1 May 2020

I had loved for years, my wife Shona fucking other guys. Knowing she was or is being used or seeing her being used by another man or men has always given me a horny thrill. Shona also finds immense enjoyment in having a variety of sexy men, of always having a new penis or two to play with, she really finds it a massive turn on.

I regularly pass a public toilet, near Ermington NSW, as I work, it is in a quiet area by the water and easy to park near when I need to pee. It is easy to see that the toilet is frequented by both gay and straight people. The walls were always covered with filthy lewd graffiti, phone numbers and cock drawings. The floors sometimes are quite littered with used condoms and discarded tissues. Some enterprising person has even bored a hole between the concrete walls of the toilet cubicles, (for you NSW readers, it’s just off Victoria road, Ermington). I find the place exciting in its lewd filth, the thought of the sex acts that take place here is hot to think about as I piss. One night at home I asked Shona if she would come with me and we could play, act, take some photos, just be a bit naughty at the toilet block. Shona as usual was keen for a bit of fun and without hassle, agreed to do me a sexy photo set there. One of shared our fantasies is to have her taken in a public toilet, but we were thinking of somewhere cleaner, more like a pub or bar, so we were certainly not talking about fucking there.

Late on a Wednesday afternoon we went, Shona dressed up in a thigh length black leather coat, under that she was stark naked but for boots, black stockings and nothing else. The 35 min drive to the park toilet had been fun. Me groping Shona, Shona using a vibrator on herself. It was a horny drive and we were both very pent up and excited when we pulled up. Once at the toilets, we checked that the coast was clear, I made my way into the male side to check the stalls were empty and signalled Shona, she checked out the empty carpark, then speedily walked along the short path and into the male toilets.

Shona is always nervous doing outdoor pics, but it seems to really excite her nonetheless. The fear of being caught is part of the thrill for both of us, but that same fear seems to have an immense "moistening" effect on Shona that she cannot hide.

Once in the male toilets we started off with a few "off the shoulder" pics, but quickly moving on to removing the coat and then her "bent over" the sinks, arse pushed out, even spreading her legs and opening her pussy with one hand. Suddenly we heard a car door slam, we had been caught up in taking the photos and not heard any car approach.

It was way too late to run out to our car, the new arrival would be walking in any second, I grabbed Shona’s hand and quickly pulled her into a toilet cubicle, we quickly closed the door. We heard the sound of footsteps entering the toilet. We both knew that we had left Shona’s coat on one of the stainless steel sinks. I whispered about it and she mouthed softly her phone was still in the pocket too, I went to open the door and she grabbed me and shook her head, "no, no"

Leaning forward she whispered again, “No leave it!” I sat down on the toilet seat and pulled Shona onto my knee, we waited for the guy to go. I slipped a hand onto her pussy and started to rub. As I touched her we could hear him urinate, do up his zipper and turn on the taps, then there was silence for a while.

We heard the cubicle door next to us open and the sound of belt and again a zipper being undone. Shona looked at me with a big grin on her face, I knew already she was turned on, her pussy was a fucking puddle. She began to kiss me, and I was horny too. Shona encouraged me on, I then massaged her breasts and began to suck on a nipple. Suddenly she stiffened, “Oh fuck, someone is looking through the hole, he can see me!” she giggled. I looked to the wall. I could see that the hole, previously blocked with paper, was open. Shona was angled in such a way on my knee that the guy must have had a bird’s eye view of her exposed moistening and my fiddling fingers moving around her sodden pussy.

As we stared at the open hole, a circumcised cock appeared through the hole. Shona eyes widened. I turned and I whispered in her ear, “Oh fuck, quick lets run for it!” I had barely finished the sentence when we heard another car approach. “Fuck we can’t go out yet!” I said. (I was thinking to myself, dressed only in her suspenders and boots, it would have been an horny site though, but we sat tight)

The new car driver made his way into the toilet cubicle next door, there was a quiet conversation, the two guys obviously knew each other. As we sat there was a

camera flash at the hole, Shona smiled at me, kissed me and opened her thighs wider, as we heard a series of pictures being taken.

“If you want your coat and mobile back, and the pictures on it, I suggest you start to do something more than just open your legs!” The disembodied voice had come as a shock to us both. Then the cock was back. “I'll toss him off for God’s sake, then we can get out of here!” Shona softly laughed at me.

Looking down at the partly erect cock in the hole, Shona lent over and began to run her fingers over it's length. I sat dry mouthed, fascinated as she ran her fingers along the underside of the fullness of this stranger’s circumcised cock. Wetly licking her fingers she moved her wet fingertips over the exposed knob head, wetting the head with her saliva, then placing them back in her mouth as she looked me in the eye, smiling. As she did this I ran my hand down her body again and pushed two fingers back into her pussy. I was not really that surprised to find her cunt was still randy as fuck and fantastically soaking, her lips were swollen and parted, ready for penetration. I couldn't help myself and began to finger her deep as she played with the man's cock. I opened her legs more, three of my fingers slid in, entry was so easy as she was so wet and puffy.

Shona leant forward and tentatively licked his prick tip. Moving down in front of the hole she knelt and began to suck his cock, swiftly I undid my trousers and freed my own cock. (You can imagine I was already hard and there was even a touch of precum on the tip) It was so hot, the sight of my gorgeous sexy wife sucking some guy at this glory-hole in this stinking public toilet.

Shona’s face was pressed close to the wall as the guy "face fucked" her. I held her hips to give her some support, while also helping myself to her nipples and rubbing my erection along her gooey pussy.

This went on for a couple of minutes then suddenly Shona was gagging, I relaxed my hold on her hips, she released his cock and coughed a small cough, a thick flood of cum and saliva poured from her mouth. She caught it in her hands, some splashed to the floor, she smiled at me. I was in total shock at the lewdness of the sight, she moved to wipe away the cum from her mouth and lips, when the voice, in a very authoritative tone spoke again “No, don’t wipe it off! Put your hands on your breasts, smear my cum on yourself, let it run out of your mouth, onto your breasts!”

Surprisingly Shona didn't hesitate and she complied. Kneeling in front of the glory-hole with her hands, she slickly, wetly, massaged her breasts, it was such a sexy sight. The camera flashed again and a hand came through the hole and began to also play in the breast cum, he too rubbed the drooled cum all over her breasts, scooping a few runs up, the disembodied hand moved some of the thick cum back into her mouth.

My sexy wife sucked the cum off his sticky fingers. The hand was withdrawn, we heard a short conversation on the other side of the wall, rustling sounds, a zipper and then a new cock appeared in the hole, this one was uncut, about the same length but considerably thicker than the last. Without any prompting at all, Shona began to hungrily eat up the new cock, working the foreskin back and forwards. A new voice, this one wasted no time, he wanted more, he urged Shona to stand, to bend over with her arse to the hole. I was amazed that my wife was so forward, so keen herself, but I had been fingering her pussy, rubbing my cock along her slick length and I knew she was excited.

“Touch your toes and back up your arse!” the new voice said as he stabbed his cock at her searching for her elusive pussy.

Shona was quick to follow the request. I sat on the loo and watched a hand appear, swapping out his cock, through the hole and he began to firstly finger her. First two, then three fingers. Shona pushed her arse up hard against the cold wall, enjoying the probing attention. The hand disappeared and his thick cock re-filled the hole.

He speared her excited pussy with his first thrust. He began slowly fucking her and then as his excitement built, he sped up. The force of the fucking was soon beginning to push Shona off balance so I moved to her head (My cock first, of course, haha) and she held onto my waist, with my cock in her face, as she was vigorously fucked by this new stranger. She was moaning and I could feel her grip on my waist tighten, she swallowed my cock. The stranger had her fully impaled on his cock. I could see it, my wife was excited and full bareback, impaled on God knows who's cock, skewered by me, it was a fantastic fucking sight!

“That’s some fucking cock!” she grunted and tried to stand up, to my shame I pushed her back down onto him and against the wall even harder! “Ooooh fuck!” she groaned as he must have smashed onto her cervix.

I felt her whole body stiffen as she exclaimed out loud. The guy fucked her hard and fast, I could feel his rhythm building as she was pushed onto my cock, arms around my waist. I longed to be beside her, to see her from the side being fucked, but if I moved she would have gone sprawling. As Shona was fucked harder and harder, her arms around my waist tightened and I could feel her fingers digging into my waist and back. What started as a low, “Ooooh!” suddenly became a full blooded cry as Shona orgasmed on this stranger’s prick, I had trouble keeping her up and the guy's cock lost contact with her cunt.

“Get back on my cock!” he growled

Obediently Shona shuffled back and wiggled her arse against the wall. An "Mmmmm" from Shona confirmed to me that the guy was successfully buried back in her pussy.

The pounding and thrusting began again as she was hammered onto me and I took advantage and face fucked her throat. Soon there was a moan from the other cubicle. I could tell from Shona's eyes that the guy was about to spunk into her as I held her onto him. Shona too came a second time on his cock and fell into me, she slumped to her knees, off his cock, she managed to hold her arse close to the wall, I was able to see the stiff wet cock in all its glory, standing almost vertical, voluminously begin spurting cum onto her arse cheeks. It was two massive spurts before I grabbed the wet erection myself and jacked out four more heavy shots, right up her back, then I let go of him. The cock still stood out proud and straight, totally unattended, just oozing out his last spunk dribbles from its tip onto Shona's bare arse. It was so incredible to watch, I wish I had filmed it. As the oozing of spunk abated, the stranger began to soften, a thick thread of cum hung from the bulbous head of his meaty cock as he finally withdrew.

I helped Shona to her feet, she seemed shattered, her face flushed red with her orgasm. Shona stood, eyes bright, breathing hard. Her arse and right up her back was painted with a flood of heavy spunk. Her legs were slightly apart as she stood, I could not resist bending down and touching her pussy lips, they were beautifully swollen, puffy and red, they were still sweetly gaped open from his fucking. Rivulets of cum were leaking down the back of her thighs, the top of her black stockings were soaked and wet with sperm. It was my turn now, or so I thought! As I took my cock in hand ready to fuck my used wife that authoritative voice called, “Come and get your coat!”

Shona pulled away from me and boldly opened the door wide. From behind her I watched semen continue to leak down her pale skin, dripping to the floor everywhere. A tall, grey haired man, a stranger, well dressed, stood there, he handed Shona her coat and then placing a hand on the back of her neck, he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. Shona resisted initially, but then responded in return, fully returning the passion of his kiss.

He let go of her, thanked her for a fun afternoon, slipped a business card into her hand and walked off, followed closely by a younger man in his 40’s who just said "thanks" and smiled as he passed. We listened to their cars pull away as we stood, mostly naked, in the middle of the toilets in silence. The sound of a new car entering the car park spurred us back into life. Shona quickly put her coat on, I jammed my erection into my jeans and grabbed her phone from the cubicle, dishevelled, we rushed out to our car, past a very surprised older couple.

As we jumped in the car and drove off, we were pissing ourselves laughing. Shona placed one booted foot on the dashboard and began to massage herself. I passed her the dildo. I could see from the corner of my eye the delicious ease with which it entered her used body.

She seemed possessed as she moved to fuck herself deeper and deeper. As she dildo-ed her pussy, Shona seemed to totally lose herself, she kept mouthing out swear words and turning herself on, more and more.

As we approached Parramatta I asked if she wanted to cover herself, cheekily she spread her coat wide open and began using two hands to slowly thrust the dildo in as deep as she could, making sure I had a good view. Stopping at the traffic lights as we crossed Church st, even that did not curb her wanton abandon or the ogling of people at the kerbside.

As we left Parramatta behind us she orgasmed in her seat, sitting in the puddle of her cum wet arse and back, seemed a real turn on. With an amazing groan, her toes curled up as her orgasm rocked her body. Shona withdrew the dildo and spread her open legs towards me, I could see a wonderful lather of white foamy pussy cream covering the dildo and her pussy folds. Unashamedly Shona put the dildo to her mouth, she licked it, provocatively cleaning the frothy cream from it and looking sideways at me said, “Do you like what you see, my love?”

I was stunned by the words. I had been feeling just a tad guilty, the way I had held her to the wall as the grey haired guy had fucked her. I relaxed, Shona obviously didn't care, she was fucked and seemed very, very happy, she relaxed back into the seat and went quiet till we arrived home.

As soon as we arrived home, Shona wasted no time, she pushed me onto the side of our bed, knelt in front of me and sucked me off, I filled her mouth quickly, she drank my entire load, I was so pent up, I reckon I came a litre, ha!. Shona then went to bed and flaked out, no shower no nothing, it was wonderful.

I hopped into bed quite a bit later, and spooned in behind her. I felt the crusty cum on her arse, back and breasts, she stirred as my hands roamed. With the heady cum smell strong in my nostrils I needed one more shot and I tossed off onto her sleeping arse myself, painting my come over that of the toilet blokes. We slept. In the morning we chatted about the previous afternoon and how much we had enjoyed it.

Shona appeared to still be on a high, but asked me to promise we would not talk of it too much and that it wouldn't become a too regular thing. I agreed and our life has returned to normal, but made up for in the abandoned way Shona now fucks me since the toilet episode, hotter than ever and definitely way more vocal.

But this proved not to be the end of this story though, now three months later, I was working from home (all of this is pre-Covid) I heard her work mobile going off with a text message, Shona had forgotten her work mobile this particular morning, it was the same phone that had been in her coat pocket that afternoon. She had asked me to keep an ear out for her phone and not thinking anything, I opened the text. The caller ID said it was from “TG”, I opened the text, it was a blunt instruction for Shona to send full frontal naked pics to three mobile separate numbers.

I was stunned, I had no idea. I immediately searched back through her saved messages from TG. I scrolled down to the earliest messages from him, the first was sent 2 days after our toilet adventure.

“I know you enjoyed being used yesterday, I could see it in your eyes and feel it as I kissed you. If you want to be used by me again, text me back a nude picture and hold a note saying "TG, this is all for you”

I immediately checked her photos on the mobile; there it was, the picture he had asked for, of her standing in front of our bathroom mirror holding the note as asked. I checked through the rest, many were of her mostly or completely nude and some even at her work with her skirt up, knickers down. I found one video clip of her legs up on her office desk, skirt up, fucking herself with a water bottle. I checked all the other text messages saved, two were directions to car parks and one to a parking station.

I was so excited to read the texts and see her sexy responses. Shona was this guy’s sex toy, one message told her to check her email account. I quickly accessed her Gmail account and scrolled through many messages in a folder clearly marked “TG”. One contained a link to a file sharing site and a password. I logged on to find a folder marked "You"

Opening the folder it contained many photos and a few video clips, I opened one at random. There was the grey haired guy from the toilet introducing the clip as “Shona task 3”. The clip then cut to Shona in her red skirt suit she often wore for work, she was on her knees in her cream button up top. It was unbuttoned, breasts pushed up, exposed out of the bra. The lewd position Shona was in appeared to be in a carpark, somewhere around Parramatta, the clip showed Shona in a corner of the deserted parking, behind a car, having her tits groped and massaged.

The clip was obviously the highlight of a longer video. It next cut to her on her knees sucking some guy’s cock. He and the cameraman pinched and twisted her nipples as she sucked. In the final seconds of the video the guy comes in her mouth she turns to camera, smiles and opens her mouth to show it proudly full of cum and then Shona theatrically swallows it all. I clicked on another clip marked ‘Anal’

This clip opened in some kind of industrial unit or office, two different guys were fingering and lubing Shona’s arsehole, she was blindfolded, bent over and one man held her hands behind her back, she was bent over a leather couch arm, arse up in the air. The clip cut to her arse being worked and widened, the two men were fingering her arse in a round motion stretching out her rectal passage. The camera then passes to one of the men and our grey haired friend appears and lines up behind Shona. With very little gentleness he pushes his cock into her arse.

The camera moved from her butt and her face. Shona clearly groans and bites her lip in pain as he violates her arse quite roughly, there is no doubt in my mind that she is not being forced though. The clip now cuts, changing to the other guys taking a turn in her butt, with all the close ups you would expect in any porn. Each man obviously orgasms in her arse as it is easy to see them hold themselves tight against her butt tube and cumming deep in her arse, they groan and clearly ejaculate. The clip finished with a view of her stretched, reddened, arsehole and a visible pool of cum deep in her open anal tube, the two guys are holding her arse tube open wide.

Finding all of this, I am in such a wondrous excited daze, the sound of a new text message startles me. I open the message. The new message is just a set of directions to a multi story parking area in Blacktown. There was also an expected time, 4pm today.

Trust me, I couldn't imagine me doing anything else, I forwarded the message to her...

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