17 Sep 2019

My husband Ric led me into our bedroom, he closed the door behind us. He sat me down on the bed and with his sexy voice told me to undress. He then blindfolded me so I had no idea what he had awaiting me.

I got naked, aware I quickly had a growing ache that needed touching. He pressed me down on the bed and took my ankles and wrists into cuffs so that my body was spread naked from corner to corner of our bed. I knew, even through my blindfold,hubby was making his way around the bed to me. I felt his body climb to the end of the bed and he started to softly touch my body, he ran his fingers along my belly and thighs and then up and across my breasts and nipples, pinching them lightly as he did so. He then moved back down to my exposed pussy and used his tongue to work me, taking his time, but only just bringing me to the edge of orgasm, he knows exactly how to lick my clit, making me shake and moan.

Stopping the oral attention, no bloody orgasm, I was hanging. He penetrated me. My body was so needy when he thrust into me, his hard cock pushed itself deep inside of my sticky, aching pussy. He moved his hand to my mouth, I was trying so hard not to moan but his big cock just felt so good inside of me. He laughed and told me to stop moaning or he would pull out.

I moaned once more and he pulled himself out of my pussy. After waiting for a second I started to thrust my hips forward at him. He bypassed my pussy and took my thrusting as an invitation to fuck my arse. He lined up the head to my little brown hole and pushed his way into my arse. I was unprepared for anal, so it was a struggle for him to get himself fully inside of me anally. As he finally he did it, I felt an explosion of ecstasy as he thrust in and out of my arse, I was completely bound by the cuffs, he could do me any way he wanted, I had absolutely no power over his actions.

As he thrust into my arse he used his free hand to play with my clit, making me groan and moan even louder. I was completely helpless and he fucked me with totally free range.

Once I started making noise he pulled out of my arse and pulled at my nipples hard telling me he wanted even more noise, this only made me more excited. He brought his hand down hard on my pussy, smacking my mound, I moaned hard. He then brought his hand down onto my nipples, delivering a sharp spank and making them tingle with pleasure.

My pussy was gagging for him to fuck me again, he moved his head back between my legs and began again eating my pussy. I was on the edge of an orgasm and it was so hot, submitting and being completely bound by my restraints. I could feel the orgasm building inside of me and before I knew it was beginning, I felt it roll through me, my leaking excitement, my horny juices covering his face and flowing out onto our bed. I couldn’t control myself as I gave into the sensations and I just kept cumming, my body was trembling with tightly restrained ecstasy as my orgasm overran me. I collapsed...

But no respite was to be had, my husband wanted more, he un-cuffed me and had me lay on my belly, then restraining my ankles and wrists again. He pulled me onto all fours, my pussy glistening with my cum and he just thrust roughly, punching his cock deep into my previously loosend arse. He grabbed onto my hips and fucked me so hard, like a rag-doll impaled on his horny cock.

He pulled at my hair and slapped my big round arse as he fucked my arsehole raw. Fuck I was gonna be sore tomorrow. He let loose with a howl as he began to cum deep inside of my arse tube, filling me with his pulsing warm cum juices.

I was in fucked up, tied up heaven.

He was done with me, but he left me tied. I was left still totally bound, spread out on the bed. I couldn’t do anything when the cum began leaking out of my anus, down past my pussy, soaking the doona beneath me. And I just didn't care...

All I could do was lay there and recover from a sensational fuck and wait to be un-cuffed.