7 Feb 2017

Sometimes, a bloke comes online here at "Swingers" and changes the way you feel about fucking.

We’d been online "Swingers" friends for ages, casually chatting about nothing in particular, before the "particular" turned into naughty flirting. And shortly thereafter the real filth began.

The chat, the photos, the horny anticipation, all leading up to the moment where we found ourselves, randy and aching, in a cheap hotel room, kilometres out from our homes.

One night, we had both agreed. One night of dirty raunchy sex and then we’d go back to our partners.

On arrival, we wasted not a second, we began immediately, starting before we’d even taken our clothes off or spoken on the room, it started the way that every good fuck should start: with a serious kiss. Hard, wet and urgent, perfect tongue – it was the kind of kiss that made me understand that he planned on taking me, he was not going to stop till I was totally his. That is, until he felt and saw the sexy stockings I’d worn and then I was pushed back onto the bed, my panties were pulled to one side and that perfect tongue was deliciously between my legs.

Quickly stripping each other, I kept my lace panties on, but dragged his underwear off quickly. Fucking hell, I quietly exclaimed, as his erection popped in front of my face. With his cock, now so close, I thought, to myself, "I was aware of just how large his cock was from our photos, but it was even bigger in the hot naked flesh!" I don’t think I was prepared for just how much I wanted his cock, it was an amazing cock and I could not let it go, fat, thick and so wonderfully hard. I threw myself onto him. After my initial exploration of his hot manly magnificence, his cock became like a drug to me and when he spilled precum onto my lips and tongue, it turned me on so immensely and I was already planning where I wanted him to pump his creamy hot loads. The harder he fucked and went at my face, the better he felt. I got wet and wetter, louder and louder, ruder and ruder. Until he could take no more.

I was then pushed down and spread out wide, I layed on my back and opened wide for him to take me, any damn way he wanted, he fucked me on the bed for quite some time, his huge cock strained to get entirely inside of me, initially, but we carried on fucking until he could deliver his balls to my arse; flat on my back, legs high and wide, me then on top, me then riding him, slowly, feeling his magnificent length and girth, move in and out of my body, filling my belly.

His groans kept me so fucking wet, I loved he was balls deep in me, but Christ he was big! I knew my poor cunt would take days to recover...

There was a small sofa in the room which we moved onto next, me fucking wildly onto him, he grabbed and ground onto my arse, before I drove myself, like a wild whore, down on him again. I couldn’t get enough of his stunning cock. He bellowed out and let me have it, I leant forward, so his cock entered my mouth. I had him fuck my mouth as he came and he came hard and loud. He flooded me with liters' of jism, He pulled

his cock out and I was covered with his hot load. It was pouring out of my mouth as I tried to swallow it all, and then he was done. We both were.

We dressed and popped out to eat, but we soon realised that every minute away from being naked and fucking, was one minute, way too long. We hurried back to our room, fondling, groping all the way, we immediately fucked on a chair, me facing him, his hands roamed all over my curves. I came so hard on his cock, flooding him with my fluids, before I found myself pushed onto my knees, dripping wet, my hand in my cunt, with him groaning and blowing cum on my breasts.

We slept little that night, knowing that we only had precious hours before "check-out" the next morning, neither of us wanted to waste a single moment. In the morning I was fisted and finger fucked, while he licked my nipples, then thrust his cock between my soft breasts, I moved lower and I went down on him again. There’s something deliciously animalistic about the sounds a man makes when you’re taking as much of his cock into your throat as you can. For me, this sound tipped me over the edge.

“You should fuck me, Now! I urged him”

He spun me and threw me over the bed, he pounded the fuck out of me. I stopped him, I demanded he stand still, I fucked and bucked onto him, just as hard as I could, until I orgasmed a most intense orgasm. But it wasn’t over yet. I lay myself back down on the bed, my head hanging over the side, he had not cum, he stepped forward and dropped his heavy balls onto my mouth, he began wanking over my prostrate body, while I licked and sucked his big balls. Finally he blew, creamy and thick, his cum was so hot, he came all over my breasts and belly, I was coated with his hot sticky cum, one final time.

Morning arrived and having showered and with an hour to kill before we went our separate ways, the majority of this hour was spent in a mild state of stunned disbelief, muttering "fuck", unbelievably getting horny again and wishing we had another night.

I remember now, as I think back, being so turned on; even now as I write this, I’m wet and excited, wriggling in this seat, remembering his delicious probing tongue on my clit, his enormous cock in my cunt. I’ve lost count of the number of times I came that evening. I love being fucked like that. In his messages, he tells me, he feels just the same.

So boys, this is my benchmark fucking, I am sure against which all of my future fucking will be measured.

I fear, the dirty fucking bastard, he might have ruined me.