2 Oct 2017

she always loves a massage and well, i love to touch her. i would stand in front of her while she was sitting on the bed massaging her neck and shoulders while looking down at her sexy breasts under her shirt. she would run her hands inside my shorts and tug my cock and if i were lucky she would finish me with a headjob, relaxing for us both right.

this time i cheekily suggested i had some grapeseed oil for a deeper massage. I know she loves her pussy being licked and she would say `i should let you do that more often'. we had discussed squirting and i know she was ready for it. She was always wet and today was no different, it had been 7 years since i had the pleasure. Beautiful wet and bald and the taste well i just love her taste. I love to bring her to orgasm with oral before we get started but sometimes she just loves the feel of a cock inside her. selfish i know but i just wanted to give her oral this time. it has been so long but she has had other partners and shall we say `active' so she pushed herself against my mouth and came quite quickly.

i pulled the grapeseed oil out and rubbed a little inside her as her clit was still sensitive. i fingered her with one finger for a little while then slipped in the second and she moved herself around my fingers until we curled into the spot. she said it felt weird good as i was now massaging the soft urethral sponge and started to increase speed and i could feel her getting wetter and then i could hear the squelching, she was ready to squirt. she has a small bladder so i had to reassure her that this was normal and to just let it go. she squirted a good amount and after she stopped moving about on the sheets i suggested she rub her breasts and then her pussy to feel how wet it is. she gave out that nervous fun giggle and smiled at me. i explained how her recovery was quick through the vaginal orgasm and asked if she was ready to go again. i slipped both fingers back inside and went hard and not even two minutes later she squirted for the second time this time with a lot more cum. same squirming of the totally satisfied body and same beaming smile and squirt giggle. she begged to sit on top as she loves to ride cowgirl and is totally stunning to watch. she had me ready to blow in two minutes so had to push her off and give her more oral and then finished her again with a soft dildo. both fingers went in again and again that night and as you could imagine a few more nights after that. our love making now went for hours and she had an increased interest as she knew that i would finish regardless so why not let me wait, extra teasing and a less more often approach allowed me to make her squirt and cum from oral and her favourite dildo many times before i did.