Written by Crazy n Mad

29 Dec 2013

After teasing each other for day via SMS and online, I received a SMS for my playmate asking me to meet me. But this time its late on Tuesday night, being the horny male I am, who was I refuse the chance of meeting up with this sexy gal.

All along the way I was receiving sms asking where I was. I pulled up in the car park on side of the road and she pulled in beside me. I walked around between the cars to be greeted by pulling to her body and kissing me deeply. MMMM she has the softest lips, our tongues danced together as I pulled her tight to my body and knead her firm arse. We broke our embrace only to catch our breath.

She reached inside my shorts and began to stroke my already hard cock. The softness of her hand was indescribable. I retaliated by nibbling on her neck and massaging and squeezing her soft breast through her bra.

I reached in side her pants and found her dripping wet. I ran my hand over her smooth mound and down between her legs, she whispered put your finger inside me, I slipped 2 fingers in her as I used my thumb to strum over her clit. She was riding my hand and was fast approaching climax. She then said “I want you inside me” and we separated and she bent over the bonnet of my car and slipped her pants to her knees. I slipped in behind her and rubbed the head of my hard cock over her pussy lips and clit. I slid deeply in to her tight cavern. I pulled my cock all the way out before sliding it back in to the hilt time and time again, holding on to her hips and then dragging my fingers down her back. After few minute of her tight pussy wrapped around I couldn’t control and released my seed deep inside her. All the while the local traffic has been speeding past. I pulled her up off the bonnet and wrapping my arms around her and quietly whispering in her ear how good it felt to be inside her.

We straightened up and returned to kissing, as I had said before she has the softest lips, I could kiss her for hours and never get tired of it. All the while I was massaging her yummy soft breasts, she pulls one from her bra and I latch on the hard nipple as I massage her pussy over her pants, She takes my hand and slide in side her pants and in to her wet sticky pussy. I slide my now wet finger over her hardened clit and inside her wet pussy, as I continue to suck on her hard nipple. The combinations of my finger and tongue soon see her reaching for another climax…. Soaking my fingers the same way it soaked my balls and cock.

I slide my fingers from her sensitive wet pussy and ran them over her lips and on to her tongue, she licked my wet sticky fingers clean as we continue to kiss as well.

We continued kissing and snuggling beside the car until we realised it now midnight, and we both have a life to live the next day.

We jump in our respective cars and head for our homes, smsing each other the whole way home.

The last one I received was “I had a wish last night “ “to go to sleep with you’re cum deep in me” “Tonite it came true”