Written by coastie67

21 Jan 2012

I started talking to a girl who went to school with me way back in the day on facebook, general chit chat, till last night when she called we were talking for hours and most of our convo was sexual. during the convo we had both made a big call, she said she was so good at giving head that she'd have me cuming in less then 5 mins, ha ha, im a big wanker, i can last for easierly 10 minutes of more. Her big statement was that no guy had made her squirt before, mmm i thought a challenge. Next thing she was saying i want to fuck you now, i said im on my way.

An hour later here we are stripping off our clothes ready to fuck ,suck and lick. She has her hood peirced so i knew exactly where to guide my tongue too, i soon had her withering all over the place, but no squirting. So she moved to give me head, she was very good and knew how to suck, but i could tell she was only thinking about getting more attention on her very wet pussy, so i got down between her legs again and fingered and licked her swollen lips, two fingers sliding in and out very fast got her really moving, i could feel her pussy starting to grip my fingers very tightly and then with a loud moan she was squirting all over the place, my arm was covered in her lady juices, my face had drops landing on it, it was all over her thighs and running down her ass, her body was bucking and humping it was so hot to see, i got down there and licked up as much of this wetness as i could. i licked and sucked, finger and flicked her pussy for about another half hour when i could tell it was about to happen again, this time so much girl cum came blowing out that she was covered from knees to breats in it, mmm it tasted good, by this time i was in the right place for her to suck my cock, as she sucked i fingered her pussy working more and more into her, till my very big hand was just about to slide right in, she loved it and the sight of this and the sounds of her very wet pussy made me cum all over her mouth as she then licked as much as she could up as this happened she came again, not as much this time but so intensely, we laid there spent 3 hours later.

I dressed and drove home, i love FB