Written by cum slut

16 Mar 2013

I was horny, and my partner had to work away all week, and we hadn’t managed to play last night either, it was then I remembered Keith, a guy we had met and had a bi 3some with some months before, he ran a bi guys meeting place, some 20 mins away from us, so I got myself ready, giving myself a douche and shaved my pussy, and put on a mini skirt and low cut top, I knew his place was open at 12am lunch time on Monday’s so I got there 15 mins or so before, he smiled when he saw me and asked why I was there, I dropped to my knees and pulled his shorts down and sucked his cock hard in seconds, he pulled back saying that guys would be turning up soon for the usual mid day bi fucking that goes on at his place, I kept sucking his cock, then I pulled my top and skirt of and lay on the table, pulling his cock into my wet pussy as I did, he was in no control to refuse, as he began fucking me deep, it wasn’t long before a cock was pushed into my mouth, one of the first guys to turn up had joined us, I sucked him as Keith fucked me with more vigour, Keith slowed and said you had better get going or you will have more guys to play with than you know, I smiled and said SO:

The guy blew his load in my mouth, pulling out to shot some cum over my face too, before I had time to do anything, a second cock filled my mouth, as he too face fucked me, it was now I saw a few other guys some with cocks out others naked, looking on as Keith pulled his cock out of my pussy and lube my arse, sliding in slow he went deep and began to plunder my hole, it didn’t take long, his face telling me I was going to be christened with my first load, he shot deep inside pulling on my legs hard as he kept pumping my arse, as he moved away another guy licked my clit, before fucking me, he lasted for a short time, the wetness in my pussy telling me he had cum,

I sat up saying who want to move into the bedroom, so I can take more of you, one mass exodus of guys told me they were keen, once in the bedroom I lay one guy down and sat on his cock, facing forward the second guy, slipped his cock in my pussy, leaving my mouth and DD boobs for the guys to play with, I took some amyl, my mind now soaking up the feeling of cocks and hands pleasuring me, this always makes me hornier, Keith came in and asked did I want him to arrange something special for me, of course I said yes please,

I was used for about 2 hours or more, different guys moving me around as they took turns fucking my body, and filling me with their juices, at one time I was sitting over one guy when another fisted my pussy, and played with the cock inside my butt, thought the inner walls, oh boy that worked as I hit a orgasmic high screaming out loud,

It was then Keith’s treat turned up as I was introduced to Mark, I looked down as he pulled his shorts down, oh wow, soft he was bigger than any guy here, he pushed the tip to allow me to suck him, soft I got half his cock in my mouth, but as it grew, I began to gag, pulling back as he pushed it further in,, then seeing a opening he moved around, flicking his cock over my cum soaked pussy before lining it up and ramming it in, ouch that hurt, even tho my pussy was well used and cum soaked, he was so big, but soon the feelings changed to pleasure, as I worked his cock deeper and deeper in me, I was now just a cock slut to these guys, as they used me any way they wanted, Mark then flipped me over slamming his cock back in my pussy, his fingers working my arse now as other guys also played with my clit and boobs, then what I wasn’t sure about, Mark pulled out and aimed his manhood at my butt, this time he took it slow, as inch by inch I worked him in, as he went balls deep, he began to pull me back by the hips and work his cock in deeper still, my mind was a blur, as I took more amyl, I pulled a small guy under me and got him to slip his cock in my pussy, he loved the feeling, the look on his face was priceless, and not a bad choice either as his cock filled me well, they worked together for some time both guys pushing deep on each trust, sometimes Mark slipped a few fingers in with his cock too, which blew my mind sending me into uncontrollable orgasms,

It was weird, I seemed to know what was happening to me, but wasn’t sure, as things become clearer, I could make out the guys fucking me, and swallowed as a guys cock exploded in my mouth, I looked at small guy under me asking him did I pass out? He said yes, and with a smile, but we kept fucking you any way,

Marks speed built up, I knew he was going for a fast finish. His hands now grabbing my hips so hard as he slammed into me time after time, and then with a banshee cry he let loose, the heat from his cock was over whelming and cum splashed deep in my bowels, this set several other guys of, who shot cum over my face and 2 into my mouth, small guy also shook and squirmed under me as I felt his cum let loose inside me, feeling kinky I sat up moving over him, and pushed the fresh cum out of my holes onto his face, he licked it all up, licking my pussy and arse until they was no more cum

Keith returned, hearing Marks well know cum cry and took control of my butt once more fucking me with a new found energy, turning me over to dp with a well hung guy, both working my orgasms to the max, I took several more guys, then Mark returned for another round, this time he fisted my pussy, and eased his cock in my butt, orgasms hit me hard and fast, then after I took some more amyl, he fisted my arse too, that was too much, I passed out, coming to once more he was still fisting me, the feeling was so intense, I could not stop cumming, for the first time I also squirted heaps of fluid, these guys now although not hurting me, were using me as a complete slut, it was just what I wanted too , I heard lots of guys say, we should arrange a woman like this more often, Keith saying, you don’t find many like this as he kissed me tenderly, and asked had I accomplished what I set out to do, the biggest smile ever told him I had and more

I had lost count of the guys who had used me, somewhere around 5 pm, Keith asked if I was free tonight too, I said depends will Mark and any mates like him be here,, if so call me