Written by new swingers

16 Mar 2013

My wife had gone from a virgin to a full blown slut on the beach in one afternoon. Taking heaps of guys cum in her mouth and around a dozen guys fucked her too including one very well hung guy too.

I found an advert on the net for a group of guys who held orgies or group fucks for bi couples, I nervously rang the guy, saying that we had experienced one good group fuck and wanted more, he said that they were a group of mates, 7 or 8 that liked arranging group nights. He asked what we wanted, I said as many guys as possible and bi for both, I also said I had one guy who we wanted to invite if that was ok, and the night was set for 3 days times,

The sex each day before the meet was great; Kay was hotter than ever, doing everything wilder than ever. So as we got ready for the orgy, we both felt a strange new feeling, touching one another and smiling in a weird way, nerves setting in, we had rung a guy we met at the beach and he was going along too, so as Tony opened the door, Kay grabbed my hand, looking nervous, we walked in, several guys were naked and sucking cocks, as others came over grabbing Kay, stripping her in seconds. I watched as the first guy bent her over and without asking rammed his cock home, I stripped of, going over to help a guy suck a cock, all the time watching Kay, making sure she was ok but also excited by the sight of my wife being used once more. My butt now being abused by a finger, soon to be replaced by a hard cock, slipping right in, soon building up speed as he rammed hard inside my body, Kay was now being lifted high, one guy under her, his cock now aimed at her butt, as they sat her down, she jumped but took it all, as another guy pushed her back and pushed his cock in her wet and cummy pussy, wow one guy had already filled her hole, they worked her hard, Tony was in her mouth, gagging her with his cock, he pulled out going to let more guys in, as another took his place. It wasn’t long before a familiar cock came into view, big cock from the beach had arrived, the guy fucking me had just filled me with cum, so I called him over showing him my wanting hole, he pushed hard as it went right in, my cum soaked hole took it all, as he humped hard. Another guy shot his cum over my butt, as I rammed back harder and harder, Kay eyeing me of and big cock, knowing she wanted him in her, he’s good lasting a long time, but soon my arse knew it was in for a reward, as big cock blew so deep I gagged on it, as he pulled out a new cock took over, I watched as Kay pulled big cock towards her, wanking his cock with vigour, waiting for him to grow, so she could once more ride him, she arranged a guy in her pussy while big cock filled her arse, both fucking her to new heights, I made sure I was near her when she took them both, cum flooding out, I went under her licking her clean.

We took them all for hours, being used many times by everyone, Kay now a full qualified cum slut, me a anal convert.