6 Feb 2019

After having some drinks with mates last Friday I decided I needed to head to the cinema and see what was happening and hopefully relax. Little did I know what waited me.

I entered the cinema main area where there was only a few guys with their cocks out. I decided to check out the next room at the back of the cinema..... air-con is better and the seat are more comfortable. To my surprise there was a few people in there including a couple. Now I have been here before and the couples stay a little time and then head off.

There was probably about another 4-5 guys in the room all wondering what this couple was going to do. I positioned myself so I had a good view but keeping my cock snug. After awhile the lady lay back on the lounge and put her leg up exposing a beautiful pussy. One guy who had been there for awhile by the lok sitting right behind them stood up his cock out giving it a big stroke. This got the lady's attention. He was allow to reach down and play with her breasts and her clit. This gave me a signal they were up to play.

My cock comes out and I wander over to have a closer look. I see nice perk tits with nipples standing tall. Then I see a wet pussy waiting for more attention. I am given permission by her partner to play with her titties while the other guys starts licking her pussy. After a while I am invited to try her pussy as well and take over.

I spend a good while using my tongue and fingers to make her moan and shake. When I come up I see some of the other guys in the room have decide to take things into their own hands and mouths. There is a guy on his knees getting face fucked by another guy while another is playing with an arse or two. Our lady firend turns to me and asks if I will lick her arse as watching the guys was getting her hot. Who an I do deny a lady's request. Soon she is pushing back hard on my tongue and fingers while moaning in pleasure.

Our lady turned to her partner and asked if I could fuck her as a reward. Her partner looked at me and nodded. A condom was on in a flash and doggy style was assumed to make best use of the lounge. She felt sooo good after playing for so long. Long strokes into a tight pussy..... I was so close but didn't want to waste this load of cum in a condom so I pulled out. The other guys were still sucking cock or pulling themselves silly.

Our lady's partner asked who wanted to cum on her tits or face. By the time she was on her knees ther were 5 guys surrounding herpulling hard. I was so close and stepped forward to unload on her chin and dripping down onto her chest. By the tim everyone was finished she was covered but her partner would not let her clean up..... he had other plans.

It was a great night and I slept with a smile on my face.