6 Mar 2019

My wife plays up in a hotel bar...

I always loved the stories I read about a husband and his wife going into a bar where she sits by herself at the bar, the husband sits nearby to secretly observe while new men hit on her. I liked them so much, that I shared with my wife how that particular scenario had actually become one my intense fantasies. We thought about it for several years, playing out fantasies until my wife Shona actually pulled it off one night in town.

We were in Sydney, there just for a naughty night by ourselves, staying in one of the central hotels. We always shared our fantasies as we played, so like I said before, she was well aware of my bar pick up fantasy, and we had even played it out a few times before when we stayed in different hotels. I would find a nearby, but discreet place to sit and observe, while she sat up at the bar. Shona was quite good at flirting, and we had fun with the roll play game. It usually stopped with no more than her flirting with some lucky guy, but she would always get very moist, all those strange men chatting her up. Each time we played that game, Shona seemed to allow it to go just a little further, and the last time we did it, she even let the man she was chatting with, finger play with her panty gusset, right at the bar! She was so horny, and her pussy was excited when she walked away from that guy. She practically dragged me to our room. She made me look like a stud as she dragged me off to our room.

This night was going to different! When we reached the entrance to our hotel bar this time, I had a strong inclination, as Shona chatted, that something sexual could actually happen. Shona somewhat confirmed what I was thinking when she said, “Are you ready for anything that happens, cause I'm fucking horny tonight!” I told her to go for it. Shona walked in first, with me only a few seconds behind. The bar was practically empty when we made our entrance, with only three or four guys actually sitting at the bar, and they were spaced apart. I took a seat in a nearby booth, and she went directly to the ladies room. When she emerged, I watched her scan the men at the bar, and then pick one out to approach. He was the last guy on the right, sitting near the end of the bar. He was a pretty tidy looking guy, about 6 feet tall, with dark brown hair, and what appeared to be a decent physique. She walked in and sat beside him. After ordering her drink, I could see he said something to her and she turned sort of sideways to engage him in conversation. She adjusted her position so her knees faced him and also me. They seemed to talk easily, and were soon laughing and becoming more animated. Shona initiated the physical contact by touching his legs during the conversation they were having. He touched her legs a few times in response, and I suppose to measure her reaction. When his touching met with no resistance, he eventually let his hand rest just on the inside of her right thigh. When Shona began lightly stroking the back of his hand, the man grew bolder, and started caressing further up the inside of her leg. She was brilliantly subtle in the way she took several minutes to very gradually part her knees for him, allowing for his ever advancing touch.

By now my cock was certainly stimulated, I watched his fingers moving their way toward her waiting pussy! Luckily the bar was dimly lit, and no one was paying them any attention (except me!)

The man had his back to me, so he didn’t even realise I was there, let alone watching.

A wall light near them provided enough light for me to see what was going on under the bar, and fortunately the booth I had chosen was not obscured and gave me a very clear view. I couldn't hear them very well at first, because of music, but the conversation had clearly moved from the laughing, light hearted chat they were having, to a more sultry, intense conversation that seemed to have a bit of heat. The stranger continued working his hand higher as he caressed her inner thigh, and as he did, Shona's thighs continued to open further, generously allowing him access. I could almost have shot a load in my jeans when his fingers first brushed against her panty gusset. It was incredible watching Shona squirm, but enjoy, his fingering attention.

He was understandably cautious with a woman he didn't know, so rather than trying to go for gold right away, he took his time, gauging her reaction. She was wearing a pair of sheer white, satin and lace panties, that contrasted nicely with his tanned fingers as they lightly brushed up and down her gusset. The music that had been playing came to an end just as Shona closed eyes, and spread her legs wide, her openness was hidden by the bar. That's when I realised Shona had gone quiet, relishing in his ministrations. It was hot to see him begin vigorously rubbing his thumb against what I knew was her swelling clitoris. Shona’s silence and the squirming in her seat he was getting, should have told her new friend all he needed to know, but he was still taking his time. Shona was aching and ready for more, as I could see from the growing damp spot in her panties. They continued to become more transparent as white material does when it gets soaked. He did notice the dampness himself and began focusing even more of his digital massage right on the emerging damp patch.

Not long after that, Shona took matters into her own hands with a very hot move. Her right elbow was on the bar holding her drink, leaving her left hand free. She finished her drink and with a “I need you!” look on her face, my wife appeared to whisper some sort of proposal to him. Shona's left hand slipped subtly underneath her dress as she leant forward, and pulled her panties all the way to one side, totally exposing her excited pussy folds. The man didn't need any more encouragement, and within a few seconds he had pushed is long middle finger deep into her open pussy. Shona's eyes closed again as he fingered her with enthusiasm. Because Shona was facing me it was easy and so sexy to watch her face and I could actually see him work her clit more with his thumb. Before long, Shona's free hand reached forward to grasp something, he must have had an erection. The look on her face suggested she liked what she found there. The stranger put his face next to Shona's ear and whispered something back to her.

She momentarily removed her left hand from his cock, and lifted it in front of his face. With the back of her left hand displayed for him, Shona pointed out her wedding ring she was wearing. Not to be discouraged by the ring, the man pushed a second finger into her body, joining the one already finger fucking her soaked pussy, and sloshed them in and out even faster.

Shona was so wet, and as with the music gone, I could hear his fingers squelch as he got more vigorous with her. After a little more play, Shona glanced over to me, all the while the man was intently watching and fingering her pussy, then she leaned forward far enough that he couldn't see her face, and mouthed the words, "call me now."

The man's back was still to me still, and he clearly had my wife very aroused. We had played this game before, even with her getting touched a little, but we never come close to this level of intensity. Now she's asking me to call her. I was too turned on myself to not to keep this going. I gave Shona a “yes” nod and quietly got up from the booth to make my way to the men's room. Once inside the bathroom, I pulled out my phone and dialed Shona’s number. She answered with a cheerful, "Hi honey, are you back at the room yet?" I had no idea how she wanted to handle this, so I just played along and let her talk. She continued, "Oh you're not? Well when do you think you'll be back? Why am I asking? Well you remember when you said that someday you would let me fool around with another guy if you could watch? As she spoke, I realised I didn't need to speak, I slipped back out of the mens room, and stood just inside the little hallway so I could watch them both from a different side. She was rubbing his enclosed cock again while she had him fingering away at her excited pussy. Shona could have probably gotten him to agree to anything at that moment.

Shona continued talking on the phone saying, “well I met this really nice guy, and we've been having a little fun at the bar. If you can make it back to the hotel, I think he might be willing to come up to our room and spoil me” She covered the phone for a second, and looked directly at him. On the phone I could hear her ask him, "Will you come up to my room and fuck me?" I heard him ask, "What about your husband?" She said to him I wouldn't be back for a while, and that she was too horny to wait. I heard her say to him “if I got back before they finished, that I only wanted to watch anyway” She asked him if that was okay. I heard the man say, "I guess so. I've never done anything like that before." Shona said, "Great, it will be a new experience for all of us." She then got back on the phone with me and said, "Okay baby, I'm going to go have some fun. Whenever you get back to the hotel, come on up to the room and you may get to see some action, right up the alley of your little fantasy. Okay, Bye Baby,

and she hung up.

With that, Shona put her phone in her handbag and stood up, taking him by the hand. I think he was in shock, but he was so horny for her by that point that I doubted he could think straight if he wanted to. He quickly threw some money on the bar, and allowed Shona to lead him out the door. She had seen me standing in the hallway, and as they got to the door, Shona let him get ahead of her to open the door. That's when she placed one hand behind her back, and flashed 5 fingers 4 times, indicating to give her 20 minutes before I came upstairs. They certainly would not need any lengthy preliminaries, and must have been ready to go at it when they opened the room door. That's a good thing because there was no way I could wait 20 minutes anyway. When I myself got to the room, it had probably been no more than 10 minutes. Yep, 10 at the most, fortunately, I was able to make a silent entry with my key card. The door opened to a small hall about 2m long and led to the bedroom which opened up to the left. The bed couldn't be seen until the very end of the hallway. Once inside, I realised they would not have heard me coming in anyway, the sounds of music playing softly, and all of the sounds of passion and slurping. They weren't sucking softly, they were both completely naked and engaged in a passionate 69 with each other. He was on his back with his feet toward me, Shona's head was toward me, bobbing up and down as she furiously sucked his cock. Her legs straddled his shoulders as she rode down on his face hard.

I couldn't see the action between her legs, but the sounds of him licking, and sucking her wet pussy left no doubt that there was some frantic pussy eating going on. Shona saw me and gave me a little smile. At least I think she smiled. It's a little hard to tell for sure when a woman has a big rigid cock in her mouth. This wouldn't end up lasting long because neither of them were looking for some long lovemaking session. They had each other fired up by playing in the bar, and now they wanted to fuck. He was going to town on her pussy and Shona was doing her best to deep throat his thick cock. I'm so glad I got back to the room when I did, because this sexy 69 only lasted another few more minutes before Shona lifted up, then quickly turned around and mounted him cowgirl.

His big cock was plenty thick enough to give her pussy a good stretching as she plunged her hole onto his girth. With her on top that way, there was no way he was going to see me so I moved to a chair situated 1 metre from the foot of the bed. I took a seat in the chair and settled in for the hot show. Shona was riding his cock like she was possessed, encouraging him, calling out "Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me!" Shona was grinding her clit against the base of his cock, riding herself to orgasm. She fucked him like that for maybe two minutes, and the whole grinding fucking was getting to be too much for him. I had watched his balls starting to twitch in the last 60 seconds or so. It was obvious to me that he was trying to hold off as hard as he could, to keep himself from cumming in her. I think when he realised he was going to lose that battle, he decided to give her everything he could. He raised his knees and placed the soles of his feet flat on the bed. Then he lifted his hips so he could take over the thrusting. The stranger made a dozen or so long, normal strokes, and then he suddenly tightened up everything including his ball sack and arsehole. A moment later he began slamming his cock in and out as fast as possible, deeply hammering Shona's pussy until he blew his load 60 seconds later. Wanting his moneys worth, the guy kept fucking her at the same speed even after filling her pussy with cum. He clearly wanted his load good and deep!

His big load started leaking out around his cock as he fucked, coating them both with the slick, white cum juice that was beginning to foam as he kept on churning their cum load, making like heavy whipped cream as he ploughed and assaulted her pussy. It quickly built up enough volume to have cum splattering in every direction. It was one of the sexiest and hottest things Shona has ever done, and I've ever watched. After what seemed like ages, he started to slow, and that's when I moved back to the hall. I opened the door, and then re-closed the door with sufficient noise that they wouldn't miss my entry. Walking around the end of the hall and into the room, I stepped to the side of the bed. I was barely a metre away when Shona rolled off of him. The cheeky thing, she kept her legs well parted, her spunked pussy aimed to me. Her pussy and inner thighs, as well as everything surrounding his cock, looked like it had been covered with frothy shaving cream. Shona said, "Oh baby, you're too late, we're already finished.”

The poor guy must have been regaining the blood supply to his brain, and looked like a rabbit in a spotlight. He was dressed and gone in seconds, and only said Thank you to Shona and kissing her on the lips, before he dove out of the room and let himself out the door.

Shona took one look at me and said, " He just made me horny and I wanted to cum!" She laughed. I was so hot as she continued to touch up her pounded creamy pussy, showing it off to me.

Well, what was a good husband to do? I went down on her of course!

I ate her sloppy used pussy until she orgasmed all over my face. Then without asking, I stuffed my erect cock straight into my wife’s stretched out flooded cunt, her beautiful cunt that another man had just been destroying and pounding so hard, just a few sexy moments earlier.

I couldn't believe the luscious creamy feeling, as I felt his huge load of cum and her pussy completely engulf my cock like liquid fire! I fucked her through some of the sweetest sloppy seconds, her stranger had filled her so full of his seed, that the very thought of what I was doing had me cumming in minutes.

I stayed inside Shona for a time after my orgasm, fully enjoying the slick and silky sensation of being inside her. I had been so excited and cum so hard, I was smashed.

After we had snoozed and recovered, we got showered and dressed to go out for dinner, and it's not like we would have forgotten any of that experience anyway, but it was fun for me to watch Shona squirming all through dinner, and even through the next morning at breakfast, as those two enormous loads of cum, and one more morning load from me, slowly oozed out of her drilled and worked pussy. Shona showed me cheekily, under the table, she had managed to soak her panties, and leave a wet mark wherever she sat down.

I can't wait until the next night in town!