Written by PaulDee

3 Mar 2013

Dee & I had discussed the fact of her having sex with another guy whilst I watched the two of them.

We met someone from here via doing a cam/chat session. We set up a date & I booked a motel room.

The day came & we were both very nervous, as this was our first time doing this. We arranged to meet at 1pm, so wee booked into the motel. Dee took a shower & I waited for the other guy to arraive, he arrived as Dee was still showering, him & I chatted for awile waiting on Dee to exit the bathroom & enter into the room.

As she entered she was wearing her black silk dressing gown, she immedaitely sat on the edge of the bed & invited him to sit next to her, I sat back & relaxed in my chair, not really knowing what was about to take place, pr how far Dee would go.

They started kissing straight away (that surprised me somewhat I must say!). After a minute or so, he started to kiss her neck, she then suddenly stood up saying "I'm getting too hot!" at this point she took off her gown & placed it on the bedside cabinet, this revealed she was wearing a see- through black g-string & a black camousel.

She then approached the guy and straddled on his lap, they continued to kiss, he then started to feel her back, his hands then suddenly disappeared infront of him reaching onto her titties, he started to pinch her nipples, this started to get me aroused, all the time they were still kissing.

He then unbuttoned her camousel half way down to reveal her titties, her then started to kiss down her neck heading towards her nipples, he took Dee's nipples in her mouth & was sucking on them (OMG this was heaven to watch).

Dee held the guys polo shirt & pulled off over his head, she then asked him to lay back, as he did so the straddled over him, her titties were now dangling in his face, he was holding one of her titties in his left hand, as he sucked on the other, then his right hand suddenly appeared on her left cheek bun, he slowly slid his hand towards her pussy, with that his fingers were caressing her clit & pussy, sliding two fingers deep inside her. This continued for about five minutes.

Then he rolled her over onto her back, Dee laying there completely topless, he pulled her g-string to the side & continued to massage her pussy, this was such a better view, as her legs were wide open for me to see the full view.

Dee's right reached into his pants & she pulled out his cock, have to say it looked a little bigger than mine, including the head, she gently stroked it, after about ten minutes of him caressing Dee's pussy, Dee had her organsum, this was so wonderful to watch. At this point I thought that this would be the end, she had gone so much further than I thought she would.

He then asked her if it was ok for him to enter her (I did not expect this to happen) but she did not hesitate to say no, so he quicly placed a rubber on his cock & appraoched her missionary style. He slowly pushed his cock into her pussy, I watched as the lips of her pussy excepted his cock, he gently forced his cock deep inside her, the view was the best thing I have experienced - of course at this point I was ready to explode - in which I did!

After about five minutes he had reached his organsum & came inside her. I quickly ran to the bathroom to clean myself up & then went outside for a smoke. As I entered back into the room, the two of them were lying next to each other cuddling & chatting. I sat next to them & joined in the chat. Fun was certainly had by all & we all look forward to the next visit.