8 Nov 2017

I remember those early days. I never thought my sexy wife would never actually go any further, but I was really enjoying her exploits of flirting, with this or that guy that she’d meet, here and there. After listening for a while, I’d say, “Did he ask you out?” Many times she had been asked out. Then I’d ask, “What did you say?”. She’d always say that she said no.

Imagine my surprise when she announced one day that she had placed an ad on Swingers and was already flirting with guys online who had answered her cheeky ad. I was even more amazed when she decided to meet a few of them for coffee in a safe setting to “see whether there was sexual chemistry”. Before deciding that she did indeed want to meet the occasional guy at a motel or somewhere private.

This was several years ago, but I clearly remember our intense adrenaline rush. We still get an adrenaline rush each time!

I knew my wife was initially nervous, but still found herself really excited. When I finally watched as our "first" slid himself into her for the first time, between her hungry wet lips. I could not believe her sexual juices were literally dripping from her vaginal lips. In the many years we had been together it was a real joy again, to see her so wet! Oh god what have we started? ??

Sometimes every two weeks depending on schedules. However, with her current lay, they try to always have sex at least twice and sometimes as many as four times while on a date. She normally makes certain he cums in both, her mouth and her pussy. We’re all very happy with this arrangement. We all really look forward to their dates, But my wife and I, especially, also look forward to her coming home with that “I’ve just been fucked so good” look about her and with his cum still leaking out of her horny hot pussy! His thick semen makes a wonderful sexual lube!

And, although it may seem odd to some, I’m ok with that! Hot, intimate sex with her boyfriend always translates to a happier, sexier, more confident wife for me!

I want my wife to crave her boyfriend’s cock and his hot cum in her mouth and body. While she was very shy about her desires in the beginning, she has become much more open about them over the years and I do enjoy my wife’s vivid descriptions of her erotic dates!.

I love it when my wife shares with me how her boyfriend is so anxious to fuck her when they first get to the room that he just puts her up in front of the mirror or throws her down on the bed, rips his pants off and thrusts his cock into her aching wet little pussy. My wife tells me that it drives him crazy knowing that she’s not wearing any panties under her short skirts. It drives me crazy every time I think about her spreading her pretty legs for him, her riding and cumming hard on his thrusting cock, him filling her sweet pussy with his cum. I try not to think about this too soon when I’m fucking her so that I myself, don’t cum too quickly!

My wife tells me that she always guides her boyfriend’s cock into her sexy little pussy. She says that, when she doesn’t, he pushes all the way into her before she has a chance to get used to his impressive size. Hearing these words from her pretty lips never fails to make me as hard as a rock!

I wonder how many wives can still drive their husbands crazy with desire for them after over 30 years of marriage?

I remain convinced that few wives realise the power that they hold over their husband’s emotions.  Using this story as an example, any husband that thinks the way that I do, would quickly experience a range of emotions upon hearing this from their wife.  First, the shock of realizing that she finally did what we had both been fantasizing about.  Then, a strong twinge of jealousy, just because we men are wired that way.  Next, a deeply renewed appreciation for every soft, sexy curve of her beautiful body, sweeps through your mind and body.  And, finally, an incredibly overwhelming desire to reclaim her body and mind, using the hardest erection you’ve had, since you were in your teens.

"Yes, dear, I am going to fuck him, while you watch…His cock is so stiff, and his balls feel so full in my hand…full of his hot sperm…I am going to mount him, swallow his cock into my body…and eventually have him cum inside of me…I need his sperm to fill my cunt….you like that don’t you dear…you are such a horny husband…watching, knowing your wife fucks other men… You don’t always get to watch…some times I fuck other men during the day…and come home to you with my pussy and panties full of cum…and I just don’t always tell you…Oh no, I know, on many days, you suspect I've been fucked…that horny guessing drives you crazy, doesn’t it?"

As much as I enjoy making love to my sexy wife when she comes home from a date, still oozing cum, I also like being there to watch him lasciviously flood her pussy with his loads. I watch as my wife pushes back to meet each of his intense thrusts, all the while softly moaning her orgasmic appreciation, it excites both of us…a lot!

The only way to fuck. (Yes, she does! My wife also loves to swallow cum!!! ) As long as everyone is tested, these days she has no need for birth control, so there is absolutely no reason not to fuck "Bareback" raw. My wife she says it feels so much better, and if I can get into her sloppy seconds, even better. The only thing better than watching her bareback sex, is fucking her after another man has filled her with hot cum.

She knows how much I love her sloppy seconds pussy. There’s nothing quite like sliding my cock into Shona's cum filled cunt, knowing fresh delivered cum is lubing my cock as I fuck her. I get hard just thinking about it.

Being the second man in, is so hot, it feels better than any words can describe. I urge all husbands to fuck their wives after their boyfriends have filled up their wives married body with so much cum. It adds something that can’t be replicated by any lube or product. Your wife will be so fucking warm and wet, and your cock will just slide in. A pounded, hard worked pussy is such a thrill

As I now whisper in my wife’s ear what a hotty she is for fucking others, she cums, that for me is the best thing ever! All I can think about is her slick juices and his warm cum, all over my cock as I fuck my delicious wife. These days, I feel her pussy has never felt better, I drive my hard cock into her, emptying my balls deep in her, my desire to fill her up, again and again.

Fuck yeah, my beautiful wife. Your pussy feels so warm and wet when it’s full of new cum. I can’t wait to fuck your tight pussy tonight after he’s left, I will reclaim you, I will load my cum into your dreamy body.

I’ve never cum harder baby!

Reclaiming you, my messy, sexy wife is the hottest sex!