Written by Shona and Ric

28 Sep 2017

The encounter started normally enough, Steve and I were horny and hard, Shona was very excited and moist, we extracted her from her underwear and between Steve and myself, we pulled Shona to our bed.

Steve ate Shona, Shona sucked my cock. All of our hands, and all of our tongues were going into overdrive. But then suddenly I found my arse explored and I looked down at Shona and her hands were busy. It was Steve, Steve was lubing up my arsehole! He stopped and fitted himself with a condom.

In that brief intermission moment I swapped places and went down on Shona. Steve, wearing a condom, moved round the back of me. Steve fingered my arse up for a little, opening me up, until I then felt his cock probe my tube. He fully inserted himself and began fucking my arse, finally fucking me hard enough that I was being hammered forward hard, my face being constantly mashed into Shona's messy, excited pussy as I was endeavouring to eat her out.

Shona obviously needed more control of our action and suddenly pushed me off her pussy and backwards. Shona then pressed me down onto our bed, Steve's cock popped out from my arsehole. I could see he was still very erect.

Shona pushed me flat onto my back. Shona mounted my face, her sexy arsehole on my nose and her excited cunt on my tongue and chin. Shona faced Steve and I was sure she was lustily smiling at him, knowing the dirty woman she can be. Shona then lifted, pulling my legs back towards herself, I knew she was offering Steve my arse, inviting Steve once again, into my punished arsehole. Steve wasted no time in shoving his condomed, erect and excited cock back into my available, offered anus. Shona rode my face hard, she, I am sure from her flowing excitement, must be watching Steve intently. Watching as Steve fucks me up my anal passage. Shona groaned, drives down hard and losing all self control, as she watches Steve fuck me. I can easily tell Shona is massively turned on and Shona grinds herself, using my face, to a mind-blowing orgasm.

Shona's orgasm has overtaken her senses and she collapsed onto the sheets. I extract myself from Steve's rigid cock. I am bone hard and fucking excited, leaking Pre-cum like a fire hose, from having my prostate massaged by Steve's cock. I am desperate to deposit my cum. I urgently mount Shona and pile drives her cunt and body until I let go. I am nuts deep and I let her have my excited bubbling cum load.

My orgasm is so intense, it is like my cock was vacuuming my balls dry. I collapse, staying laid on top of Shona's heaving and sweating body. I know my cum is running down between her arse cheeks.

Steve is now himself in urgent need and actually pulls me off Shona. pushing me, even a touch roughly, to the side and off her sexy form. Steve is in urgent need and really fucking hot for Shona's cunt. Steve rips off the condom, that has been in my arse, throwing it to the floor, he drops on top of Shona and in one thrust, drives himself, full naked cocked, full bareback, into Shona's already cummy cunt, drilling her like he is "On heat"

Steve goes for broke, riding her like Shona is a Bronco mare. Steve lets rip with an almighty orgasm and he also floods Shona's every crevice and pussy wall with his gallons of thick cum. I loved watching from the side, as Steve's arse cheeks tightened and he drives extra deep, holding himself deep, his cock, it's pulsing delivery, hotly underway. Steve and Shona both wail out loud as that steamy hot cum load is delivered, splashing throughout Shona's body, I watch Shona claw Steve's back, writhing hard, working back down onto his cock. Shona also closes her eyes and cums herself, once again, relishing in the second delivery of steamy hot semen....

As both Steve and Shona finally recover, Steve pulls his sloppy cock from Shona and kneels up, his softening cock pulled out from the gooey, flooded, slutty mess that is Shona's cunt. Myself and Shona smile across at each other, we instantly have the same naughty idea. Both Myself and Shona move onto Steve and taking his softening sex coated cock between both our lips, we clean every centimetre of his much appreciated cock. Feeding from Steve's cock, we Lick, suck, kiss and swallow every creamy droplet on and along his shaft.

Steve had to run and was gone fairly quickly but it was amazing to look down at our sheets as Shona and I went back to our bed. As we lay down we stopped to admire the fucking huge wet patch where Shona's arse had lain as us boys had filled her to obvious overflowing.

Personally Steve's cock was the first cock I ever had… I couldn’t walk for three days, but it was really worth it. I really got a thrill, knowing just a little more about the delicious pounding my Shona can take.

It was really for me, very sexy feeling things from Shona's side, just for once...