29 May 2017

I was invited to a spot in the Blue Mountains, we live out west, one I have actually been too before.

My online suitor was horny too, haha! Just as we were fininshing sexting our arrangements, he asked if I would mind if there were two of them? I was caught offgaurd for a moment, but I said yes - but only if we could all meet in a coffee shop instead and he agreed. I did not want to be at risk, so I rang Ric with the interlude details as I was leaving for my "Meeting". I promised I would leave my phone "on" in my bag with an open call running to Ric, so he could listen in.

We teed it up and met in the mountains cafe. Bloody hell, it was "all on" from the moment we sat down in the booth, hands, fingers, inuendo, erections and to top it all off, I was so damn wet and excited with the amorous attention and ministrations of these two sexy men.

We were all keen for some serious attention and I was being fingered and felt from all angles. I was so surprised we were not asked to leave. I am sure the girls on staff knew what we were up too, but just smiled.

The boys paid the bill and we went outside. Our cars were at the far end of the car park, under some trees, out of sight of the cafe windows. I told the boys I would not fuck on this occasion, we had just met, but there was the suggestion of blowjobs. How could I refuse them and I was seriously keen for some cock myself. I sucked them both off, in turn. One came quickly, the other made me work for it and jamned his cock in hard, I loved every second of my throat reaming. I swallowed the cum of both, right in front of them. I stood straight at the end and tidied my dishevlled self. The boys folded their cocks away, we kissed and promised more on our next meeting.

I was driving home, I was chatting to Ric on the car bluetooth, he had heard it all, but there was no way he could possibly know how fucking wet and horny, I still really was. I urged him home - DESPERATLY! He got my message and even beat me home. Ric pounded the fuck out of my body and I spurred him on to screw the "fuck out of me", to flood my body with my deserved and much needed creamy spunking... It was hard, hot, brutal, urgent and delicious...

Ric had to get back to work and it is now as I sit up here in bed, all quiet and sated, writing this, that I sit here, knowing my body is digesting and absorbing the DNA of three men! All three of them are, right at this moment, becomming part of my body, three men's fresh, hot and warm DNA, now, absorbed and flowing through all my veins, all pumped in, in just one day!

As I am sitting here, writing this, I am cheekily wondering to myself, "am I now made up, in some small way, a sexy part of all the men and boys I have fucked or sucked off throughout my teens and up till now?" "Is some small, warm seminal fraction, of all off those I have sucked off and fucked, what makes up part of my body and are all these men and boys, somehow, still flowing through me?"

It is something really hot to ponder... and I think I will need my vibrator...