Written by Sensually_Yours

15 Jan 2013

I met Sally online, and we had really enjoyed the hot sensual sex we shared each time we met. We had played a total of seven times in the last six months, and both had experienced great enjoyment exploring each other’s bodies in great detail, and had become friends which was really nice. Sally was separated from her man, and I considered myself very fortunate to have been the one she chose to fill the sexual void in the meantime.

Sally was quite attractive. Just over 50 years old, but with a figure that would pass for late 30’s, though her dress sense concealed this quite well – it wasn’t until you set your eyes upon her naked (or semi naked) body, that you would go “wow”. She was a brunette, with hair that reached her shoulders, and perky c cup breasts. It is quite amusing that during the day she works in the public eye, and you would never guess what she is capable of after-hours!

The ultimate pleasure was oiling down her smooth feminine body, which I had done several times during the foreplay we shared. I don’t know how professional masseuses contain themselves, but this thankfully was not a concern of mine, as restraint was one thing that was not required when we met.

Being a small town, she would not dress up in anything overly sexy for the rendezvous before each of our meetings, but her lingerie was far less conservative, and often consisted of strategically placed missing pieces of material, or lots of fine mesh giving you a glimpse of what was to come.

Anyhow, it was after our most recent meeting, when we were in each other’s arms, enjoying the afterglow of the hours beforehand, when Sally said that she would like to try a threesome, and that she thought she had a suitable male in mind. I responded by saying that this sounded Ok to me, which she responded to by kissing me deeply, indicating that the idea of a mfm encounter really turned her on. We continued to chat, kiss & cuddle before each departed, once more going our own way after a steamy meeting.

A few weeks had passed, and after a number of emails & phone calls, we arranged a dinner meeting at a motel in town. We were to meet with the new guy for a light meal beforehand, and were pleased to have gotten a table in the corner. We sat a little early, and John arrived on time, where we then chatted for a while, and shared a few drinks. We all knew why we were there, and the progression from polite talk, to casually allowing our hands to wonder occurred quite easily, and without effort.

Sally sat next to me, rubbing my already hard cock and massaging our new friend John's cock under the table. There were other people dining, so we were discreet, which made it all the more fun as we kept straight faces. I noticed Sally was placing some extra emphasis on her tongue motion, as she forked the salad she was eating to her mouth, as if to keep her lips subtle and moist.

I identified with this slightly cheeky behaviour, and thought it was a characteristic that applied to Sally as a whole, reserved on the outside, but very naughty on the inside. Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to mention that she was wearing a long flowing dress with a grey pattern on the outside. She was not wearing a bra, and the outline of her nipples appeared to be more defined as the dinner went on.

I rubbed her hot pussy often during the entire meal. We finished our dinner and drinks, then walked the few metres to our room. We passed a couple of people along the way, and I wondering if they knew we were about to embark on a ‘sexcapade’ full of lust and desire…

Once we arrived and closed the door, Sally stood between John and me. She instructed us both to get naked, and placed her hands on our cocks, rubbing and stroking our erections.

We had another round of drinks in the room before Sally retreated to the bathroom before returning in a new lacy piece of black negligee that I had not seen before.

Yeow!, you would think by now that I would be used to this site, but I was not – she looked awesome, and I could tell that John also liked what he saw. Sally then led us a few steps to the queen bed, where John and I positioned Sally between us. John moved over to

French kiss her, and I began sucking on her neck. John pulled down one strap of her negligee, and I took care of her nipples to her wet, hot, juicy pussy, while John made his way to her mouth with his hard cock.

He would have been about 6 or so inches long like myself, and not quite as thick, but definitely a good endowment…. And Sally was very much enjoying ‘getting to know it’.

Sally’s pussy was dripping by now - she was ready to get fucked, and expressed this (funnily enough, by saying “I want you both to fuck me”). Who said munication is not effective?

We were not in any hurry however, as I watched Sally continue to take John's cock into her mouth, and sometimes sucking on his balls which appeared to be ripe and fully of juice. I started lapping up her hot pussy juices, and as things continued to build I could not wait to fuck her while she was giving him a blowjob.

I started slow, but shifted to a hard thrusting motion, as she sucked his hard rod with even more vigour than before. She was so cute as she moaned in a way that I can only describe as ‘girly’, mainly due to her expression and tone. She was writhing and manoeuvring her body in suggestive ways, totally in her element, and it was a really hot thing to see firsthand.

One ‘move’ of hers that remains strongest in my memory, is when she was bent over exposing her sexy behind, with her hand behind her and on her buttock as if to say “come and get me”.

I then moved aside so she could turn around and suck her own juices from my cock while John found her wet cunt. As he started to plunge into her, she took my rod deep into her mouth. She sucked me up and down with his every motion, which made it easy for her to then slide on my rod. This trading went on for two hours, with each of us getting to fulfil our every desire.

Finally, I filled her pussy with my hot come as I watched her suck John's cock. When I withdrew, my cock was soaked with both our juices. Sally turned so she could lick them off again, and John started plundering her pussy once more.

While she sucked my rod clean, he started fucking her harder, till he blew his seed deep into her sopping pussy. We both kissed her and thanked her for the wonderful, hot sexually charged session. Sally made sure that John and I were cleaned off with her mouth before she let us get up from the bed.

We agreed it would not be our last. And maybe next time John will bring his girlfriend and make it a foursome. I also said to Sally while John was still there, that she is welcome to fuck him one on one anytime that he is passing through town. She nodded without saying anything – who knows what will happen. It is all about mutual sensual enjoyment, and going with the flow after all.

The one thing I do know is that we have already scheduled our next one on one meeting, and I am looking forward to this more so than ever before. Sally is so beautiful. (names have been changed for privacy).