14 Nov 2017

I love making love to my men, and I love that my husband enjoys it as much as I do. I love meeting new men, I love the whole horny process, from the very soft beginnings of the first interactions, the naughty phone calls, the excited meetings, and especially the mind blowing conclusions, ha-ha! I love my husband and I always make sure to keep him up to date on everything I do, because I need, his love, his help and his support, but especially his deepening lust, I love it when he feels turned on and becomes so rigid and hard for me, and because I think it’s the best and most exciting thing for our marriage.

It is now part of who I am, who we are, it's what we believe. It is not game to us but a real way of life.

As I said, I love and lust the whole erotic process. I like the flirting, the seduction, to be seduced by a beautiful sexy man. I love to be spoilt, love to be flattered and especially asked out on first dates. I like to share with my husband, my sexy encounters. I like it when my husband helps me, even finds clothing and lingerie for me to show off in, as I prepare for a each new encounter.

I like to be taken out. I love the whole encounter. To test a new man. I like the first kiss (yes, the first kiss!), the first touch, the first caress, to be in his arms, and yes, I love the sex! I need to see my husband, before and after, excited, aching, but especially waiting. I love this sexual power I have been given. I like what it gives to us, and above all I love what it does to my husband.

And I can tell you, you cannot know how it feels to really control your man throughout the process.

The dating process is so much more than the power of providing or just having sex. For me it is so liberating and by sharing my encounters with my husband, he enjoys his pivotal role. It is a real horny power exchange, the husband sending out his horny female.

It is for us, neither swinging or wife swapping. It happens because my husband and I now seriously crave for the heightened sexual sensations. I may initially have stopped after my first hot date afternoon. But these days I continue because it increases my sexual pleasure, and because we like how it makes us feel. We enjoy every minute of it. My husband prepares me, excites me, serves me. Everything is for my pleasure, and the excitement of my husband forms part of my pleasure. Especially when I finally make it back to our bed.

It was my husband who brought all this up, originally way more than once. He had to work on me, really convince me. Before I finally decided to lay back and let myself go. I told my husband, way back then, that if we went down this path, it might be a permanent part of our sexual existence. And indeed so it has become.

For us there is no way we would ever go back.