2 Dec 2019

It was just after 11pm. I managed to sneak into our home and then even our bedroom without waking Ric. As I closed in on Ric's sleeping form, I jumped onto the bed, fully dressed, and kissed him, he woke. I was hungry for my man. I tried to express that hunger in my kiss.

Ric opened his mouth and I sunk my tongue in, kissing him deeply. Ric wrapped me in his arms and he quickly discovered my unzipped, dishevelled, sexy lace dress. It seemed right, that I should be partially dressed coming home from my weekend. I sucked Ric’s tongue hard, I tried to pull it deep inside my mouth. Both of us worked to pull the sheet away. I wanted to be close, skin to skin, to my man.

“Can you taste him in my mouth baby, can you taste Rob’s cum?”

“Yeah, I can, really strong, you taste delicious” "You taste like you just sucked him off?" Ric questioned.

“No such luck baby, but I am a very considerate wife who brought you home a yummy present, a creamy souvenir, in this condom!” I waved the condom over Ric's face, a stretched out, misshapen and very used, rubber tube. "I had Rob use it and fill it with cum in our last fuck before I left him. I wanted to bring you something special from my weekend, a creamy snack that I could bring home for us to share" I teased Ric.

I then threw the used empty condom on my bedside table. “I sucked Rob’s sexy fluids out of it at the front door and rinsed his spunk around my mouth, just before I came inside" I teased. "I wanted to be sure his semen treat, his tasty souvenir was thick in my mouth when I kissed you..”

“Cheeky girl, I can certainly taste him, the cum, it's really strong and bitter, like that's all he may have had left in his balls” Ric said smiling.

I said back to Ric “It probably was all he had left, haha! The strong taste is a real turn on for me too baby, it's making me hot tonguing you. I told you when I left that our next kiss, I would have his cum on my breath” I teased on, we both laughed.

“Give me your hand.” I said to Ric, moving his hand down to my panty gusset.

Ric found immediately that I had worn pretty panties home. “Rob let you wear one of his pairs home?” he asked

“Yep these are some he bought me to wear out on our dates; Rob still has the other pairs he bought me. I did wear the pair you picked out for Rob's birthday dinner though, Rob liked your selection in the lace and satin panties, he said they were sexy for his birthday dinner ” He kept those ones cause they were plenty soiled when we finished and sent me home in these.

Ric had his whole hand gripping and rubbing my entire vaginal area.

“Can you feel how swollen and fucked up I am, my lips, my whole poor little hole?” I asked

“You feel so wet, I can't believe how wet you are” Ric groaned in my ear.

“Yep, Rob put gallons of cum in me over the weekend, it's buried in my pussy. I bought it home for you.” I smiled.

“How many times baby…?” Ric began to ask, but then got distracted. Ric inhaled the scent all over my body, especially against my chest, breasts and neck...

"I reckon I can still smell his sweat and spunk all over your skin too" he continued...

“I’ll tell you all the details later, believe me we fucked a lot, we really fucked a lot. Rob didn’t want me to shower for the whole weekend, but I could only manage not to shower today. Rob and I really wanted you to have every minute of our sweat and spunk, but I was too rank to go out to dinner, haha! I reckon we spent two meals out of the room, a tiny bit of sightseeing and the rest of the time I reckon I was on my back or in a dozen other positions on the end of his horny, never ending erection” “The scents and spunk on my skin are all from just today… I can see you like it” I said as I rubbed my dried cum coated breasts all over Ric’s face.

I reached down to Ric's cock, finding his dick still safely locked in the clear plastic shell of the cock lock I had left him in. I whispered in Ric's ear, "Do you think you are ready to let this little fellow out to play with me?". Ric just moaned as I fondled the plastic casing. I liked waggling his burgeoning cock in its sexy little locked case.

"Well, I'd better let him out" I continued. I moved up and pulled my knee to my chin. I unclipped the anklet holding his key from my ankle. I leaned my face to his groin. I looked up into Ric's eyes and licked along the the sealed cock case, then I kissed his cock head through the piss hole at the top and asked him, "are you ready?" He tried to grab the key, but I pushed his hands away. I unlocked the case. Me already being horny I quite hurriedly rid his swelling cock of the restrictive case. The second Ric's cock was free, I gripped his cock and balls tight, giving them a good rub and tug along with their new found freedom. I sucked his cock for no less than three seconds before he was fully rigid. I sat sat back and admired Ric's beautiful cock. He damn well does have a handsome cock. I handled his balls, pulling them and his ball-sack a little. "Plenty of cum bubbling in these? I asked. "I hope you are full to bursting baby, I want to feel your weekend build-up smash my insides when you cum" I urged him.

"Do what you want to do to me baby; I want you to have me right now, any fucking way you want me” and with that said, I moved back up and kissed him again.

“Fuck yes; I need to fuck you, my balls are bursting. I have waited and waited. Now having you come home like this, knowing you are crawling, all fucked up, into bed with me, I need to fuck you” Ric panted urgently.

“I couldn't wait to get home my love. To tell you all about my weekend. “Baby, Rip off my panties, I want you to actually see how wet and fucked up swollen I am down there” I said as I ground my pussy down onto his massaging fingers ..

Ric and I worked off my panties, pretty as they were, they were in the way and had to go. Panties off, I spun round on my knees putting my now naked arse in Ric's face. Ric saw instantly how loose, red and puffy my pussy was. Even in the dim night light, I hoped Ric could see the redness, the stretching, and hopefully the cum loads inside had leaked out somewhat and splashed about.

“Fucking hell baby" Ric exclaimed "He worked you over so good, from the state of your hammered pussy you two must have fucked and fucked all weekend?”

"Yes baby, Rob really screwed me, I told you, I reckon I was on the end of his cock, in one position or another all weekend. I teased Rob and egged him on in every way. I'm so pleased you can tell he worked me hard, I love you to see how busy I've been”

“Yes, it's fucking obvious. He really fucked and used your pussy hard; "brutalised" is what your little hole looks like.”

“Yes, brutal is how I would certainly describe our fucking, but a really good brutal; I pushed him for brutal and Rob gave me everything he had, but, by fuck, my cunt is so sore now”. I said.

“I need you baby, want you now. Let’s get this damn dress off.” Ric was literally tearing my clothing.

“Pull my dress up, fuck me in my dress. I want to know and I want you to know that nothing delayed our fuck" I said to Ric

"Fuck me in the dress I fucked Rob in” I think I was actually begging Ric, haha.

I threw myself backwards into the sheets and opened my legs in a wanton, slutty invitation to his fantastic erection

Ric was urgent, ready, nude and erect as he climbed onto me. My swollen sore lips, I winced a little but tried not in any way to deny him entrance. Ric, he pushed through. Ric’s cock tip quickly found a hot pool of luscious juices, a liquid seminal grotto of sweetness. My vagina was sore, but inside it was all swollen, steamy wet, and slick.

“Holy fuck baby, Rob’s cum slick inside you feels so hot in my cock” Ric panted.

“Yes, your cock is in a pool of fuck juice Rob planted in me. I wanted you to find his spunk me, I know you love the way it feels when you slosh about inside me" I was now panting.

I couldn't wait for Ric to blast me with his cum, the same way Rob blew his cum in me. "

It is all there for you baby, I am glad you can feel it, smash your cock in my slutty semen flooded pool of sex.” I groaned out.

Ric pistoned in and out of me like a madman, his cock was frothy and lathered in Rob's cum as he drove in and out; he was smashing me, it was so hot to be so madly desired and I clung onto Ric for dear life, wrapping my legs tightly around his waist.

I had carried home deep in my body this cum pool from Rob and now my lusty husband was sloshing through it and me, it was so exciting. “Ahhh, fuuuck" I squealed as I thrust my fingers into the frothy mix, touching Ric's erection as my pussy swallowed his entire length!”

Into Ric's ear I urged “That’s it, Baby, just feel us, enjoy your cock soaked in my weekends cum. Just fuck into me baby; do me, do anything you want, use me for your sloppy fucking pleasure.” I was on heat and was loving teasing him, driving him on...

Ric was riding me, drilling me in a rhythm of slow, deep thrusts. I winced a grunt with each meeting of our pubic bones and the soreness from my pussy was taking a toll, but I certainly offered no objections, no reluctance.

I continued on into his ear “That feels so fucking good baby, I like the way you are riding up against my clit. I love it when you fuck me like this” I matched every thrust from Ric with raising my hips, taking every millimetre of his cock.

Ric kept his steady thrust, thrust, thrust movements; he was listening to me talk, moving, responding to my grunts, my oooh's, my ahhh's. My sex slicked cunt sucked hard on his cock.

I drew my knees higher, my dress was bunched up at my bra-less breasts. I used my hands to pull Ric up and above me and now having access to his manly hairy chest, I squeezed and twisted his nipples.

“Fuck me baby, go fast and screw me hard, use me just for your pleasure, I want to be for your sex toy tonight, every night! Right now, fuck me hard and cum; cum hard in me while I tell you I love you to bits.”

Ric responded, he needed no more encouragement to release his built up load. He drove his whole body down onto me, burying his cock deep, now driving into me as rapidly, as forcefully as was possible.

His cock was a raging bull horn, piercing me, his lusty victim. All of Ric's weekend’s pent up anticipation flowed into his sexual rampage, until finally I got what I was I my back for. Ric erupted and blew his thick heavy Ball's, splashing hot and thick cum all over pussy walls and mixing into Rob's sex pool of cum.

With each cry of "Fuck, fuck, fuck" Ric made, I matched with "Yes, yes, yes" Ric’s orgasm was all consuming. Every ounce of lust and hunger ejaculated out of him and into me. Ric didn’t recognise that he alone had the violent orgasm. I was too fucked, too sore. My satisfaction was in my conscience, I had not denied Ric anything that I had given my lover over the weekend. When Ric finally released me, rolling off the top of my body. I lay there for a bit panting, then I rose and hopped off the bed. I discarded and dropped my dress to the floor and went for a piss. I had promised Ric I would tell all, but for now I needed sleep, sleep in sexy Ric’s arms.

Morning came all too soon. Both of us could have used more sleep, but work beckoned. We finally staggered to the shower hand-in-hand to wake and wash our heady sex coated bodily aromas away. Ric was amazed at the hickies all over my body. Hickeys on my neck looked bright, and would advertise my passionate weekend activity for days. My breasts were still red, even some finger and thumb prints were dark. They certainly wouldn’t wash away. Rob’s teeth marks were apparent everywhere on my chest. Ric knew I would have kept telling Rob to bite me; Ric knows I loved Rob doing that, I loved a little rough and tumble treatment, here and there.

My cunt, though, my beautiful, clean shaven cunt, had been absolutely ruined. Ric understood the damage now, seeing my swollen lips, up so close in the bright morning light, he saw why he had to push so hard to gain entrance. My outer labia were bulbous, somewhat swollen shut. A boxer’s eye would not be more swollen, more sealed. Teeth and hicky marks were evident here also. I insisted on cleaning my vaginal parts myself, I was so sore. Ric went to his knees to inspect me as I opened herself and sprayed warm water on and around tenderness.

Ric gently opened my lips and placed the gentlest of kisses on my pussy. “I am amazed at how hot a lover you are” he said

“Oh Ric, you are so gorgeous” I replied

“I am so glad you had a great weekend, Rob was considerate?” Ric asked.

“Rob didn’t do anything to me I didn’t want. He didn’t do anything I didn’t push him to do.”

As I told Ric about some of the joys of the physical sex I had shared with Rob, I knew tonight, I would sit between Ric's legs, lube up his cock and give him a full recount, a "blow by blow" if you get what I mean, haha!

I smiled to myself. I could not wait to share everything...