Written by Shona and Ric

8 Nov 2017

Hidden Pleasures

I planned a naughty afternoon for my Ric. I set the scene, unlocked the front door, sent a text, then took Ric to our room. I blindfolded Ric, stripped him and layed him on his back, spread out on our bed. I left his legs free but tied his arms wide out. I sucked his wonderful cock, I really got going and gave him a blowjob while he was tied to our bed. In the middle of sucking him our "swingers" friend snuck in, he was to remain silent, I put my finger to my lips to remind him. He stripped, and went behind me and ate down on my arse and pussy, I went back to my sucking and slurping. I have always enjoyed our three ways, but it was really perfect with Ric letting me tie him up. Well you might be thinking I would have had a "her" fuck him, but nope, I was being horny and greedy and I wanted a guy "Swingers" friend. My friend, he actually really got into me and fucked me, he really drilled me hard, but fortunatly stayed quiet. Ric was in his own world as I went "nuts deep" on his cock, deepthroating him, all the while, I was being well being fucked from behind! My friend ended up, cumming twice, (as did I!) pumping 2 thick loads of cum inside of my belly, coating my cunt walls and surely filling my cervix, my inner thighs were wet, running with his cum. My fucking was real quiet but really hot as I devoured Ric's cock, it was awesome. Our friend was so quiet as he fucked me and also as he dressed and as he eventually left. My Ric, I believe, had no idea that I was screwed and creamed twice, if he did know he has never said. I mounted my Ric, I rode and fucked him, riding him hard, with two hot loads already pumped deep inside of me. I was so sloppy, wet and I was randy as hell. I rode Ric like a wild woman, I wanted, no needed his cum!. When Ric groaned, he hotly unleashed his spunk load and came inside me too. I orgasmed, this whole scenario, it was so dirty and so hot, I could not stop my final third raging orgasm rolling through me, if I had wanted.

In setting this all up, I had also wanted to ride Ric's face and smear (Never imaging three loads) my cum loaded pussy all over Ric's face, to have him eat the creamy semen from me, but I was way to fucked to care in the end. Instead I leant forward, deeply kissed Ric, then removed the blindfold and lay back to let him see the fucked up sloppy mess that used to be my cunt. Ric was impressed, white thick semen was everywhere, cunt lips, thighs, arse and pooling on our sheets. I am sure, until he reads this, that Ric thinks the heavy semen load was all his. I am such a naughty girl, I may need to be punished, LOL! (He might even smack my arse, ooooh, that would be soooo nice!)

He has been so happy for days about how much semen he thought he had pumped into in me, I cannot wait for his surprise.

Knowing my dirty minded Ric, he will will have wished I had ridden his face, well maybe next time...