11 Oct 2017

I walked back in, my first thought was to look for them at the bar, but our drinks were still on the our table, not empty. When I could see they weren’t anywhere inside, I went out front to find them. There was no sign of them. I wasn’t at all worried, just buzzed, although in my dirty mind I thought ‘I hope, maybe, just maybe…’ . I walked out back past the many parked cars and moved closer to our guests car.

That’s when I saw them. His Jeep SUV was a little too high for me to see inside clearly. But I could certainly clearly see him sat up in the driver's seat, his head looking down. And then I see the back of her head appear. Shona’s soft brown hair bobbing up and down, momentarilly appearing above the door sill as she sucks him off, Fuck she is one dirty girl!

She was doing it, there was no mistaking it. Shona was vigorously sucking off his really nice cock. My whole mind went into overdrive. It is always what I wanted, but always as it happened how did I really feel?

Well let me tell you, It is always so hot and it always makes me so hard!

The woman I am crazy in love with is, right now, sucking off another guy. My throat always goes dry, but there is always a "wife fucking" big lump in my pants. Each and every time Shona sucks off another guy, It remains the hottest thing she can ever do, I actually mean, we ever do!

I quickly and quietly went back to our table and waited for their dishevelled, flustered, return.

I could can not wait till, on Shona's return, she will lean in and kiss me with those cream drenched, cock sucking, puffy, lips!