Written by viperrix

28 Nov 2011

I had had just watched Mrs Ps (photo study), strip naked in front of hundreds of Monday morning commuters, i now followed them to a picnic area not to far from the flashing spot.

Mr PS was the director and Mrs PS and i were to follow his instructions. Firstly i was given the video camera, and took some footage of Mrs PS, walking around the picnic area, she was dressed in heels and a wicked weasel bikini. As we started to film a car pulled up about 150 meters from where we were filming and taking pics, a guy got out of the car with a dog and walked in the opposite direction, we continued filming occasionally having a look to see if we were being watched.

Mrs PS had posed for hundreds of photos, she was sitting naked on the park bench with just her heels on, legs apart exposing her silky smooth pussy. Mrs Ps had had two costume changes, Mr PS took the camera from me and asked if i would like to join Mrs PS in some pictures. I was more than happy to be involved. The first shots were of me sitting at the park bench Mrs PS was sitting on the top of the table with her legs spread wide.

Mr PS asked me to touch her with both hands on the inside of her thighs and look at her pussy, this certainly had me aroused.

I was asked to stand up and face mrs PS.Mrs PS had a new outfit on a lycra mini high heels and a white wicked weasel bikini.

Mr PS directed us to strip each other, he had the video camera on a tripod which left him free to take pictures. Mrs PS & i were getting to know each other very quickly right there in front of her husbands video and still camera.

My cock was getting harder as i could hear Mrs PS breathing quicken as we undressed each other, i nibbled on her neck and caressed her pert breasts, her hands wandered into my shorts. She undid my button and zip and out sprang my cock, we were both naked in a very public picnic area.

Mr PS asked Mrs PS to lay back on the picnic table and open her legs, he motioned me in and asked if i would like to go down on his wife, i can't remember replying to him, my face was between Mrs PS legs my tongue flicking and exploring the inside and outside of Mrs PS smooth wet pussy. I was in my own world concentration on bringing Mrs PS to climax. Her pussy was so wet, she was writhing and bucking as my tongue went to work on her clit, Mrs PS moaned as she came my tongue darting inside her to taste her sex.

I stood up and Mrs PS tried, as she was a little shaky from all the excitement. We were both naked looking at Mr PS, when out of the corner of our eyes we saw the black dog closely followed by its male owner, both Mrs PS and i moved into the scrub. The guy would have got a good view i am sure.

After the car drove away Mr PS, said to Mrs PS, i think you need to repay the favour, with that we both stripped naked again, i sat on the bench and Mrs PS knelt down her tongue licking my smooth balls, my cock growing as she took my length in her mouth, she took my whole length as her head bobbed up and down on my cock, i looked at Mr PS, who had now put down his still camera and now had the video camera on his wife as she performed incredible oral sex. This was one horny experience.

one that i would certainly like to repeat. Being filmed having naked outdoor fun like this was a new experience and one i want to do again. Thank you Mr&Mrs PS