27 May 2016

I was the last man in...

I groaned out, loud and proud, as it was finally my turn to thrust into my sexy wife's body and fuck me I did, I fucked her so really fucking hard. Thick viscous cum coated her tight inner pussy walls as I fucked her, and my hard cock packed all that fresh hot gooey semen back up inside her body – I was stretching her open, once again, and I loved mixing about in all the hot cum from her other partners. I had never felt anything as sexually excuisite, like it before.

My wife must have felt my cock pulse – her clamping pussy exploded as my own ribbons of spunk now went shooting off, deep into her already filled and overflowing cunt, I had no doubt I was splashing, pumping directly up into her womb. I rutted her like an animal, gushing my hot spunk into her open and receptive hole, not pulling out, not caring about her at all, I fucked into her for all I was worth...

My wife wrapped her legs around me tighter, grinding and pulling me inside herself even more, her orgasming cunt milked me for my every hot creamy, pulsing, deposit.

My wife was still quivering and panting when I finally pulled my cum coated cock out of her body and I knelt up between her thighs. I left a trail of dribbling semen in my wake, it was clinging to her reddened and silky, pussy lips. Her sexy arse lay in a pool of cum, the sheets were absolutely soaked.

I made sure she could clearly see the semen goo covering my cock.

“Ohhhh my god…” My wife groaned as her legs dropped from me, too exhausted to even hold them. Laying there, she caught her breath. Her pussy tingled from where I had been slamming myself into her, and she said she could still feel the excited impression of my cock, still within her pussy. There was so much delicious sweat clinging to her naked and luscious body. She said her pussy felt as though it was filled with liquid fire.

“Must be all that sweet cum in me…” She laughed, feeling it's warmth shifting and oozing as she used her fingers, feeling about her pussy, playing in our leaking deposits, she softly ground herself into the bed as she played.

My wife closed her eyes and lay back, into the bed covers, she flashed back into her own imagination and mind, to images of our cocks, our cum, pumped and splashing inside her womb, so much sweet cum. As she lay there, I am sure our mixed, heated, sperm fought each other, deep inside her womb, spiraling towards her great prize, suspended within her warm depths.

But as men, we had all had her, we were all the winners...