Written by tommy10

2 Mar 2013

As i pulled her g string higher it parted her moist lips and excited her inner pussy, a little tighter again and the pressure was now arousing her clit.

With two sharp tears the soaked panties fell to the ground in a state of disrepair.

I had already removed her dress so now she was pressed up against the cold glass, 40 stories up totally naked. The rush of people down below went about there day not aware of the view on offer.

I pressed up against her skin hard, i wanted her to feel my engorged cock knowing soon it will be penetrating her tight opening. Biting down on the back of her neck i feel her goose bumps, her face sideways on the window with a cloud of mist forming from her heavy breathing. My pelvis pushes hers on the smooth glass smearing her always flowing juices until there was so much they formed droplets.

Both her arms held outstretched by mine, breasts flattened and hard nipples bent sideways by the pressure.

I enter........

She is virtually suspended in air as my thick solid cock begins its journey to pleasure, the view from the outside of both our genitals being imprinted on the glass, her pussy leaving nothing to the imagination and my dick sliding in and out against the glass.

I don't hold back, with force on my groin i fuck her hard, very harder the noise quiet loud as my balls slap in rhythm on her arse.The window makes some noises and possibly we could plummet to the ground both naked landing with her legs spread open and me with my cock sticking up, what a sight.

Leaning back the only body part touching is my dick as my arms hold me away from her for greater strength. Her hands run wildly trying to grip something, anything several times reaching around and clawing at my flesh with her nails. Not lightly at all, enough to draw blood but she is desperate as moments of spasm run through out her now sweating body.

She begins to tire from the position and pleasure overwhelming her, but i still have strength enough to increase the pace and take her somewhere she has never gone before. On the verge of saying stop she becomes light headed, im closer and hold one hand on the back of her head pressing her cheeks into the glass as i again increase intensity.

Long, hard thrusting pays off as on the last stroke my cock comes out spraying cums on the glass mixing with all the other body fuilds. We pause temporary and whilst we do globs of milky cum gather and descend.

My heavy breathing on your neck signals i'm done, i release my grip and instantly she slides down the window with no energy left at all, legs not strong enough to hold her body weight, body smears further all the liquids on the window.

I stand looking down at her, catching my breathe i feel her hair, so wet from perspiration so is soaked. All i hear her say is "oh my god baby!!!!"

"you ok" i ask

"oh yes, very ok " she drifts off to sleep curled up in a ball....

I stumble to the shower as i need to go to work, it's a struggle my thighs burning and my cock still rock solid. Standing there enjoying the water running down my naked skin i look toward her, how beautiful she is with one leg hung over the arm of the couch her punished pussy on display. The gapping hole stretched by my cock still not contracted, it excites me enough to want more.

I'm thinking of lifting her onto the bed and taking her again but decide to slide the shower door open and begin to stroke my swollen dick.

I firmly grip my cock and not long after find myself nearly falling to the ground as again i cum. I stare at her trying to take it all in to increase the pleasure, it does as i slowly begin to stop.

Still gripping my cock it begins to go soft, the heavy solid mass shrinks to half it's size nowhere near as impressive as when is at its most erect.

I kiss her forehead and leave a post it note saying i love you and until next time my gorgeous girl.....

I ring from the airport late that afternoon and she answers

"i'm still where you left me i've just got up and are a wreck. Wow"

Every woman has a special quality, it's up to you to notice it......make sure you do!!