Written by one happy lady

7 Oct 2012

when i got home my hubby was waiting for me as always , i know he loves hearing about my meetings, and he tells me about his night out too, he started to tell me about his night, when i told him that jihn had a surprise for me\, cock in hand he asked what ? I said that he blind folded me and took me into the room and that we were not alone, hubbies face lit up, his cock now proding my pussy, when i told him that I had been used by around 10 guys boy did his cock go in me hard, he then said mmmmmmmmmm your wet, as his cock pushed out guys cum, he went down licking my pussy as i told him more, his finger now probing my arse, then he went down and licked my bum, a very happy mmmmmmmm was all i heard, as his began to lick the cum running out of my butt, with that i lay him down and sat over his face, pushing cum out of my pussy onto his mouth as he ate as much as he could, then being kinky i moved and eased the cum out of my butt onto his face, i could hear him making nioses as he licked and eat all he could, his cock was rock hard, so i eased it into my well used pussy,, and worked him, still telling him what I had been doing, then he pulled out and rammed his cock in my arse, fucking me to a new orgasmy,, he couldnt hold off long and filled me once more,

as we lay talking his cock grew and i sucked him,,, while he ate his own cum out of me,,

he asked if john was going to arrange another night like that for me and i said , every one wants to meet again so most likely, i said next time I will get them to take pictures for you too,, he said I'll take them and we lay cuddling and fell of to sleep,,