Written by youngslutwife

13 Nov 2010

to set the seen, im chubby 23 married with 2 kids. 18dd boobs, 120ks, i have a lovely loose pussy, my hubby fist fucks me regualy.

At last i am getting out of the house and out on the town to relax, leaving hubby at home all alone thinkin about what i mite be getting up to. The last words he said to me was dont come home till u have had a fuck. SO fuck i shall. My normal pub is right next door to my work which as a lovely underground car park thats swapcard access only, I left my car there out of the way from any peaking eyes but close enough to sneak away to for a quick bit of fun. let the action start i arrived at about 10.30 at night went straight to the bar and orders some shots. Sitting at the bar all alone facing the main crowd with my legs spread just enought to flash my lovely chubby cunt to who ever wants to see it. It doesnt take long for some guys to come my way. 2 guys one short ish hairy and average looking and one skinny tall black guy around 22 in age. they stand either side of me and put their hands on my legs slidding there fingers to my dripping wet cunt. at this point i loss control and grab them by the hand and lead them out the door to my car. as soon as we make it then have forced me over the bonnet of my car and the average guy (not sure of his name) drop is pants and slids his cock straight up my loose wet cunt. i moan with pleaser and alki(the dark guy) pulls out the biggest cock i have ever seen, 10inchs long and at lest 8inch around, the sight of it alone made me cum so i grab it and try and suck it, try is about all its to big for my slutty mouth. at this point the white guy blows deep in my chubby cunt pulls out and the guys swap spots. alki slowly slips is cock in my sloppy cunt inch by inch but dosent take him long to have all 10 inchs of his glorious cock deep inside me. the white guy being a tipical guy left as soon as i cleaned his cock off leaving me all alone with the massive cock thrushing roughly deep in my pussy. he fucked me hard adn rought just the way i like it for what seamed like half an hour and multipull orgusms. before i felt him tense up and blow the biggest load deep in my well and truely loose cunt. its runs out as soon as he pulls out. i get on my kness and sucj him clean before he gives me his number and leaves.

with this i find my feet and keys then sneak home to my waiting hubby. i pull up in the garage walk in side to find him naked on the bed with a dildo in his arse and a rock hard 8inch cock. i quickly strip of kiss him on the lips then jump on top in a 69 positon. i start sucking him off while rubbing the dildo deep into his bowels while he starts probbing my well and truly fucked pussy before burring his tounge into it to lick the cum from it. after it was all clean i spin around and mouth his hard cock i can bairly feel it touching the sides after alki. i ride him hard while telling him all about my advertures, as soon as i told him about alkis cock he blows in me and rolls me off the top then rambs his cock deep in my awaiting arse hole. i thrust back hard mking me moan with pleasure being me closer and closer to orgums closer and closer till i cant take any more and i squirt all over his balls. while he fills my arse with spunk. pulls out rolls over and goes to sleep. thanks tipical guy.

for the next week i go and fuck alki after work for the few weeks till i find out that im pregnant. wow how do i explain this one ooops. but thats a stroy for next time