Written by Miss Sass

16 Apr 2016

It's a hot Friday night and we are making our way down a short dirt road, we reach the end and look at each other and smile. At the end of the road is a small car park with several cars and we know by the smiles on our faces that we are each excited to see what the night has in store. We pull up the Hilux in the center of the 3 cars and turn off the engine. It seems like it's only a second before we are kissing and caressing each other. Instantaneously the sexual energy is alive and I put my hand on your crouch and feel your very hardness, you in turn slide your hand up my short skirt and feel my juices on several fingers. You slowly suck my juices off your fingers and I nod my head and smile at you, no words needed, you know exactly what I mean. You wind down both our windows and turn on the interior light. The cab is well lit and there is a sexual and sensual smell in the air. We are kissing and your fingers are working my clit and pussy, while I am rubbing your cock through your jeans ... I am so horny for your hard cock, I lean over to you and start unzipping your jeans ... I'm now aware we have an audience and upon closer inspection, they are very horny as well ... There are two guys watching and rubbing their cocks ... I smile at you and we smile at them as I take your cock full in my mouth. Your erection is incredible and I can feel your cock throb with excitement as I slide my wet mouth and tongue up and down. After several minutes I prop myself up on my knees, so I can deep-throat you with ease. You are pulling my head close to ensure your length is all the way down my throat. We love the fact people are watching us, it's creating an electric sexual energy in the cab ... Suddenly I feel another hand reach through the open window and caress my ass ... I approve and before long the mystery hand has made its way down to my wet pussy and I feel his fingers sliding in and out, quickly gaining momentum. I am moaning and you take the lead and open the door to the cab. You open my door and guide me to the ute tray .. You sit me up on the edge of the ute, hold my legs high in the air and slide your tongue deep inside me. Our audience is standing close by and by now have their pants around their ankles and are pulling their cocks hard. Your tongue is working my sweet pussy and clit and it feels incredible. My pussy juices are glistening in the moonlight and you pull me right to the edge and thrust your length inside me. We are both moaning and the sexual excitement is building with each stroke. You nod to one of the guys as you pump me and he starts rubbing my clit .. I arch my back as you both take me to a new sexual high .. You can feel my muscles contracting and it excites you so much you feel close to cumming inside me, you quickly pull out your cock and blow your load all over my hot cunt ....