12 Jul 2019

I had been busting to play on the beach for years. I tried adds and various sites but people always backed out due to the fact I am married ( well that’s what I think!!)

I had walked and jogged along the beach relentlessly hoping to find a willing lady or couple. I had been hit up on numerous occasions by men but was not keen for that play .

I had spoken with a couple who would’ve in semi states of undress at times but never got the vibe that anything would happen. You thought!!

I was running one afternoon and noticed the lady sun baking naked at the edge of the dunes . I waved and kept jogging as I thought it was strange that her hubby was not there.

I ran for another 15 minutes z d turned back eagerly thinking I would at least get to perv on Jenny if she was still naked.

My cock got harder the closer I got where Jenny had been laying . But to my despair she had left.

Fuck it I said and stripped off to have a swim and hopefully lose my hard on.

I was only I the water for about two minutes and I realized I did not have a towel.

As I walked out of the water and closet to my clothes I saw Jenny walk towards me wrapped in her towel . “You might need this “ she said as she dropped the towel to the ground to get completely naked and her smooth skin glistening in the late afternoon sun.

I did not know what to say. I did not red to Jen who grabbed my hand and walked me to the edge of the dunes. She turned and saw I was hard from watching her tight firm arse saunter in front of me.

She pulled me close and kissed me hard while gently stroking my cock. I had to feel her clean shaven pussy and lick her hard nipples. She gasped as I slid a finger into her hot pussy. Tongue she demanded and pushed my head down and spread her legs and placed one leg over my shoulder to give me great access.

I sucked licked and fingered while she played with her nipples. I could feel wet pussy tightening around my finger adage breathed heavily and told me to go faster and harder. I did and in a few seconds she came and was twitching and writhing around whilst forcing my tongue deep inside her to lap up the most amazing juices I had ever tasted.

She removed her leg from shoulder and told me to stand. She kissed me deeply and looked into my eyes and told me to beat the same spot tomorrow so she could repay the favor!! To be continued