19 Sep 2017

We always refer back to that first hot evening as my wife's “Grand Opening”. Her lusing lover was hugely fucking thick, we just had never seen anything like that. She was eager to try squeezing his full girth inside herself and fuck me, during our lusty evening, she well and truely took every inch, again and again. Later my wife said "it was like sitting on a fucking fire hydrant!" Since then, she has become a size fanatic, lusting to be stretched, loving being jammed and streched FULL.

We have been having sex with Shona's newest lust and his damn big cock, for a only short while now. His impressive size is still a joyous novelty for my wife. At times, she carries on and on about how deliciously thick he is, the thrill she feels as she pulls his cock from out of his pants. My wife's small hand isn’t even close to reaching around his erection and she really likes that, it is a real tun on for her. She also just barely fits him into her mouth, so she licks voraciously, every veiny inch, right down to under his heavy balls, leaving her face and his total cock, wet and slippery. When he first started coming over, I initially fucked her first, going in before he reamed her wide open and her cunt was then all loosened and destroyed. But these days, I get really turned on if he takes her first. I really enjoy the way she attacks my cock, sucking my erection like such a tarty wife, as he penetrates her. I will watch over her back as she will expertly use her hand to guide his fat round cockhead onto her excited, slippery tunnel, he will take her offer, pushing his organ deeper and deeper into her body, an inch more with each lusty thrust. She will be swearing and grunting, her legs quivering, but within just a short time she will have taken every thick inch of him. He will have opened her slick tunnel wide, he will have impaled himself, deep into the core of her body. The first time he fucked her, it was stunningly obvious to me the huge load he was planning to leave in her body would be almost a full foot deep within her and he certainly gave no uncertainty he was planning to paint her cunt walls with heavy ribbons of his thick cum. My wife enthusiastically sucks on my cock, at least until her orgasms start. With all the creaming and cumming, she’s groaning and huffing and puffing too much to really concentrate on my cock, but I always rub myself all over face as she is fucked into orgasmic oblivion.

I love watching her facial expressions as she’s taking his giant cock. I can tell by her mouth if she’s struggling with his immense depth or if his veiny width is giving her trouble. Someday, I hope to see what happens when fully penetrates her in one first stroke. She will take both the gut-probing length and cunt-stretching circumference at the same instant. Her eyes surely will go wide in her "He is destroying my cunt" face as his fat girthy shaft splits her cunt wide open, in the one stroke, and I am sure she will love it.

When he is done with my wife, I always push her onto her back, I will admire her damaged and flooded, totally ruined pussy for just a moment. I will throw my own length of cock into her sweaty and exhausted form. I will sink my erection into her pounded cunt, in her current roomy state, she is always so wonderfully loose, so hot, so fluid filled, a sweet fucked juicy cunt.” Her pussy is sloppy and beaten up by the time we finish, her cunt all splayed open. After I dismount her, she lays there, legs wide apart, oozing creamy fluid, onto our sheets, sweaty and spent.

My perfect sexy picture.

My wife is amazing, she can bare down and tighten up for pretty much every sized cock. However, she seems to enjoy it so much more when her aim is not to tighten herself up to make friction for a thinner cock, but for herself to fully relax and focus on opening her body up. The challenge of stretching herself to the maximum, for a very fat cock. I have had her say "Instead of me being a loose pussy that a smaller cock is slopping about in, I much prefer to be the tight cunted, slutty thing, split open by a substantial cock!”

For me, I know her pussy will shrink and heal. It’s her lusting that he is creating. I well know she will tighten back up, if she can just stay away from fat cock. But to my wife a great big fat cock drilling, tunnelling away, deep in her body feels “So fucking awesome!” in her own words. Now that she has come to find what a "fat cock fucking" is like, I know from her chatter that she is thinking about girth for all of our encounters.

Shona's contribution to my re-telling...

"It’s like Ric fucking knows. I’ve just walk in our door from fucking "S" again. I am sure "S" has the biggest dick on this planet! I’m sure I am not walking right, even bow legged, my pussy is fucked loose and sore and my underwear is in my handbag. My Ric is all over me. Kissing me, squeezing my arse, telling me how hot I look. He’s always very keen, but right at that moment, he wants me, now! I am sure I am more gouged open than the "Grand Canyon" between my legs. With a thorough wide stretching by "S" less than an hour ago, Ric fucking me right now is sure going be like him having sex with Warragamba Dam.

I love how it adds spice to our sex life. We’d had threesomes before, but never with another guy this size. "S" brought an erotic element and the whole "size" thing at the same time. He was utterly massive and I was incredibly turned on having unfettered access to his utterly massive cock. I was also stunningly impressed by the huge multiple loads of flooding cum he produces for me. It was hot alright… "S" cramming that massive thing into my body.

I have found I am fucking him so often now, that my once snug pussy is now like a bucket of warm porrige for my Ric, but Ric seems really enthusiastic and so encouraging.

I must say I am totally hooked on his big cock.