Written by Massage guy

18 Dec 2018

I have advertised on and off here for a few years now with limited success. Recently i completed a massage course at a community college and while not fully qualified i know the basics. I put an advert up for couples wanting to spice up their life and surprise was rewarded with a message soon after. The couple who will be called Mr and Mrs were trying to tread lightly into the scene. Typical guy wanted to see wife do something sexual with another man and shy, confused wife exited but not sure of how this will effect their marriage.

We chatted for a while before arranging a public meeting. I am 60 years old but still in good nick. Not six pack fit but fit enough. We met at a local pub near them. They lived around 20km away from me so i travelled. Mrs was around the 50 mark, would have been a stunner in her younger days, she wore her hair short in a modern shaggy style with too much makeup. She had piercing eyes and was a little chubby, around 5’4” in her low heels, nice legs and really nice big tits showing plenty of cleavage. Mr was ordinary, how he got her i don’t know. He was over weight balding around 55. He looked like he drank too much and worked too hard.

Anyway we talked for an hour or so the first 30 minutes just idle chit chat and then more about what they were looking for. Mrs said she was unsure and didn’t know if she could get naked with another man. I reassured her that she could keep her underwear on if that made her feel better about things. Mr was more direct. Would I be naked? Would I allow her to touch suck fuck her. She was red with embarrassment and i said we need to take small steps here. She told me she liked to be massaged but only ever had a women do it for her and then in a spa with paper underwear and lots of towels.

An hours talk with plenty of reassuring words and the moment of truth came. I didn’t think anything was going to happen today and i went to the bathroom to give them space to talk. On my return Mrs asked if i could come home with them and give her a massage. Just a massage she stressed with towels covering me. I laughed and said i would love to. I followed them back to their house, a nice brick two story, grabbed my table and gear bag and went inside. I set up the table in the living room and myself and Mr left the room while Mrs dimmed the lights and got undressed and onto the table. Mr asked if i wore boxer underwear and i said i do and he said can you massage her wearing just them. I was concerned but he assured me she had agreed to this on the way home. What was she wearing i was wondering as we entered the room. Mr took a seat to watch the massage and Mrs was on the table with the towel over her bum and upper legs. She was naked on top so this was a good sign. Despite being a solid lady she looked very good all in proportion.

I adjusted the towel better on her and oiled up and began some long slow strokes on her back. As i worked her shoulders and upper back i felt her relax and begin to loosen up. 20 mins of back now for the legs. I moved the towel up over her back and bum leaving her legs uncovered. I still didnt know whether she had panties on or not but i started on her left foot and slowly loosened the tight muscles as i made my way upward. When i reached her thighs i folded the towel over exposing one cheek of her plump bum. Good no panties. I looked at Mr and he gave me a thumbs up. I worked her thigh and gluteus and she just melted. As i worked her inner thigh she whimpered sweet sounds that assured me she was enjoying it and was turned on. A reapeat on the other lower leg without changing the towel. Up to the thighs and i jus removed the towel altogether. She was very relaxed but this time as i worked her inner thigh she opened her legs wider allowing me higher access. My hand was brushing her labia as i rubbed.

Turn over time did she want the towel back, no thanks. Her body looked great , her big tits capped with large aureoles and a nipple that stood hard and proud. I oiled them and rubbbed and tweaked them. Her hand rubbing my leg as i did. Her legs now and she opened them wide exposing her puffy cunt to me. My fingers rubbing her slit and then i was finger fucking her as she moaned and her hand found my hard penis through my boxers. I moved to her head and looked to see how Mr was doing. He had his small 4” cock out wanking it while i fingered his wife as she stroked my 6.5” fat prick.

She was wet, she was cumming and she said lets go to the bedroom. We all went and her and i hopped on the bed. She removed my boxers and Mr stood and watched his wife engulf my cock in her mouth. She was an exceptional cocksucker and i was loving it but she said i want you to fuck me. She rolled over dog style and i got behind and entered a tight hot snatch ready to go. For the next 15 minutes i rammed her the sound of her sloshing wet cunt and my balls slapping against her body. Her big tits swaying in time to our movements. She came again and i unloaded all over her tanned back and crack. Mr jumped on the bed and kissed her deeply as i moved away i saw him licking my cum from her back. I dressed and came back to see what was happening and he was fucking her so i let myself out and went home.