Written by paris66

18 Sep 2012

How exciting.. I drink one more scotch just to help take the edge off my nerves... the phone rings.. ohh my god he's here, now.. right now.. out in the parking lot, in a dark spot where no other cars are.. yet!!

I manage to scull the scotch down, thinking I will need that for sure, anything to relax me!

Grabbing my long black jacket around me, because it's cold outside, and it makes me feel more secure, safe.. that no one can see that I am wearing no underwear under my short black skirt.

I make my way to the car, nervously looking around, wondering if anyone is watching me.

I slide into his lovely silver audi, musics playing pretty loudly and smells of fresh leather, fresh and new!

We look into each others eyes, then I force myself to look away from his beautiful green eyes, they are piercing and ohh so green, never before have I seen this colour, his silver and black hair and long eyelashes... ohh my god so beautiful.

I am not allowed to speak, or look at him, so hard not to though.. he lifts my chin and looks me in the eyes again, again I am speechless, even if I was allowed to speak I wouldn't be able to get any words out.. what would I say anyway!!

He kisses me, slow and sexy, wow his tongue is working its magic alright, our breathing becomes shallow and he moves his hand from my chin, holding my face, feeling my cheeks and and stroking my hair, god I am not allowed to fall for this man but fuck me he is just so god dam yummy.

Still kissing me, he runs his hands down my neck and to the top of my shirt, cleaverly unbuttoning one then two then the third button, my large round breasts feel like they are going to explode out of my sexy purple lace brace, half cups so part of my nipples are showing and they are so hard and ready for his touch.. he brushes past my left nipple, not stopping just a brush making me push myself forward as to make him notice them.. he has a lovely smile and makes me so wet just looking at him, I wonder if he has this affect on everyone he meets?

He is still smiling and looking into my eyes as he finally grabs hold of my bra in the front and pulls them down to release my overly exploding breasts.. just grabbing onto a nipple with his fingertips and rubbing it gently at first, then firmer and firmer by the second, feel so good, I could easily cum right there and then.

Kissing my neck he continues playing with my nipple then runs his other hand down to my knee, god my heart is in my mouth and I throw my head back so he has more of my breast in his face now, as he lowers his head kissing me all the way down to my hard very stimulated nipple. Holding it and rubbing it while he has all my nipple and part of my breast shoved in his mouth sucking and licking.. god I a so about to explode now, he doesn't stop... running his hand up my skirt gently smoothly like a silk scarf, I can feel myself pushing myself forward on the seat of car, it's harder now with the gear stick in the way, but he doesn't stop further up my legs his hand travels, still with breast in his mouth, I spread my legs a little allowing easier access, then he touches my outer pussy lips, gently, stroking gently one finger along the edges, feeling how wet and slippery I am, he lifts his head from my breast and smiles again, then kissing me, slips two fingers onto my clit, I just want to scream, I hold it in, I push myself forward again, then he slips his fingers past my wet slippery clit and into my waiting wet pussy, god feels fucking fantastic, mind blowing, my body starts to shake and i feel myself squirting everywhere, I feel like I am convulsing and my eyes have rolled around to the back of my sockets. He is holding me best he can in the car as he kisses me and puts his fingers in my mouth for me to suck them clean.. Well girl, now the fun is about to begin, I put my seat belt on and sit quietly in the seat as he starts the engine... I am about to meet up with his mistress and cuckholded husband.. wow what a ride I am about to embark on.. can't wait to see what she will do to me.