Written by one happy lady

5 Oct 2012

I had been seeing John for a year or so now, he was married but we met most weeks at a Motel for a few hours of fun, he was gentle and very god in bed, knowing how to make me cum several times each time we met, it was 7 pm as I walked to the motel door, as told I was wearing a very sexy mini skirt and a see tho top, with suspenders and no underwear, high heels and a jacket to hide my modesty while I walked to the room, John opened the door, and his smile told me I had got my gear right, with a kiss, he procedded to put a eye mask on me, saying trust me it will be fun, leading me into the room, I knew we were not alone as sighs and groans of people around me sounded out, John kissed my neck, and gentle held my body as other hands found my 38 dd boobs and wet pussy, I felt around and found a nice hard cock, pulling it towards my face as I bent to take it in, sucking siftly on the tip, as I did my pussy was prodded by a finger or two,, soon my face was pushed hard on the cock, as my pussy was filled by a rock hard big cock, it took two strokes for him to fill me full of cock and began to pound my wanting pussy, the guy in my mouth now face fucking me as other hands found their way around me, my top came of as mouths gripped my nipples, we moved over to the bed, and I was made to sit on a cock, kneeeling over him as I did, my mouth again filled this time with 2 cocks,as I began to suck them both, I felt a finger enter my arse, I knew it was johns, as he opened my butt for his cock, soon his cock pushed towards my inner womb from my arse, as both guys got into rythem and fucked me hard, cum filling my mouth as one cock shoot deep in side , gagging me and spilling cum, onto the guy below, as the cock in my mouth went soft, the other cock shot his load, mmmmmmmmmmm both hot and sweet, my mouth soon filled by another large cock, johns cock wa sworking my arse well, as my orgasmys began to flow, on my second cum, my pussy took its first hot sticky load, this set john of, who filled my arse with his cum, both guys now pulling out leaving me feeling empty, hands grabbed me and turned me around, my butt being filled once more with a nice large cock, as they sat me down onto it,, the second cock foinding my pussy wet and open went straight in too, now a cock from the side proded my mouth and hands took over touching every part of me, guy after guy used my body as john told them to do what every they wanted with me, at one time 2 guys found me pussy and with some skill both fucked my soaked pussy until they blew their loads together in me, not to out done, John got who must have been the biggest cock there to fuck my arse, with me kneeeling over him, as he did john began to finger fuck my arse too, Iknew what he wanted and held my cheeks open for him, with a cum soaked cock in me johns cock went in easy, both guys now found new energy fucking my willing hole, 2 other guys had cum in my mouth while watching my butt take its fill, soon it must have been to much as both let out a loud graon and flooded my bum with man juices,

I need to see who had been fucking me and asked if I could take the eye mask of, john said of course, as my eyes got used to the light, I could see guys all around me, about 10 I thought, explains why my pussy and arse were so cum filled, but i did notice one who looked even better than I had had that night, A small guy with a huge cock, wa standing to one side, I looked at him and montioned for him to come over , as he did my eyes lit up wow, Im sure I had not had this one in me yet,

sucking him hard he fought to hold off, soI turned and slide him upto my pussy, with one good push he went in, mmmmmmmm he was big and I was know sure he hadnt fucked me yet, he built up speed as others fucked my mouth, but i wanted more, so I lay a guy down and shoved his cock in my pussy and got big cock to slide his cock in m butt,, he asked if I could take it and I siad lets try, he was gentle ande ased into my wet and willing hole, now fully in he began to pound me hard, as both cocks grew bigger I knew it was only time before once more I would feel my body take more juices, and they did, pussy guy cum first, cum flowing out of me , as my arse felt what seemed to be a flood gate open inside me, his cock swelled even more making my eyes water, the pressure from his cum built up as he rammed into me so far I gaged, it was like he was having an attack, as he shook and yelled and more or less violated my body with ever move, the other guys were now looking on as he slowed, I could feel a pressure in my arse I had never had before, and as his cock slipped out I knew why, litre after litre of hot cum ran out, the guy below was covered, all around guys stood in awe, as he moved offf me leaving the biggest load of cum Ive ever seen, dripping out of my well used bum, john being kinky too his cock and fucked me for a few minutes feeling the warmth of the mother load in me, big cock now sitting near me on the bed, looked surprised and shocked as I sucked his cock and took even more cum from him, other guys also now took my asre and filled me one after the other, boy I was a mess, it was around 12 when we left the motel, making my way home, I had to keep holding my arse muslces tight to stop cum running out onto the car seat, as I had no knickers, when I got home, my hubby was waiting up as always and asked how the night had gone, thats another story