Written by fun guy

4 Oct 2012

I had known her for some time, she was a friend of my wifes, a larger lady with ee boobs and a very young face, although married there was no love left in her relationship, and she loved talking with us,

I always stirred her up, her knowing we are nudist I often walk around naked when shes around, she trys not to look but she does, and often gives me a smile as my cock bouces as I walk,

one day she drops in and my wife has just gone out and Im naked as always, shes shy, but I dont put any thing on, knowing as always shes liking what she sees, its a hot day so i drop into our pool and cool of saying to her to cool of to, shes really shy and doesnt want to undress, but as the water is so inviting she gives in saying only if I look the other way, of course I say,

as she enters the water I turn and see her ee boobs flooting on the water, I smile and say mmmmmmmmm that looks nice and with a girlish grin she drops lower, my cock is now standing hard and shining under water, she looks and gives me another sly smile, my hand moves to my cock and i slowly play with my manhood, she looks shy, but carries on looking,

I now move nearer her touching her boobs and saying how nice they look, shes uncertain of what to do, as my mouth touchs her nipple, but soon her body tells me she wants more,

I play with her boob and pussy , shes now maoning and playing with my cock, I sit he ron the edge of the pool and eat her pussy , her first orgasmy rocks her body, as shes relaxing, I slide my cock deep in her cunt, her eys roll, and she adjusts her body to get me in deeper,

I fuck her hard for some times before my balls blow loads of manseed deep in her womb, orgamsy after orgasmy rocks her again, she waits for awhile then sucks my cock deep and brings me back to life before we fuck once more, her body taking all my cock and wanting more,, after filling her with my second load, we lay laughing and working out when to play again