices flowed freely into my mouth as I licked them away I could feel her pussy muscles constrict as my tongue fucked her hard, she was going to cum soon and so was I, I felt him grab my hips as he thrust his whole manhood deep inside me, he was so huge and thick the pressure touching all my g spots inside filling me completely. I could feel her body move fast and more in rhythm with mine as I fucked her with almost my whole hand and nibbled on her clit, his finger found my clit, I couldn’t hold back any longer as he thrust deep and hard, squeezing my clit hard between his fingers as I began to orgasm, she was cumin also, riding my hand hard and fast, and rubbing her clit. It felt amazing feeling her cum as I orgasmed at the same time. The rushes flowing through me, no longer in control of my body as it danced on the bed between them.

Having a break we all put on robes and sat down at the table for drinks, the guy called for room service and got more wine as well some strawberries and cream. I wondered about Karen, was she having as good a time a I was, she was very lucky if she was as I was ecstatic, I felt like I could play and be fucked all night, I even wondered if it was all a dream for a few seconds, but the feeling of my hot swollen wet pussy between my legs knew it was anything but a dream. The wine ran through my veins making me slightly light headed but very relaxed and very horny. My heart thumping hard as I sipped my drink thinking of how she felt so good to hold and touch how it had felt to be turned on by two people at the one time. I wondered if the evening was coming to an end as he got up and left the room, I thought he was showering and dressing. I couldn’t stop looking at the girl sitting at the table, sipping her drink, and managing to eat strawberries so erotically. The way she held each one to her lips, nibbling and sucking softly on the ripe succulent bright red strawberries, god she was so sexy I could feel myself get all warm and sticky as I sat on the seat wriggling a little feeling my lips and clit rub against my robe. I eased my robe out from under my butt, the cold soft leather of the seat feeling very sensuous, arousing me even more as I felt the juices beginning to leak from my lips, making the seat beneath me wet and sticky. With one hand I sipped my wine enjoying watching her eat and drink while the other hand was under the table and between my legs, playing with my clit and wet pussy. I wanted so much to be fucked by her again, I wanted her to touch my pussy, to let her expert fingers tease and play with my clit, I wanted to feel her fingers enter me as I sat on the leather seat, I was so horny. She got up and walked round the table stopping behind my seat, she slowly slipped my robe off my shoulders revealing my breasts and erect hard nipples, my heart beating hard and fast at the thought of her touch. I sat still as she ran both hands over my breasts, pulling gently on my hard nipples, teasing them, massaging them, and sending rushes of excitement all through me. She walked round to the side of the chair, leaned down tilting my head to her face, she kissed me lightly, her full soft lips tasted of wine and fruit, she began kissing me harder and more passionately, her tongue slipping in finding my tongue. It felt good my senses once more becoming more alert and excited. Her hand still massaging and squeezing my nipples and breasts, the excitement building up in both of us was very easy to see. I felt her hand slowly trace its way down towards my pussy, my heart beat harder and faster and the thought of her fingers touching and playing with me. I leaned back slightly and parted my legs as her fingers found my clit, my lips soaking in juices and swollen from all the excitement and attention it had. Her fingers entering me a little at a time, a little deeper and faster, my legs were opened wide now, my butt wriggling on the edge of the wet leather seat. Pushing 3 of her fingers deep inside me, teasing and rubbing my nipples with her other hand I began to ride her holding tightly to the arms of the chair, I opened my legs wider one leg over each arm of the chair, my butt barely on the edge of the seat now. My whole body shaking and arching, wriggling barely balancing on the seat, I screamed loudly as I felt the orgasm take over all my senses, her hand still deep inside my pussy feeling the throbbing contracting muscles and cum flow down her hand. She stopped and leaned over the table and then began to clear the glasses and fruit away. I stood up behind her and slipped off her robe, my hands reaching round her, cupping both breasts in my hands, and teasing her nipples. Her butt pushing against my tummy, letting me knows she was as hot and horny as I was. My hands moved down her body and round to her butt, her cheeks soft and full in my hands, she felt so sexy, so good. I circled her small ass hole with my finger, she moaned pushing against me, letting me know it was ok to continue touching her there, I had never experienced that before but I had read stories in magazines where girls said they loved it. I put my arm around her, slipping it down her tummy to that heavenly place between her legs, finding and circling her clit slowly, and gently flicking it and squeezing it with my fingertips. She was so wet as she parted her legs so I could play freely with her, my other hand continuing to tease and circle her ass hole. I changed hands after a little while allowing the fingers soaked in her juices to circle and tease her ass. I felt it open slightly and very gently inserted the tip of one of my fingers a little into her ass, she groaned and pushed back on me making my finger enter her fast and deeply. I wondered if she had done this before, I wondered how it felt, the thought turning me on again my pussy juices running down the inside of my thighs. I became aware of his presence again behind me moving the wet leather seat away. He was naked, no robe now. Moving close in behind me he began mirroring what I was doing to the girl. His one hand round my front I could feel his throbbing huge cock lie along my pussy lips as I was slightly bent over the girl, fucking both her pussy and her ass at the same time. My butt riding up and down the long thick hard shaft of his cock making it very wet and sticky as he teased my clit and pussy with his fingertips. He moved back a little and I could no longer ride his cock, he changed hands over as I had done and very slowly pushed a finger just a little inside my ass hole, wow it felt strange but very good, I pushed my butt back like the girl did although more slowly while he slowly pushed his wet finger further up my ass, I moaned aloud as his other hand began fucking my pussy as well, my butt rocking back and forwards on both his hands he almost lifted me off the ground. She was wriggling wildly beneath me as I leaned her over the table more, both my hands still fucking her ass and pussy at the same time, he pushed me further over the table on top of her my nipples and breasts resting on her smooth soft back, I kissed all along her back lightly as I fucked her deeper and harder. I felt 2 fingers enter and stretch my ass hole, it was a little uncomfortable at first but soon became so good I was pushing against his hands wanting more and deeper. I felt him take his fingers out my ass just as I thought I would cum, still fucking my pussy with his other hand, then I felt the tip of his cock rub against my ass his juices lubricating me as he pushed gently waiting for it to open wide enough before entering me completely, god it felt amazing as he thrust his cock in and out while his other hand was deep inside me lifting my ass up at just the right angle, I couldn’t hold back any longer as the feeling of another orgasm took over me, riding his cock up my ass and his hand deep in my pussy, I screamed and bucked wildly as I came one more time, so aroused and alive, feeling like I have never felt before. I could hardly stand as I tried to continue fucking the girl wanting her to come like I had, he noticed I was a little to far gone to help her reach her orgasm this time, so he took me over to the seat and sat me down with a glass of wine. The girl was still bent over the table playing with herself obviously needing to cum. Her ass looked so beautiful stuck up in the air, her legs and pussy open and inviting, her ass hole squeezing tightly and opening again in time to her hand moving inside her pussy. He moved over behind her and began fucking her ass as he had done to me, I watched mesmerised and staring at what I must have looked liked as he bent me over and fucked my ass, I could see her ass hole stretch as he pushed deeper inside her, she let out little moans and gasps as he began riding her ass and fingering her pussy harder and faster, she clung to the table as she came, bent over and being fucked hard with his cock and fingers. He groaned loudly as I saw his back arch and her ass stretch wide as he pushed deeply up her as he came. It was almost as exciting watching them as joining in, but I was becoming exhausted and was beginning to feel the effects of all the wine and playing we had done.

It was the early hours as I showered and began to dress, I had to get home before day light or the kids would be back soon after and I needed sleep. I thanked them both for the most wonderful unforgettable evening, He offered to call a cab for me and I remembered I still had the last taxi drivers card and number, so I gave him the number to call, then kissed and hugged them both as I left to go wait for my cab at the hotel entrance. I’m not so sure I was looking quite as good as I had done when I left the house, but to be honest I didn’t care, my thoughts were drifting to all that had happened with the strange couple, and I wondered what they might be doing now that I had left, a tiny part of me wishing I could have stayed all night. Still deep in thought I hadn’t noticed my cab pull up, all I heard was a guy shouting, as I looked over and recognised the driver, he smiled and asked if I had a good evening, I replied yes thank you very much, and hoped my thoughts weren’t written all over my face, as he opened the cab door to let me inside. The cab was roomy and dimly lit as we drove towards home, I lay back a little relaxing and resting my eyes day dreaming of my evening, my hand wandering to between my legs feeling the swollen lips of my pussy, turned on by my thoughts, it had been so much fun it was a pity it had to come to an end. I slid my dress up a little and slipped my fingers inside the edge of my panties, I let out a little moan as I found my clit and rubbed it, I couldn’t help but still feel horny I couldn’t stop thinking of the evening. Opening my eyes to see where we were I noticed the driver staring at me in his mirror, I could see by the look on his face that he was enjoying what he saw, and feeling more daring than I had ever done in my life, I opened my legs a little showing off the tops of my stockings and sussies and the crotch of my panties. He couldn’t stop watching my crotch as he drove glancing back in the mirror every chance he could, I was becoming more horny and daring, as I thought of the guy back at the hotel fucking and fingering his girl as I watched. I had never watched anyone fuck before and never realised what a turn on it would be. I opened my legs wider as I became more and more turned on at the thought of the driver watching me in his mirror, his eyes wide and smiling as he glanced at the road and back over and over again. My fingers pulling my panties to the side and rubbing my clit and lips, the juices flowing freely over my fingers as I entered them one at a time. I watched his eyes light up as he saw me finger my wet pussy my fingers entering deeper and faster as he watched, my butt rising off the seat in time to my hand pumping in and out. I was really horny at he idea of him watching in the mirror so I turned round and kneeled on the floor of the cab my top half bent over the seat my ass up in the air. I slowly peeled off my panties throwing them on to the seat, feeling them wet and sticky as I pulled them down my legs. I opened my legs wide as possible as I put one hand under me, playing with and teasing my pussy and clit, the other hand round my back my fingers gently teasing and circling my ass hole. I didn’t notice the cab come to a halt till I heard the cab door open and felt him come in the back beside me. I heard him pull down the zip of his trousers as I continued to play with myself, pretending he wasn’t there. I let out a loud gasp as I felt his huge warm hand ughly between my legs, rubbing me hard and fast, as his thick long fingers entered me in and out, the juices letting him know how horny I was. I moaned loudly as suddenly his huge hand landed sharply on my clit and pussy lips, he was smacking me sharply between my legs, my pussy becoming very warm and tingling from his touch, my butt rising up to meet his hand as it slapped down smartly landing on my clit sending sensations through me like I had never experienced. His thick long fingers entered me deeply in and out as he smacked my pussy lips and clit. I felt like I was about to cum just as he stopped smacking and fingering me, only long enough to pull out his cock and push it deep up my wet pussy, it was so much bigger and thicker than his fingers as I felt it fill me and stretch my pussy wide. He fucked me hard deep and fast, while his other finger entered my ass hole. My body arched and bucked as he fucked my ass with his thick fingers and my pussy with his even thicker and longer cock, my head was spinning and I groaned loudly as I felt him cum deep inside me, and at the same time I felt the rush of another orgasm coming, unable to control the groans or movements of my body any longer, I felt that wonderful release as I came all over his huge thick cock. My heart still racing and my legs still shaking he got up and left the back of the cab going round to the drivers seat and began to drive me home again. He didn’t look in his mirror again until we reached my house, I got out to pay him for the journey, but he sat there smiling at me and told me he didn’t need paying for that trip. I smiled at him and leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek as I walked away towards the front door, hearing him drive off behind me. Thoughts of the evening events ran through my head as I unlocked the door and walked down the hallway, kicking off my high-heeled shoes as I went towards the bedroom, thinking to myself that Karen was never going to believe me when I called her in the morning to chat about our night at the Date Club!……..