Written by Crazy n Mad

23 Nov 2013

I had just sat down on a cold dreary Sunday afternoon to relax and unwind. I flicked on the computer and dived into the POOL chat room. As I sat there saying hello to the people in the chat room, up popped a private message from a friend of mine. She was a little toey and asked if I was keen for a little fun tonight. Being male I am always up for some fun with a sexy lady.

Quick trip up the road and I was booking a room at the pub. A couple of SMS’s later and there was a tiny little knock on the door. My playmate had arrived, I quickly puledl her into the middle of the room and we were soon wrapped in each others arms and in a passionate embrace.

This continued for a few minutes until my hand reached around and began to knead her petite tight arse. I continued, as the response was her moaning in my ear. She reached and released my jeans and slipped her hand inside to stroke my hard manhood. I stepped out of my jeans as she asked me to sit on the bed, she crawled across the floor and took my cock between her soft lips and I was rock hard within seconds. She continued to slurp on my cock and lick my sack and had me in dreamland. I pulled her up and kissed her again. While gently stroking her breast through her top, feeling her pebble like nipples harden to my touch...

She stripped off her panties and joined me in the middle of the bed where we continued to kiss as my hands ran over her smooth silky thighs, slowly working my way to her smooth waxed pussy. As I ran my hand up her inner thigh, I felt her wetness seeping out, I gently parted her lips and slowly searched the source.

She shuffled down the bed and again took my cock in her delicate willing soft mouth as she rotated her body so she was looking up at me. She looked up with my cock deep in her mouth. WOW what a way to turn a guy on! lol. Soon she positioned her dripping wet pussy over my foot and slowly sat down and proceeded to ride my foot, all the while continuing her sensational efforts on my cock. However soon her oral action was becoming erratic as she quickly approach orgasm, I wiggled my toes to heighten the effect. Soon her body was engulfed with pleasure and sat back on my foot and I could feel her wet pussy spasm as she managed to squirt all over my foot and the bed.

I spread her legs and asked if I may taste her. Her response is “Oh yes please”. I start at her ankle and nibble my way up her calf toward the soft skin of her inner thigh. The low moans she utters show me I have been hitting the right spots. She rode my face forcing her hard clit against my tongue.

I slid up her body and tweaked her nipples as my hard cock pushed up against her hard wet clit. I felt her legs wrap around me and draw me inside her until I was deep inside her hot wet pussy. I slowly withdrew my manhood before sliding back in; we played there intertwined as we continued to grind against each other both getting higher and higher on the feelings. I pulled her legs in front of me and slide my hands down over calves and thighs all the while remaining inside her... The pressure in my ball was incredible and soon I was unable to hold back and flooded her deep inside and fell to the side to catch my breath as we both cuddled and relaxed in the afterglow. We lay there and chatted and stroked each other.

I rolled her over only to take her in a passionate embrace. She responded by pulling me even tighter. I slowly slide my hand down through her wet dripping groove. Gently drawing my fingers back and forward over her clit. She responded by telling me I had her going again and wanted me to take her from behind.

She rose on to her knees and asked me to please FUCK HER !!. I was only too happy to oblige as I rubbed my hard cock against her mound, looking for that sweet wet opening. Her pussy opened up and took me, and my balls were now against her mound as she rolled her hips up and down making my cock slide in and out of her, I drew my hand down over her back and massaged her arse cheeks as I continued to push my cock deeper into her. Soon the grip of her pussy was too much for me again and I exploded in her. She was still yet to be done, so I withdrew and proceeded to slide my finger in her as she pushed back against my hand. I nipped at her butt cheeks with my teeth as I spanked her butt. She was soon screaming” oh please let me come”, before flooding my hand. We lazed there for a while catching our breath.

Soon she was standing in front of mirror getting dressed, I snuck up behind her and nibbled on her neck, she said “Stop it I need to get home to normality and if you continue that, we will never leave”. But it left the lingering feel of what is to come on further meetings.