Written by justme72

22 Feb 2016

I stand against the wall fidgeting nervously. I see you and my heart begins to race with anticipation and lust. You walk straight over and grab me, one hand on my hip and the other at my neck, bringing me in for a hot, hard kiss as your body presses against mine, pinning me to the wall. We break the kiss, both of us breathing heavily from missing each other a lot. Very soon we make our way to our hotel and you stand behind me as we ride the elevator to get to our room, your hands roaming over my hips and pulling me back against you so I can feel your growing erection against my ass. We enter our room and the sexual tension ignites as you press me back against the door, your hands ripping at my blouse to expose my breasts as you thrust against me, your mouth claiming mine in a crushing kiss.

You continue thrusting against me as you slide my skirt over my hips leaving me standing there in my black lace bra and panties with only my stockings and high heels. You stand back and lick your lips in anticipation as I remove your shirt hurriedly and drop to my knees to remove your pants.

The pictures and emails we've exchanged while we were apart been keeping us entertained till this day and the sight of your cock straining against the fabric of your jocks is very inviting . I rise and walk past you to the lounge, beckoning you to follow. I motion for you to sit down and I hand you a small remote control. You look at me slightly confused and I simply wink at you as I return to my knees and free your hard cock from the increasingly tight confines of your jocks. As I lower my head to your cock, my tongue snaking out to taste the first sweet drops of pre cum that have formed realization dawns on you and with a dark chuckle you flip the switch on.

I moan as my pussy starts to tingle as you experiment with the dials on the remote to the vibrating egg that I had inserted into my pussy while we were at the airport. I keep my touch light as I run my tongue up and down your shaft and over your balls and you groan as the stud of my tongue piercing rolls over the head of your cock, teasing you as I gently massage and tug at your balls. You tease me in return by increasing the speed of the vibrations as you pinch and pull at my nipples through the thin lace of my bra.

Suddenly I slide your cock fully into my mouth, ending my teasing and focusing on pleasure. You abandon your teasing of my nipples and twist your hands in my hair as my mouth slides up and down your throbbing shaft. You moan loudly and increase the pressure on my head as you feel your cock hit the back of my throat, forcing me to take as much as I can, then releasing me to take a breath before we repeat the process.

Over and over again I deep throat your cock as I feel your balls begin to tighten with your impending orgasm. You grip my shoulder tightly in warning and I release your cock from my mouth, still stroking it firmly as you cum hard all over my face and tits. You collapse back onto the lounge, watching as I scoop up you cum with my finger and place it in my mouth, moaning at the sweet taste.

You grab my hand and pull me to my feet, kissing me hard as you draw me to the bed. You grab my ass and pull me against you so I can feel your cock getting hard again, then push me roughly back onto the bed, following quickly. You settle between my legs rocking against my hot wet pussy creating delicious friction through my g string as you begin sucking and nibbling at my nipples, gently at first but getting rougher as I score my nails down your back in pleasure, then you slide lower biting my hips and inner thighs.

You pause briefly to look how wet our play has made me then slide a finger into my pussy and you slide your tongue through the lips of my pussy and over my clit, the delicious sensation as you begin to suck hard on my clit makes me detonate. You hold me down as your tongue pierces me, pushing me higher and drawing it out. I am lost in the burning of my orgasm, gripping the sheets as I am grinding my pussy against your mouth.

You slide back up the bed and kiss me deeply, letting me taste myself on your tongue. I push you gently so you are sitting back and I straddle you, slowly onto your throbbing cock, my pussy stretching to take it all in. You grab my hips, pulling me down roughly as you thrust up into me. I scream in pleasure as your hard cock fills my tight wet pussy, my hands splayed on your chest as I ride you hard. You pull me down and kiss me briefly before grabbing my hair and pulling my head to the side.

You bite me gently as you thrust into me hard and fast making me moan as another orgasm rips through me, my pussy clenching around your cock as you fuck me through it.

You grab my hips as you get to your knees and change positions so you are on top of me, then you lift my legs to rest on your shoulders and start slamming your cock into me so hard and so deep the neighbours could probably hear my screams of pleasure. I hold onto one of your arms and rub my clit frantically as i lift my hips to meet your quickening strokes. Harder and faster you fuck me as you watch me play with my clit and within minutes I am cumming again. you slow down and pull out of me and I moan at the sudden emptiness but you give my ass a good hard smack and flip me onto my knees and enter me again from behind. You hold my hips with one hand and with the other you fondle my breasts, lifting my torso so we can both watch you fucking me in the mirror. The sight of it sets me right off and I push back into you begging you to fuck me harder and faster. You reach for my bag and pull out my silver vibe and switch it on high before sliding it into my ass, filling me completely as you slam your hard cock deep in my pussy. the vibrations sending us both over the edge and you pull out quickly, your hot cum splashing over my pussy and my ass

mmmmm I think I need a shower... care to join?! ;)