Written by Anonymous

29 Jan 2020

Joining a couple has been a fantasy for a long time. Now single after a long relationship, I find myself in a situation where I am free to explore again. This is how I could imagine it happening.....

Mrs J and Mr J had posted an ad online, seeking a confident male to join them for a night in a hotel room.

I reached out and something I said in my response must have resonated, as they responded back and soon we were set to meet. Lucky me!

The plan was to meet in the hotel bar. It offered a nice setting, where people meeting for naughty fun don’t stand out, and if they felt comfortable then their room wasn’t far away.

We met at the designated time and became better acquainted over a few drinks and comfortable banter. Thankfully it was obvious they felt comfortable and didn’t want to waste their night just chatting. So we headed up to their room.

As part of the meeting, I had promised to give Mrs J a massage. We wasted no time and soon Mrs J was laying on the bed, face down in her sexy lace bra and panties, waiting for me to begin. With a fresh towel and a bottle of oil, I glanced at Mr J and got the nod to begin.

Mr J settled into an armchair nearby, obviously keen to watch, and soon my hands were spreading scented oil across her back as I pressed firmly into her shoulders to ease some tension, and assert my strong presence.

I began hearing low moans and sighs indicating she was relaxing and enjoying my efforts. I casually unhooked her bra and worked down her back. More moaning continued before I skipped over her butt and concentrated on her long legs and feet. Smoothed with oil, my hands glided easily over her skin. I began working up the insides of her thighs. Her legs moved further apart to allow better access.

Mr J shifted in his seat. He was obviously turned on. I asked him to come over and remove his wife’s panties because I wanted her completely naked for the next part of the massage. He didn’t hesitate and willingly stripped his wife of her underwear. He then also stripped down, revealing a hard, erect cock. He was obviously enjoying himself.

Turning my attention back to Mrs J, I began massaging her legs again, using long oiled strokes. These gradually moved up the insides of her thighs until I was just a cm away from her hotwife pussy. I teasingly brushed a hand along the edge and felt her move towards my fingers. I pulled them away and instructed her to roll over onto her back.

As she turned, I admired the sight of another mans naked wife. I complimented her, and told Mr J he was a lucky man. She was beautiful and I felt honored to be in this position.

I continued the massage, ensuring her breasts and nipples received plenty of attention. I noticed her legs were involuntarily opening wider, sub-consciously inviting this new man to touch her pussy. Again, I skipped past and rubbed her legs, but gradually moved ever closer, and closer to the ultimate goal. The quiet moaning was turning into groaning. I could see Mr J was now slowly stroking his cock, as he watched his wife enjoying the touch of another man.

I began gliding my fingers further up the insides of her thighs. Her breathing quickened and her waist moved, trying to encourage them to go where she wanted. Enough teasing. She was ready and willing.

I firmly ran I finger straight down her pussy lips. I instructed Mrs J to open her legs wider. She compiled quickly and silently. I played with her pussy - rubbing, teasing, opening, and inserting my fingers. I fingered her, I varied my movements over her clit, and I sensed her approaching orgasm. Mr J must have too, because he quickly rose from his chair, his cock in his hand, and moved closer to watch.

I inserted two fingers deep inside her and lowered my tongue onto her clit. I varied my movements but began forming a pattern as I learnt what got the best reaction from Mrs J. She began grinding her pussy into my mouth and I pushed back against her. Her breathing became heavy and Mr J stroked his cock hard as her orgasm began. A long groan come from deep inside her and I felt the inside of her pussy tighten around my fingers.

As her orgasm washed through her body, Mr J approached his orgasm, and soon released a load of hot cum over his naked wife.

I stopped for a moment to let them regain their senses. Then I decided to change it up. I spoke like a professional masseuse, role playing for a second to add some fun.

‘So sir and madam, you forgot your money did you. Well then, you realise you still need to pay me for my services?!’

I removed my underwear, revealing my hard cock.

‘If you don’t have any money, how do you propose to pay?’

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