18 Mar 2019

I just moved into a gated community and I have visited the pool area a few times ,each time I have chatted with a really attractive brown haired girl with C cups. ,anyway after the 7 Th time I said I could murder a drink at least a coffee, she said you can come over to mine if you like ,hubby is at work till 7 and it would be nice to have someone over. So we left and went to her flat I was sitting on her couch as she made coffee and put a robe on ,coffee made and as we are drinking and chatting she misses her mouth and it goes down her cleavage ,in an instant I said. "I will get it" and laughed she looked at her chest then me and said "ok" I said "what" she said come over here and lick it off,I sat in front of her between her legs and started licking her cleavage as she opened up robe then slid it off then her bikini top. As I licked and sucked her nipples hard they were like bullets ,sucking and playing with them she said " I think some went into my panties. As I moved down lower I slide them off, lifting her legs I started slowly licking the outside of her pussy. Up and down and licking her clit her pussy was silky smooth drinking wet ,she was moaning crying out as I licked deeper longer and she gushed over my face, as I stood up to wipe my face she pulled my hard cock out and started sucking like a vacuum cleaner deep in and out her lips suctioning on my cock pushing her head back and fourth fucking her mouth I couldn't take it anymore'and blew in her mouth as she licked it clean,she grabbed my hand and we went to her bedroom she grabbed a vibrator and shoved it inside her begging me to fuck her ass ,I squirted lube she gave me and fucked her ass hard. For about five minutes she was gonna come and wanted dick in her pussy, so I pulled out and shoved it in as she came. I continue to fuck her doggy style for 30 more minutes till I blew. ,and we collapsed on the bed , we woke up just on 7 in a panic threw our clothes on and I left just as hubby was walking up the stairs fucking close now we fuck most lunchtimes in pool around complex and sometimes a few times a day. And now she wants to invite her friend. Gated community people they rock.