3 Feb 2018


Not a story of an actual event, just wishful thinking, haha ;)

If you have any constructive criticism I'd love to hear it. It's been a very long time since I've written anything and I'm not sure I've achieved the right tone? Thanks :)

I'm finally meeting her for coffee today. I'm excited and nervous, and I don't know what to wear! What do you wear to impress a woman? Maybe I should just go comfy casual? I settled on the denim shorts that hug my ass so well and a tight cotton singlet that showed off my shape. I hope I can keep my shit together and not ramble on and make a fool of myself. I hope she likes me. God, I hope she wants me to touch her....

I saw her as soon as I entered the coffee shop, she must have arrived only a few minutes earlier. She was standing at the cashier's counter wearing a flimsy white sundress with sandals. My god she was gorgeous. That pale skin covered in beautiful freckles, her strawberry blonde hair shining in the sunlight, and when she turned to face me, her smile sent warm tingles straight to my clit.

We ordered coffee and sat in a booth at the back of the cafe. I told her she was the most beautiful being I'd ever seen, and confessed that I was already aching to touch her. She seemed a bit shy, but pleased, and looked me in the eye and smiled as she said she was still looking forward to where this could go.

We stayed and chatted for an hour or two while we worked out what we were all wanting from this. If/how we would be compatible sexually, what kind of fantasy's we wanted to play out and how far we wanted to go with those fantasies. Safe words, boundaries and couple's rules and how they might apply. And all the time we were flirting, little touches, meaningful looks, the whole deal. It was like a dream... We got along so well straight away, and found that we matched up on nearly everything we wanted, I couldn't have asked the universe for anything better, I was so excited!

We decided that our first play should be all together, so we organised and booked a hotel room in the city for two weeks time. 54th floor with balcony and wall to floor glass in the bedrooms, hot! I didn't want to wait two weeks though, I needed something to tide me over! So I suggested we pay for our coffee and head down to the lingerie shop just down the road. I told her I wanted to get her something to wear on the night, and if she wanted she could pick something for me. The way she jumped at the idea made me think her clit must be tingling just as much as mine.

When we got to the store I picked her out a few different pieces in white. Simple, fresh and sexy as hell. She went straight for the bodysuits and picked out a few, mostly in black, hmmm.... The shop was quite busy so we just took our things straight into the change room and closed the door. That's when things started to really get heated.

I turned to her as she was hanging up her outfits, there was so much electricity in the air. 'Here, let me help you'.

She looked up at me through her lashes as she faced me in the confined space and whispered, 'Yes'.

I stepped into her and reached my arms around her body slowly, not wanting to break the spell she appeared to be under. My hands drifted up her sides and, barely restraining myself, I lightly planted kisses up her neck as she shivered in delight. As I reached her zipper I suddenly pulled her firmly against me for a second as I moaned my need into her ear. Her hands flew up to my ass and squeezed as she let out a gasp, surprised by the lust that built so quickly in this little cubicle.

"Shh...' I whispered in her ear as I slowly ran the zipper down her back. She bit her lip and looked down as I slipped the light fabric off her shoulders. It puddled at her feet and she was left wearing a lacy bra and g-string. When she looked up at me again with that innocent need in her eyes I couldn't stand it any longer. I took her wrists in my hands, lifted them above her head and pushed her against the back wall with my body, again moaning my pleasure into her ear as I slipped a knee between hers. I could feel the wetness of her cunt as she pressed her mound against my bare thigh, and her breath was fast and shallow now. I had only wanted to have a little play, but now I was thinking that I could make this sexy creature cum for me there in the changing room, so I decided to crank it up a notch.

I transferred both wrists to one hand so I could run the other over her beautiful skin. Pulling back so I could look her in the eyes again, I grabbed her throat and pushed her against the wall before kissing her deeply, moaning into her mouth as we pressed together. My hand mover further down and squeezed one of her milky-white breasts, which made her squirm and pant, rubbing her cunt frantically against my soaking thigh.

'You're so fucking wet', I breathed 'Are you turned on by all the people just outside that door? That they could come in here and catch us anytime now?' I had pulled her breasts from their cups and freed her rosy nipples, only to roughly pinch the hard nubs and roll them between my fingers.

'Oh, yes', she moaned.

I let go of her wrists and her arms fell to her sides. Pushing her g-string aside with my fingers, I began to rub slow firm circles on her clit. She slumped back against the wall then, her legs weakening, I was holding her against the wall with my body and my thigh between her legs. I brought my lips to her ear again.

'You dirty girl, walking around looking all innocent! You're just a dirty, horny slut aren't you? Hmmm? What would people think if they saw you right now? Look at you, sopping wet and moaning, you can't even stand up! Maybe I should just stop now, before this all goes too far...?'

I whispered the dirty words into her ear as I groaned and rubbed against her. She pulsed in my arms and put her hands over her mouth to stifle her muffles cries.

'NO! DON'T STOP!', she begged me in a strangled whisper.

Again I looked into her eyes as I sped up the rate of my rubbing. 'Cum for me baby, I want to hear you moan for me. Soak me with your pussy juice'. I'd been rubbing my cunt against her and i was soaked now too, my pussy throbbing and pulsing, I wasn't far off either. It was so fucking hot, having that innocent-ish sex kitten writhing around with the pleasure I was giving her. I was going to cum just by rubbing against her leg!

We clutched each other desperately and kissed deeply again as we were nearing the edge. As i sensed she was about to cum, I grabbed her by the throat again and pushed her hard into the wall with my body. I moaned once more into her ear, 'Cum for me my dirty girl, show me what a good girl you can be. Do this for me slut and next time I'll devour that tasty cunt of yours until your begging me to stop. Cum for me bitch!'

As I growled the last word into her ear, I could feel her convulse as her cunt began to pulsate wildly. I held her tight and rubbed myself frantically against her as I felt my own bubble coming. BANG!

I think I may have yelled out, because next thing I know there's a saleslady at the door asking if everything is alright? Thinking quickly I yelled 'Yes thanks, my friend was stuck in her spanx, but we've sorted it out now'.

We looked at each other in mortified silence for a second or two then burst into giggles. As they die down I look into her eyes again and ask if she's ok. She gets a silly grin on her face and adjusts her bra.

'Yes. Yes, that was good', she says as she giggles again. 'I can't believe how hot that was... '

She looks at me again, suddenly uncertain. 'And you? Did you like it?'

I can feel a huge grin spreading over my face as I reply, 'Yes! It was amazing. We are going to have so much fun together, I can't wait!'

We giggle again as we adjust our clothes. We decide not to try on the lingerie, things are a bit damp for that! We walk together to the bus stop at the end of the street where i hug her tight and give her a lingering kiss on the lips.

'Til next time', I say.