Written by horny as hell

16 Mar 2013

We have swung for years and both play separately too, I was meeting guys for drinks to try and find a new lover, I had been meeting a guy for some time, before he moved away,

Any way Joe wasn’t what I normally seek in a guy, he was older, not as good a shape as younger guys, a bit of grey hair too, but he was easy to talk to and had a certain charm, when he winked and said I like a bit of kink to if you can handle it, he had me, His wife worked away and she had gone of sex, so he was also looking for a long term sexual partner too so I agreed to meet him tomorrow night at a motel nearby. The following day my hubby was meeting his g/f too so we both got ready and kissed one another saying have fun as we parted, I drove the short distance to the hotel to meet Joe.

Joe looked smart, dressed in shorts and shirt, we kissed a nice sensual kiss, my dress dropped off quickly as he loosened the straps, standing naked before him he worked his mouth over my body kissing every part of me, laying me on the bed he kept kissing and licking my clit, by now I had had a few orgasms, he was a good licker, I noticed him strip of, but he was still kneeling on the floor, soon he began to move up still kissing me, as he began to kiss around my nipples I felt something press against my pussy, being taller than me I thought it was his hand, but then I realised both hands were working my boobs, no way, as his cock began to enter my wet pussy, it felt big real big ,his face lit up with a huge smile , happiness mixed with concern came on my face, he kept pushing gently in, there must be 6 inches in me already and he was starting to pump my pussy harder, oh my god, he was still going in, the speed now building up and each time he pushed in I could feel him getting more and more in, then he hit rock bottom, I was going from one orgasm to another with no let up, he was fucking me hard, my body pouring with sweat, as he raped my poor pussy, then he began to grab my legs and pull me into him harder, I also pushed back some now as I become more familiar with the size of his cock, then something I had never felt before, new feeling threw me over the top and I shook uncontrollably as my orgasms sheered thought my pussy and into every part of my being. Joe realised what he had done and kind of pulled back, but I grabbed his butt and kept him right inside, as I forced him to keep fucking me I have no idea how long we fucked, he was just so good, but when I saw him tense up and his rhythm change I knew he was going to cum, his face lit up in a strange way, I never thought it could, but his cock grew bigger still, pushing up higher, and higher, before the flood of cum hit my womb, I could feel the pressure, wow, that was so good, he pumped 4 , 5 then 6 good squirts of cum, before slowing down, he slumped on top of me spent for all he was worth, the biggest smile ever on his face and mine, I rolled him over, going down to suck his cock, and to see what had just violated my body, what a mother even soft it was still huge, as I slurped the cum from his dick, then I sat over his face, my pussy on his mouth, and with a few push’s saw his thick cum dripping from my swollen red lips, he eat it all smiling as he did, I went down and kissed him taking his cum too, and with a wicked smile said I like kink too.

After a rest, we talked, it turns out his wife wasn’t able to take his huge cock now due to a medical problem, and he told me only one other woman had managed to take the whole length of his cock, I smiled and said it probably helps having been swinging for many years and being gangbanged a lot of times too, he asked what was the most number of guys had been gang banged by, I shyly replied 15 or more, lost count, and that often we have had bi group fucks for us both, he said that would be good to see one day too. Any way by now his cock was stirring and my pussy was in need of more attention, so I straddled him and sat down trusting his cock in as far as I could manage, but not all the way in, riding him hard, he fingered my butt, orgasm’s shot tho me as his cock worked it’s magic once more, then I rolled of and got on my knees, he moved behind entering my pussy from behind felt so good, as he eased in more and more, then once again my womb opened to his cock head and I began to lose control, shaking violently, his fingers were still working my arse, lube dripping down my butt crack as 2 or 3 fingers went deep,,, his cock was so big, that with his fingers in me too, I was ecstatic, was I glad I went against my first instinct not to meet him for fun, for never had these feelings happened before, then I had a feeling he wanted to fuck my arse too, his cock eased out of my cunt, and Joe aimed it right at my butt, pushing the tip in easy, I told him to take it slow, as inch by inch my butt was filled, I have taken 2 cocks in my arse before but his cock felt bigger still, with several thrusts he started to pump my body faster, I was Cumming like crazy. So horny now I didn’t care what he did, thrust by thrust he fucked me deeper, I put my hand on his cock and could feel several inch’s still not managing to fuck my butt, I wanted him to feel the fullest he could and for my butt to be completely filled to, which it was, and I knew more was available, I began to push back each time he trust forward, ouch it hurt but each time was easier than before, I could feel his cock hitting hard inside, he sped up as I pushed back, more and more he grabbed my hips pulling me back hard, time went by, my mind a blank, as I run out of energy to cum for awhile, and then it happened, I trust back, he pulled hard on my hips and his cock disappeared fully inside my well worn butt, I screamed he pulled back, then trust forward once more, as I screamed again, but a good scream, he now had total control of my being, forcing his cock in deeper still, deeper and deeper, my orgasm’s now none stop, oh boy I was running out of energy once more and yet I didn’t want to stop, pushing harder and harder on his huge cock, I was now his slut, whatever this guy wanted to do to me I would allow he’s a keeper..

I have no idea, how long we fucked as I was half and half in and out of passing out, then he slowed, his strokes more determined now, again his cock grew more inside going deeper still hurting a bit but the pleasure surpassing all, then he let loose, forcing himself so deep I jumped but he pulled my hips back, and then the cum, so much cum, I could feel him pumping me so hard, again it was going so far in me, I’m sure it would never come out, even after he finished his cock still pulsed inside me, slowly he eased out pushing back in and forcing his cum in deeper still,

I was worn out, my pussy and arse now both wrecked, spoilt for life, as never has one guy done so much to me in one session,

When I got home I told my hubby, who asked if we could arrange a 3some, I said give me a few weeks to get him worn in and we will, and with a smile I said, I want to see your face as his cock disappears fully inside my arse and pussy, he smiled and said, that would be great to see, I will make sure it goes right in mine too,