Written by Sweets

21 Jun 2016

Receiving a massage is such a relaxing and indulgent thing to do. To lie still for an hour while someone places focused attention on stiff and sore muscles and caresses the neglected skin that covers your body. Today she was dared. It was a first meet, he was a qualified masseuse, he emphasised to her that the best massages were done fully naked; she was not adverse to bring naked during a massage.

They met for the first time, her face down, bare breasts being cushioned in the soft blanket, legs spread a little wider than usual, body waiting in anticipation for the joy of being massaged.

He was confident and chatty, starting with the feet (just one at a time), oiling it up and manipulating the muscles that lay in wait. Then lower leg, and thigh and then changed to other leg to repeat the process. He commented on the tense muscles, and it was a mixture of pleasure and pain as these were manipulated into relaxing and releasing their pain. She relaxes into the friendly banter and the physical relief felt by the massage.

After the legs come but the butt. Now something you need to know, this woman has curves and her firm, round butt cheeks relished the handling, hip joints, very top of joints and round the inside to uppermost inner thigh and groin. Oh yes. Sore muscles were warmed and outer labia was enjoying the fleeting contact. The next move came by surprise, sliding between the cheeks from butt crack down, the pad of his finger touching and placing slight pressure on the entrance of her cunt. He repeated the action, sliding down the butt crack, over the anus, finger lightly pressuring the entrance to hole and then moving further down towards her clit. He continued this action, soft slow, slight pressure against the arse and then pussy hole and then down to the clit. Her breathing is deeper, she's trying not to moan and she doesn't want to say stop, but seriously....... What a first meeting!?!?!?!

His oiled hands continue the action until his finger now pops into the moist opening of her cunt. Just the tip, half of the first joint. Where he pauses, pauses to check for sounds, for movement, for approval or rejection? But she lies quiet, heaving chest surely giving away the fact she is turned on. He withdraws, starts the action again and again and again until his middle finger has managed to open her hole and slide in up to the second knuckle. She moans. And he moves.

Two fingers nudge against the moist opening, another seeks out the hard bud of her clit and a thumb is felt pressuring the sensitive opening of her arse. She doesn't know if he is using one, two or four hands. The inability to see, the unexpectedness of the events has her pulse racing. Her hips arch towards the attention and before any thought can occur she feels an orgasm build. Too much. Too fast. Omg she yells and grasped the legs of the table in fear of falling.

She can sense him grinning as he says. 'Good now that's over, let's get back to the massage'. And that's exactly what he did. All of her back muscles, arms, shoulders. Hmm what's that she can smell? The scent of her cum is mixed in with the oil and being spread over her body.

20 minutes later and the back half of the body is done. Her heart is still racing, body on fire and cunt creaming from the touch the body is receiving. He prompts her to turn over.

She keeps her eyes closed and allows the lack of sight to heighten the sensation of the touch. He starts from the feet again, finishing the top side of the body part. She is a little self conscious of her larger belly and breasts which are now fully on display, but she throws aside the self hate and pays attention to his hands and the sore thighs that are receiving attention.

After the legs come the abdominals right? Wrong. Groin. Hip joint. Top of mound. One hand moves to hold open the outer labia and she feels pressure from his arm on her stomach. A cool breeze and then a warm, wet, pointy.............. His tongue flicks her clit and laps at the juices left from her orgasm. She gasps. Hips bucking forward, her hands reach for his head, fingers running through his hair as his tongue expertly licks and flicks across her sensitive clit. Keeping her eyes closed she goes with the flow, moaning with approval as his fingers seek out the already moist and ready opening to her cunt. The familiar pressure from the pad of a finger rimming her tight butt hole and the continual manipulation of his tongue cause her juices yo flow freely and her second orgasm begins to build. One finger moving slowly in and out of her cunt is replaced by two, slightly stretching the opening and being coated in the mixture of oil, cum and her natural lube. The systematic thrusting somehow compliments the movement of his tongue and her breathing deepens and quickens. She can hear her own breath as though it was the only sound in the room, that and the thumping of her heart as it races blood to her swollen aroused cunt. The pressure on her anus intensifies and .. Pop.... The muscles relax greedily grabbing onto the top end of his finger, which he continues to slowly push deeper inside her. And she gasps, and pauses, and her entire body tenses as he takes her to the heights of a second orgasm. Fingers withdraw and he hungrily laps the cum as it oozes from her lips.

Eventually he straightens, grabs the oil and begins to massage her abdominal region. To ruse is over, she is exhausted, exhilarated and relaxed all at the same time. Happy to allow him to finish the massage. Eager to see what will happen when he reaches her breasts.

It doesn't take long to find out. Each of her 18E breasts were carefully massaged, kneaded and stroked. They were treated like delicate objects that required special attention. Taken between two hands and rolled and caressed. Fingers tweaked the Nipples and each nipple hardened in immediate response. She felt him lean in, nipple taken between his teeth and gently bitten and pulled. If it was possible she felt fresh juice run from between her lips in appreciation. His fingers delved between her swollen cunt lips, then back up to her nipples. Where he then leant in and sucked the juice off. The smell of her sex was filling the room.

He moved on, massaging her shoulders, arms, neck; he ended up with palpating the sinus drainage points on her face. And he leaned in close to her ear and asked her to "hold on' going to get a warm washer".

It was almost like a switch. One minute 100% sexual, the next professional. Oh well, she's never had a happy ending massage before now; and wow what a treat.

He returns with the warm washer and carefully rubs the oil from her chest, arms, legs; pausing to ask her to sit on the edge of the table; encouraging her to take it slowly, helping her to raise up, gently lowering her legs towards the floor. He helps her to stand saying, turn and face the table while I wipe down your back and legs.

Her head is in dream land and the feel of the warm washer is soothing across her shoulders and back. She feels pressure on the top of her back and she leans forward, putting both hands on the table. The pressure is stronger and she swears she can hear a metallic noise as she lowers her torso onto the table. A knee pushes her legs apart, a hand holds aside her left butt cheek and she feels his cock slide between her legs. "It's my time now" is all he says as his cock finds the swollen, wet opening to her cunt and pushes its way inside.

The top half of her body is fully supported on the table, head hanging over the other side, breasts squashed as his quite thick cock is forcing her cunt lips to open. 3, 4, 5 thrusts and she feels his full invasion. It's not enough for him, he pushes her further onto the table, her arse is now high and prime; her cunt at optimal level, using his arm to keep her left leg elevated he repositions and thrusts in again. Not only is he thick, but he's hung. At least 7" straight in, balls slap against the table edge and part of her pussies mound.

And he's hard. And he's fast. And he's a little rough. And it's driving her crazy. She starts to moan. 'Omg. Oh yes'. And feels his finger pressure the sensitive bud of her arse. He is grunting with each thrust. She is winded with force and sheer arousal. He withdraws, pauses then pushes back in with full force her cunt eagerly swallowing the entire shaft. And he does it again. And again. Hard, full force thrust up into her waiting pussy. And again. And again. And on the fourth time he releases the hold on her leg, he stops the teasing of her arse, grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her back towards him, just as forceful as he is slamming into her. She feels the head of his cock twitch and jerk, just before he tries to push deeper in her..... He cries out and his cum shoots deep into her cunt.

He collapses on top of her as his cock continues to pulse cum into her. Eventually the washer was used to remove the oil from her legs, but she happily went home with a swollen cunt, that was oozing cum.