Written by swinging couple

30 Jan 2013

I was working away, when my wife rang to say she would be meeting her b/f John the next night at our home, we chatted and i wanked myself silly as we talked about what she would be doing with him,

the next day while I worked my mind was going wild, knowing she would be getting ready, preparing herself for him, as luck would have it, I could finnish early, and headed home, some 4 hours away,

as i drove up slowly, i saw his car in the drive, I moved to the bedroom window, thought the court yard, the light was on and i could make out sue on her knees, his cock deep in her mouth, what i didnt expect was a another cock, moving towards her pussy, mmmmmmmmm then as his cock slide deep in her, she sat back on him, they moved so she was now sitting on his cock, him laying, her mouth still full of cock, just then some more movement caught my eye, another guy walked in, cock in hand, and a drink in the other, she was really going for it, as he saw what she was doing his cock went towards her pussy too, with some spit it filled her full, as both fucked her hard, her mouth still gagging by a hard cock, my cock was so hard it hurt as i wanked myslef, watching her, soon they moved her around, the guy under went back in her pussy, while the other large cock that had been in her mouth took position near her arse, she jumped as he pushed in, but soon pushed back taking him fully, again she took over moving back and forth on them both, the 3rd guy played with her tits as she worked them, all to soon she let loose, with one loud groan she cum, both guys pumping her harder as she wriggled around on thier cocks, the guy playing with her boobs was talking to her, and she nodded,, as he moved over her, cock in hand, and eased back down her body, I knew what he was going to try, mmmmmmmm this was so hard watching and not being in on, both guys in her leaned back, as 3rd guy pushed his cock in her arse, it took awhile as she is tight, but can open up, his cock, was hard to see, with all the bodies around, but soon his face told me he was in her, and she was making some weird noises, and loud ones,, they worked her hard, all 3 guys fucking in rythem as she screamed with orgasm after orgasm, soon I knew the guys were close to cumming as they started to fuck harder, long hard strokes, the guy under her seemed to cum first, then the other 2 set one another off, sue lay on the guy under her as the cocks slipped out, I couldnt see their cum but one guy took a hand full and got sue to lick it up, then she swung around, her pussy wet with cum, and her arse open with cum leaking out too, one guy swung under her and licked her pussy eating cum as he did, this was to much for me as my cock shot a gallon of cum on the window, Im sure sue knew i was there as she looked around, in the mirror, and smilled, the cheecky bicth I thought,, the chatted for awhile with sue sucking them hard once more, I watched as she took them all, again and again in all her holes, her mouth sucking 2 loads as a 3rd went deep in her arse, Im sure she knew I was there as each time she would move and aim her cum soaked holes at the window, they were still going some 3 hours later, when I just had to join in, we had a 3some with John before so I knew he was cool with me, so I went in fairly quiitely and got naked, on walking into the bed room one guy froze, until he saw my hard cock, them smilled, John said hi as I walked up and gave sue a huge kiss, then turned her around and rammed my cock deep in her arse, being wet with cum it went right in first go, they all began to fuck her, as my cock buried itslef deeper inside her hot hole, then I told them I had been watching and saw them triple sue before, and I wanted to take her arse with the other guys in her too, this time she would have 4 cocks, so with one in her pussy, I got large cock to sink his cock in her arse, then let her get use to them both as John fucked her mouth, then i moved over her and worked my cock into her already full arse, bit by bit it went in, mouns of plessure cum from sue as she sucked john deep, we built up speed, its hard to do, but I was determined to hang in and take some time, her arse now fully open as both cocks punched home, well I held of and some 15 mins had passed before i felt the guy in with me start to soak her innerds with his cum, my cock also began to pusle as sue worked us both, I was beat to the post as Johm gagged her with a hot load, she spat some out and licked it up, then wham, my cock let loose, sue pushed back, my balls shot deep, and as I did her pussy to was filled to over flowing, we all collasped in a heap, sue making some weird noises again, I moved her and slid under her, not wanting to miss any cum, I sucked her pussy first and was rewarded with a huge load of cum, she must have had 3 or 4 loads in her by then, then i mover higher and took the cum leaking out of her arse, mine mixed in with the rest, mmmmmmmmmmmmm she cum once more as I ate her out, after i had finnished she turned and kissed me letting me taste the cum in her mouth too, mmmmmmmmm,, it was so good,

we chatted as the guys got dressed and headed of working out when we could repeat sues fun for her,